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  1. I have glow in the dark duck tape and I want to put it as the background in my Tamagotchi Friends original. I do not want to break my tamagotchi trying to change the background, but I can not find instructions on how to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some tips?
  2. I never saw tamagotchi mini series 3 at Walmart or and now they are putting out a new series. I hope Walmart gets both new series.
  3. I like that. Could just make all of the buttons look like that for style.
  4. I read all new posts everyday. I just do not post much myself.
  5. So this news from Bandai America does launch mean in stores now? I know we have spotted them at Target but will they be available elsewhere I wonder.
  6. patitchu I saw those at Target also I wonder if they are series 3 or from series 1 special for target only.
  7. The tamagotchi mini wave 2 are now available in both Walmart's near me today. I have been looking everyday for a week for these. I checked Walmart twice today and the second time they had them displayed. 3 displays total at my Walmart, two in toys one in Easter section. There seams to be only one flocked tamagotchi per display. Ohio area.
  8. I wonder why the flocked shells are not available for preorder on
  9. If anyone finds the wave 2 tamagotchis for pre-order please post it here. I Really want one of the flocked tamagotchies.
  10. This is the same news straight from Bandai.
  11. Thought this was some good news keep a lookout.
  12. what are the places my tamawalkie can travel to and are there any stages of traveing? Can anyone give me some info on the tamawalkie. I have this one.
  13. They changed them to full cover without the lines just holding the Christmas designs on.