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  1. In my dream I missed the bus from school to return home and for some reason my school was at japan?? So there were 2 tamagotchi stores and I of course went in. The tamagotchi's were very strange and were shaped like a cube. The ridges were like small puzzle pieces and in order to connect the tamagotchis you had to piece 2 of them together and then they would play together. It was reaaaally bizarre
  2. Why are Tamagotchi P's so expensive now ;-;

  3. well I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put this in a forum post.. but do you guys think it's worth getting a 4U but only one? or would it only be "fun" with multiple of them?

    1. xXOrenetchiXx


      Eh, they are ok but there is nothing really much to do with them. Even with two all you can really do is connect them with two. I'm not reayy sure if you can connect them to marry like you can earlier generations...

    2. Saltonara


      They can marry (although nothing special really happens if they do), and they can be pretty fun if you have a phone with compatible NFC so you can download things through the app.

    3. JesterxLady


      I only have the one, and I'm enjoying it. :) No need to connect them.