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  1. Whitehat Ruins Tamagotchi A log spacey m!x- day 1 and 2 It arrived. There was no question as to what was in the package. The Japanese was enough of a giveaway. My first surprise was the size. M!X is tiny compared to the TamaTown and Friends! The device in general is fairly slim- the flat back is also a huge plus. I dug up a couple of AAA batteries and slid on the cover. 'Ping!' "Virtual friends of the world". Charming. It took a while to figure out the game, as I cannot speak a word of Japanese. For one, I had to choose a name. Kanji only. I opted for a symbol resembling a Tamagotchi, as I figured it wouldn't be used very much in-game. And so I received an egg. That egg hatched into another egg, a girl. I kept the eggception fed, most of the time... it was very experimental for the first few hours. Eventually eggception turned into a toddler called... erm, to be honest, I have no idea, as I swore not to read the growth chart until after G3. Let's call her 'slightly cute ladybug vampire', shall we? SCLV whined a lot for the first few hours but I managed to figure out the games and daycare (there is no pause feature!) and eventually she settled down. I decided to wear a bag to school today (Whitehat? Wearing a purse? No way) and as a result had an opportunity to bring the Tamagotchi with instead of dropping her off at daycare. My friend and I immediately got to work- we explored TamaTown a bit and decided to buy SCLV something to wear. They convinced me to purchase the crown for 1000 TamaBucks... (tamacoins? dollars? yen?) and we couldn't find it in the menu! I eventually caved and found out that only adults could wear clothing... what a rip By the way... this entire time SCLV has been pelted with snowballs, for some reason. She dodges the first few and gets another one lodged in the face by the last. She runs outside to catch the culprit but they run away before she can catch them! Poor girl... I don't think I can save her from the flurry. It was at this time that I have gotten into the groove of using the M!X in it's current stage. I had to look up something about it at some point and found out that I got the 'bad' toddler on accident. Oops, better luck next time. I have never been very gifted at keeping a tamagotchi fed. And so the adventure of Slightly Cute Ladybug Vampire comes to a close for the day. See you friday! whitehat. comments welcome
  2. You have to remember the differences between consumer markets in the West and East. Tamagotchi was a completely viable long-term investment for companies in Japan and it's honestly a miracle that it became so popular here in the US and UK! But the market has changed since the 90's and I don't know much about the statistics back then. Furby 2012 was a fairly risky business venture in that it was a Christmas release, similar to the Hatchimal... it went well and continued, but I attribute a few things to this, one of the biggest being phone connectivity (but that's another story for another day) It's obvious that the retailers don't think there's a market for Tamagotchi right now. I don't think neediness and color is the problem. It's just the economy. No harm in being optimistic, though.
  3. I don't have one either, but I've been experimenting with it's predecessors. As for the debug, as far as possible. The eyes aren't actually horribly difficult to read if you hold him upright. Jeija's GitHub page has information in /Docs/ about the individual features.
  4. I like the physical devices as well. There's something so much more organic about holding the device in your hand. To me, it seems more real. But the majority of the consumer market doesn't feel the same way. I don't see there being another western release anytime soon- not after how badly Dream Town flopped
  5. One of my acquaintances, Jeija, has been experimenting with the Bluetooth functionality of the Connect, and he's found some pretty interesting stuff! Here's the YT video he made detailing the debug mode featured: He also has a visual client you can use and download here: https://github.com/Jeija/bluefluff Installation is tough on Windows, so I made a guide that I pasted into Discord. Here's the direct quote- I made it quickly, excuse the mess... This may seem overkill. So what's in it for us? Well, a few things. There are programmed personalities (like the 2012!) that we can't get to yet, indicating that they will be added to the app or sold as a separate item at some point in the future... With the debug mode, you can view Furby's stats and study it's behavior under different circumstances. They are: Wellness Fullness Displeasedness Tiredness Excitedness I'm sorry for the rambling post! I thought this was pretty cool- let me know if you have problems with setup or code. whitehat
  6. I like Friends in terms of variety. It's much too easy, though, and I wish it was a little more gender-neutral. I've never been into the super-girly stuff. I keep my TamaTown for this reason only. I've never tried the DreamTown. A shame it didn't make it to stores.