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    Mythology, religion, spiritual, supernatural, deep/philosophical conversation, psychology and physiology, statistics, nature, music and signing, and animated films and programmes

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    Tamagotchi connection
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    How could I choose??
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    No idea. I do, however, love: dinosaurs, ghosts, angels, devils, and anything pink or purple and cute
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    Tamagotchi connection
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  1. What should my next Tamagotchi be? Mmm

    1. Doobytchi66


      just about any of the color ones are cool! Oldies are great too! Can´t miss either way!

    2. UMR


      Do you have a +Color or Tamagotchi P? They are both so amazing!

  2. I wonder now whether I may not have gone through the proper channels when I signed up but I'm so sure I'd only received one email since doing so and that there wasn't a verification link or anything of the like
  3. That's just it; all I have is an upper right icon of four boxes that when clicked on displays options for: messenger, notifications, gallery, new content, status updates, search, and, mark all read. I haven't a clue what's going on!
  4. The title speaks for itself. I don't seem to have the content that is talked about in some topics. Eg changing an avatar. The buttons I'm told I should have simply aren't there. I have a new email address and I don't know how to add it in. Can anyone help please?