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  1. Man that really sucks . They look fun! Hopefully I can get a secondhand one somewhere. Fingers crossed! Thank you! Thank you! I joined one hopefully someone will sell soon!
  2. I discovered these and they're not quite Tamagotchis but they're more like a Chinese rip off of a Tamagotchi? They're so cute ;-; I'd love to add it to my collection. I've been looking everywhere and it seems like no one sells them! I've checked ebay, amazon, alibaba, aliexpress, tamagotchishop.es, etsy, everywhere. Anyone know where to buy one of these? Am I just looking in all the wrong places? For anyone who doesn't know what a Tamagezi is, it looks like this:
  3. I'm thinking about getting a Tamagotchi Mix soon, and I absolutely LOVE the anniversary shell in comparison to the melody and spacey shells. Right now my first choice is the anniversary version but does it have anything special that the Spacey and Melody versions don't have? I know there are some things that are exclusive only to the Spacey version and some things that are exclusive only to the Melody version. Is there anything that's only exclusive to the Anniversary version? What are your thoughts? Which one did you pick out of the three and why?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion <3 that's out of my budget right now though unfortunately (student life makes you broke AF) . Especially with it being USD (I'm in Canada) it'll end up costing me about $46. Any ideas if what I linked in the OP would work the same was as a USB dongle would? I'm assuming it would but I don't want to purchase it without knowing for sure.
  5. I've been looking for ways to download the Tamagotchi P patch for about a year now (no joke) and I've even bought 2-3 cell phones I thought would work for it and they all didn't work. I'm resorting to Ebay now for a USB IRDA and I was wondering if anyone knew if this one would work? Just want to get a confirmation from someone before I buy something else that's useless. If this won't work, is anyone able to direct me to a place where I can get a compatible phone or USB IRDA for this? ;-; Preferably within the price range of $5-$10 if that exists. ;-;