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  1. Just ordered a 20th anni mix off of ebay.

    1. Hapihapitchi


      love that version <3

    2. x.Optimistic


      nice, i hope you enjoy it when you get it! i got one recently myself and i've been having a lot of fun with it!!

    3. tamapalace
  2. I'll join the hatch with my 4U.
  3. Entry 2 Well, got some more Tamagotchi into the mix. They've been going crazy, a lot. The Tamagotchi Friends unit had some awkward battery stuff, and is aged 3 years old as a baby. So... awkward. Got my old v4.5 out, and it's already a young mametchi. They're taking a map. As usual for this short log (so far), the 4U is getting most of the spotlight. They're a Lovelitchi, which isn't bad. This is Love's Rung Rung Paradise, after all. She's sleeping, but today she got 3 of her tamatomo items. She barely avoided getting a bit fat. Thankfully she likes the workout at the park, which somehow stays daytime despite the sun having been down for a while. Anyways, she's been studying her notebook to get ready for school. That thing's been like used by 13 generations now. She learned how to take dumps by herself, which is good. Unfortunately she'll be a tad messy, so... Anyways, I plan on getting a Tamagotchi M!X around the holiday season, and possibly some connections if the budget allows. So the log will sure be getting messy not too far off. It's a month, but our lives are yuuge..
  4. (on mobile accidentally pressed post and there's no edit) all on modern devices with the old egg shaped ones as a niche.
  5. I wouldn't mind if Bandai said "nope I'm done" and started cranking out something with bazillions of new features like fully customizable houses a la The Sims, a refined pixel art like we see in all these hip indie games, multiplayer, a shared world between all users, and who knows what else, all ok modern
  6. Log is nice as usual. How many tamagotchi do you have at this point? I think we all lost count. How's your simulator going? (A true tamagotchi emulator would be useless, unless there's a string of tamagotchi that use similar or identical microprocessors.)
  7. Love's Rung Rung Paradise I'll be starting with a Tamagotchi 4U Day One: Adoption services stopped by today with a selection of eggs. Took the middle one. Egg is hatching... It's a girl! She's a Ufufutchi and I'll call her Rung. I'll take her to the park, she's already fat! She didn't exercise well. Looks like she got stung by a mosquito somewhere. Now she's sick... Called the doctor. They said just to rub with a clover. That can't possibly work. Just did it. It worked somehow. Gave her a notebook, she already knows how to write. These things are weird. They love the potty dance. I love it too, it makes it obvious when they gotta go. Gave her a painter's notebook, she's already painting the Mona Lisa. I'll take her outside. Wait, is she juggling apples? There isn't an apple tree from anywhere close. Also, how is she doing it without arms? I'll take her back inside. Now she's reading this weird magazine an old dude gave me. She loves it! It's only 8 o'clock and she's getting sleepy already. She grew suddenly and fell asleep just as suddenly.
  8. The gudetama in the dress is is basically guaranteed to be a character. If you watch gudetama, you'll see some episodes have it as a character. If there were item animations, it would most likely involve another food item. Like these sausages here.
  9. If you're ok with taking risks, take the tamagotchi apart and photograph the (logic) board and post it on here. If I can see that information I could probably see if there's any shorts or corrosions.
  10. If it becomes overweight you'll have a harder time getting better characters and it's more prone to sickness in my experience.
  11. Bank Blob Hatch 11/11 Welp, I'm back from being gone. After forgetting about my Weirdos Hatch, I thought I would start a new hatch that was more inclusive. So, here are the rules. Tamagotchis Allowed: Tamagotchis with a cash system (i.e., GP) That's the only requirement What makes this hatch unique is how the usage of cash is regulated. Everyone is only allowed to use 2,000 GP a week. Posts are strongly advised to end with a GP used balance. If a group sum of 20,000 GP spent a week is reached, everyone is only allowed to use 1,000 GP for the next week. If they break the cap again the next week, they can only use 500 GP. If they break the cap one more time, the hatch is over. Understand? I'll illustrate with an example. Week 1: 9,027 GP used Week 2: 10,100 GP used. Cap of 1,000 GP per person Week 3: 9,031 GP used. Everyone can use 2,000 GP again. Week 4: 15,000 GP used. Cap of 1,000 GP per person Week 5: 13,234 GP used. Cap of 500 GP per person. Week 6: 10,001 GP used. Bank busted, hatch is over. E: Forgot to mention that the date is in the rainbow title
  12. The anime probably didn't help with painting them as human-like aliens instead of cute animals. E: got the two switched up xD
  13. Hello, Appadeia! I just wanted to mention to you that there are three enquires in the Weirdos Hatch thread about what versions can be run. I hope I'll be able to join your hatch!

  14. The Weirdos Group Hatch If your tamagotchi isn't normal model (connection, color, etc.) you can join! Starting on August 8th Confirmed Can: Tamagotchi School Tamagotchi GB 1 & 2 (3?) Confirmed Can't: Connection v1-v6 Color Models There's not much to this group hatch. If your tamagotchi isn't a standard model, you can join!
  15. Mimitchi and Pyonkotchi just stood there, but Kuchipatchi had eaten too much earlier. His belly started grumbling, and then he vomited a large sticky line of sugar onto the bed.