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  1. I should be heading for the shower, but I'm too lazy to stand up XD
  2. So, hands up everyone, who's made the deal?
  3. I also have very good experiences with them. They organise auctions quite regularly on ebay as well. I got one of my Tama's really cheap that way.
  4. I haven't received my M!x yet, but I do own a plus color and an ID L, princes spacy version though. I really, really like my ID L. It has lots of options, lots of characters and nice places to go. It's definitely one you should want! The plus color is very nice, but feels "small" compared to all the options and loads of characters the ID L has. Nevertheless it is a very nice Tamagotchi which I also really enjoy. As of now I would recommend you to order the ID L.
  5. I'm waiting for my white M!x Anniversary
  6. My first Tamagotchi was the first European generation in 1996 or 1997. It had a white with grey shell with grey buttons. My little past me wanted one that resembled the cracked eggshell most naturally. It still surprises me, as I was a kid that dressed like a rainbow. Why didn't I pick a brightly coloured one? XD Up until 2014 I still had my first Tamagotchi. It still worked but had no sound anymore. The biggest mistake was made then, to lend it to my younger sister. She lost it.... It still saddens me.
  7. I'm considering getting one. It would be fun to have a tamagotchi that I can actually take with me and doesn't die immediately when I'm too busy to constantly look after it. I really like the light blue and pink version.
  8. Congrats! My birthday! My parents sent me a huge postcard!
  9. Wow, welcome all in the group! Now, let's bring up some support and reasons to control ourselves and keep ourselves from depleting our bankaccounts. Let's set a goal for all here, not to buy a single Tamagotchi from now until at least next wednesday. Who's in?