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    V1, M!X
  1. Tailsy

    Did Dream Town Shut Down?

    Something I'm slightly confused by, the game appears to be online on the website, but clicking "start a new game" on the website appears to do nothing for me, the logins are non functional either. I can't seem to figure out how you're supposed to be able play the game in any way, such as without saving when nothing on the login screen works. edit: apparently it was just my browser messing up, nvm
  2. Hey, all! After much procrastination on the idea of making a Tamatalk log, I finally decided it was time to make one, as at least for now, I am running all 6 of the tamas I currently own. I'm gonna try and fun with this, so let's get right into it!! Just to note, I'm gonna be doing a bit of history to make sure most things are up to speed on my tamas to start off. Tamagotchi V2 My first ever Tamagotchi I got back in 2005 was a Translucent Purple Version 2 which my mother got me after everyone and their mother at school had got a Tamagotchi. It took well over a whole month to evolve into its adult form as I pretty much left it on pause any time I wasn't using it, which means the battery pretty much died soon after it became an adult so I only ever was able to do a single generation as I never replaced it after that. It was basically left in stasis for 12 years until I started it up again, and reset it last month for a couple of days before I left it on pause until a few days ago. My original V2's Growth ended up being Petitchi -> Marutchi -> Ufotchi -> Flowertchi/Violetchi Currently, My V2 is Shiropetitchi -> Marutchi -> Ringotchi and should be evolving into its adult stage soon. Tamagotchi V4 My Tamagotchi v4 was the second Tamagotchi I ended up getting, although I barely used it and there are a few dumb stories I have to tell in regards to it. So my V4's shell is a Silver/Maroon coloured shell, and the main reason I got this colour was that it was the same shell as an older person in school who I thought I was cool and stuff. In hindsight that probably was a dumb thing as I could have totally got a much nicer looking shell but hey ho that was me being dumb. The second story is even dumber, so like I only played with this V4 for at most an hour and I pretty much had it paused as a baby for eternity since. That sounds pretty tame, but then I suddenly got it in my head that it was cursed and refused to go near it. Like, it sat on my desk in my room for like a few months and I was scared to go into my room because of it, I had to basically keep the lights in my room, off and only ever go in there to sleep cause I was so afraid of it. Eventually, I was able to throw it into a box to never be seen again and I thought that would "remove" the curse or something. After that episode, I was scared of tamas for a while until like 2015 where I had a brief resurgence in my interest in them, and again in 2016, and then again my interest in them took on a whole new level as of January this year. Currently, I have *slowly* gone through three generations on this V4, those being Tosakatchi, Togetchi, and My current gen which is only a toddler as of this morning. Entama one of my more recent additions to my collection, My Entama has been through two generations so far and is currently on the third generation. My Previous two generations had Makiko, And Violetchi/Flowertchi, who I let evolve into Otokitchi. my current gen is one of the Hatena groups, this being Meganetchi. P's Currently, I am running two P's. one is mint green/teal P's which I have installed a Nyatchi VDP onto, and the other is a purple P's which I have the Love and Melody Deco Pierce attached to. I've had these two alive for over a week now, I'm probably gonna marry them off soon, but I want to download another VDP to my teal one before I do so. M!X Finally, my Mix is the sixth tama I'm running. I went through 14 generations initially and then I reset to get myself a pure Nijifuwatchi, as she is my favourite Tamagotchi character as of now, I love her design so so much! I then married her to Maskutchi last night and the baby was a bouncy boy. so far it's looking good, I can't wait for the adult stage!! So yeah, that's all for now, sorry there aren't any pictures, I need to find a decent way of editing them so they aren't so dang huge lol, when I can work that out I'll post them in a reply~ Seeya all around for now!!
  3. Tailsy

    Last Post Wins

    These Pictures are truly the life of the thread, I love them!!!!!!
  4. Tailsy

    Last Post Wins

    Looks Amazing! You have fantastic art skills!!!!
  5. Tailsy

    Last Post Wins

    Oh my! You all have excellent taste in funny images!!!!!
  6. Tailsy

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    wow, amazing pictures everyone!!
  7. Tailsy

    Last Post Wins

    Wow, cool thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Tailsy

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I recently purchased a used Entama from ebay, so I'm waiting for that to arrive haha
  9. Tailsy

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    I'm waiting on a pink Anniversary Mix which I ordered last week, hoping it comes soon cause I'm very excited haha