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  1. Really? I'm so surprised yet relieved. I didn't believe it was real because the logo wasn't there, but maybe that's just what some Australian versions have? I was VERY disappointed to find out TamaTown isn't available to play anymore, I really wanted to see what it was like. I'm 18 but can't I enjoy a bit of my childhood for once! Thanks for the reply
  2. I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in, but I just made an account and never even knew there was something like TamaTalk! I was going through my stuff and found (one of) my old Tamagotchis, and I'm buying a new battery so I can start playing again. I wanted to reminisce a bit so I was googling everything about Tamagotchis, and looking at photos...when I realised my Tamagotchi looked a bit different. I'm starting to wonder if it's fake. I'm from Australia, and my mother bought it at Kmart. I forgot the year she bought it but it was around 2004-2009. I was in primary school (years kindergarten to six). All the Tamagotchis I saw on google images had the Tamagotchi logo on the top...mine doesn't. At the back of the Tamagotchi, it does say @BANDAI, but it says it was made in China? Aren't all Tamagotchis made in Japan? The Tamagotchi (whether it's real or fake) that I have is one of the Connection versions. I remember playing on TamaTown a lot...would I be able to be on TamaTown if my Tamagotchi was fake? Some photos I took of my Tamagotchi: [FRONT] [bACK] It says: @BANDAI, WIZ 2004 BANDAI 2004 MADE IN CHINA I should add that the battery in it (that has been in it from purchase) says: (first line) maxell (second line) CR2032 H (third line) 3 V and then at the bottom it says Hitachi Maxell, Ltd Japan. The screw looks a little weird and looks like it's sticking out but that's only because I took the back part off to get the battery and haven't screwed it back in place yet! So what's the verdict? Is my Tamagotchi fake or not? If it isn't, would somebody tell me what version it is and how I was able to go onto TamaTown? I'll honestly be very disappointed if it is but I'll just buy a real one this time, haha.