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  1. Hello everyone! This account is not used anymore. Please visit the account DigitalArt_Lovely, since that is my new account.

  2. Wow, Tamadonut! Mei is beautiful! What is her status now? I also have another question: How did you get the english pack? My old one was in Japanese so I had no clue what it said Thanks, Tomodatchi Lovely
  3. Thanks Kajah995! I forgot to add that little detail.
  4. Hello Tamadonut! I bet this should help: LINK FOR THE TAMAGOTCHI MIX GUIDE Hope you find this helpful! Tell me if you need help Tomodatchi_Lovely
  5. Hello Tamadonut! Are you sure that the Tamagotchi Mix has Mimitchi? I did some searching, and there was nothing that said that there was Mimitchi. Did you mistaken something else? Hope this is helpful! Tomodatchi_Lovely
  6. Wow! How did you do that? That actually looks very interesting! Too bad I don't have an ID L...
  7. Wow! How did you do that? That actually looks very interesting! Too bad I don't have an ID L...
  8. Hello! Welcome to Tamatalk! So let me see... I have a 4U, and they are quite similar, so hopefully this helps: I think that one good way is that you can make your Tamagotchi your TamaTomo, but in Drew's case, it is too late. I am sorry. But when Quando becomes an adult, you can give it different toys and food to try out. If it really likes the item you gave it, then you will earn a bunny-sticker-thingy, which is like a petal to your 'TamaTomo Clover' (that is what I call it). When you get all of the petals (the last one should be obtained in 48 hours after it is an Adult) it will be listed on your notebook in the TamaTomo section. If you have any other questions, you can ask me! Tomodatchi_Lovely
  9. Loganator114 I can see it! But I can't really read Japanese (I can read, pronounce, but I have no clue what it means) so... *Shrugs* Thank you anyways for telling me this Easter Egg!
  10. "This is what I think pausing your Tamagotchi does: Let's just say I hatched my Tamagotchi at 8am this morning. So it evolves into a child at 9am. We all know that a child evolves into a teenager 24 hours later, right? So it should evolve at 9am the next day. But then I have to pause my Tamagotchi for another three hours. The next day, instead of evolving at 9am, my Tamagotchi evolves at 12pm. Mind you that is what I THINK it does. It doesn't really slow it down, as in staying in the child stage for say 30 unpaused hours. Basically to get a Tamagotchi to evolve it has to stay off pause for a certain amount of hours. That's just my theory though. I also believe putting a Tamagotchi to sleep can stunt the evolution process, as a Tamagotchi can't evolve but can age during its extended sleep. " - dancinkayley dancinkayley is another user on TamaTalk, and this is what he/she said on another post. All credits go to dancinkayley! Hope you found this useful! Tomodatchi_Lovely