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  1. So after more than a year away, I'm back to stay and ready to start blogging! I've missed this place :3 Hope everyone is well x

  2. Hey there everyone! Sorry its been so long since my last log, we've had family visiting us from out of state and I haven't been able to be on tamatalk very much at all. I've been jumping on to read the logs though and I'm loving everyones logs, this has been an amazing hatch to take part in and you guys are a great group, super creative and kind! Well alot has happened in Mori's life since I last logged, and she achieved alot. She got all of her happy stamps and was registered in the book as stamp number 7 She then met a Kuromametchi that she thought was just too cool, and she fell in love at first sight! Well the sparks flew, and needless to say, little Mori welcomed in the 8th Generation of this tama-family. So where does that leave me: This group hatch has been so much fun, and it was such a pleasure to participate in so soon after coming back to the site. It reminded me why I loved this place so much, the people are the kindest out there, and the most creative! So Thank you all for letting me be a part, but I am tabbing my iDL so I can play with my m!x This way I can really enjoy it and I'm so excited!! <3 So have a bunch of fun guys, I'll still come back to read the logs, and I had a great time participating Thanks to Tamadonut for organising. ~ Pee Kay
  3. Ermagerd!! My M!x came today! Im so excited I cant even :D

    1. Yamiko


      Alright! I hope you like the mix as much as I do!

    2. psychotama


      Yay!! They are so fun

    3. Pixel.Kitten


      @Yamiko - Thank you! I'm loving it already, so different :D

      @Psychotama - Yay!! Its so much fun, and everything feels so new! XD

  4. Running 2 Digimon together ❤ a V1 and V2, and it's so much fun! Slow growing compared to what I'm used to though * waits patiently on 3rd day of toddler * ;)

    1. Hapihapitchi


      wow how long does it take for them to grow all the way up?

    2. Pixel.Kitten


      Im not too sure Hapi, tried to find the info online and it was a bit spotty, as far as i can tell its like this so far *Baby 1 hour *Toddler 2-3 days (until the age says 1 or 2) *Not sure how long until champion *I think its 2-3 days from champion to ultimate. And as far as I can tell my v2 doesnt have ultimates? Slightly confusing lol :P

  5. Hey you awesome people! I was off for a day to hang out with my brother that surprised us for a visit. I even went for an awesome swim in the rain! I hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend just as much

  6. Hey there guys! Sorry about being absent for a day but my brother payed me a surprise visit and I haven't been able to get get on tamatalk, but coming back and seeing how all of you are doing is awesome and this hatch has been such a fun thing to participate in <3 Ok so onto little Mori and what she has been upto. Well yesterday at about 10am, little Mori the Sabosabotchi grew up. Into What you ask? Wow how lucky for Mori, she was hoping to grow up into Furawatchi but I don't think she knew just how lucky she was going to be As soon as she got home she went out and got herself a nice pretty renovation done on the lounge room to feel a little more magical <3 And isn't Jam the cutest?! I just know they are going to be the best of friends <3 Well that's all for now, Mori is going to spend the day playing with Jam, visiting the park on this beautiful day, and maybe some shopping for a new toy! All the best guys! ~Pee Kay, Mori and Jam
  7. Listening to In This Moment - Out of Hell.... seriously one of my fave bands, and this song hits all of the cords, close to home gutpunches that really make you feel... Man this whole albums great. In This Moment - Black Widow is the album. Probably not for really young ones, but great album

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      Haha I know hey, its one of my ABSOLUTE faves. And yes, yes she is! Seriously though, that girl is lit af XD *swoon*

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      Haha. Yay rock buddies!

    4. Pixel.Kitten


      Haha yay!! I think that's awesome as, wicked taste in music ;)

  8. Good morning everyone! Seriously awesome logs guys! Really loving reading them and seeing all of your pics, all of your tamas are awesome! Ok so, a small update for me and Mori this morning~<3 ​Somehow in my sleep, I accidentally rolled over onto Mori, and I managed to by a fluke get to the "time set" screen, and effectively "paused" her for about 4 hours, meaning she is now about 8 Hours behind! (for those unfamiliar, a tama "paused" on the time set function, will generally need more than the time paused to catch back up once "unpaused", ex: a Tama paused for 1 hour might need up to 2 hours to get back on its schedule). Wah! And poor little Mori was so set on becoming a "big girl" this morning, she was due at about 6:30am, and she was all ready for her evolving photoshoot too, and now we have to wait until about 2:30 pm ^-^' Oh well, she just gets more time to enjoy her cactussy little self and theres too much pressure to grow up too quick these days anyway That's all for now until Mori catches up to herself, then we will update with pictures and what she did today ^^ ~Mori~ Age: 1 Tama-type: Sabosabotchi Weight: 12g Dreaming of: Growing up so she can visit Papa and grandma <3 ~ Pee Kay and Mori
  9. Keep trying to leave love and likes around the group hatch because all your logs are awesome, and every day since our hatch *you have reached your positive vote quota for the day* ^_^' haha

    1. Kajah995


      Awww, how sweet!

  10. I'm going to watch this Jade and would probably love to join Just got to make sure I'm free in march for such a big hatch, but I should have plenty of time <3 This is just an example, and you can tell me if you think it would be a good addition to your hatch, because I have some wierder/rarer ones you might like March 24th: ~ Tamago-Chu pair King and Queen ~ Apples design chibi ~ Bubblegum design chibi March 25th: ~ Genjitch ~ Mothra ~ US Angel March 26th: ~ Pink + Yellow Osu-Mesu cooking pair This is what I'm thinking at the moment, was also tossing around the idea of my santaclautch, adding a nano or mini, or something similar ~ Pee Kay
  11. Ah ok, well that's ok I don't mind baking some, my oven just tends to make my stands smell like cookies or springrolls haha Thank you for the recommendation, I hadn't even heard of crayola model magic, and I really like crayola as a brand! And thank you so much that's so sweet to say! I'm going to be making another today in preparation for my m!x getting here love the little wings on yours though, so cute ^^ ~Pee Kay
  12. Whoops... far out man, no matter how much I try to get a care miss sometimes, I always jump the gun and feed them, or feel bad and can't starve them.. I just want Furawatchi lol why do I need to almost kill my tama for her! XD

  13. Haha oh wow that's a long way to go isn't it? But guess what is a bit funny, mine has an estimated date of 22.2 too!! Thats super funny, I'm going to remember to check back with you and see if you get it on the same date! ~Pee Kay
  14. Good morning from Aus wonderful peoples! So today when little Mori woke up, she promptly evolved into a little Sabosabotchi!! <3 While this dashed little Mori's hopes of evolving into a Meloditchi, she now has her eyes set on being a pretty little Furawatchi or a Pichipitchi! So she played in the snow for a little while this morning, and even went to the park to play with the local stray white puppy. Then she got too cold so she came home for a nice relaxing bath <3 ~Mori~ Age: 1 Tama-type: Sabosabotchi Weight: 10g Dreaming of: Growing up into a big girl tomorrow <3 That's all from us for now! I'll log again at the end of her day. Hope you guys are having alot of fun, and I'm seriously loving all of these logs ~Pee Kay and Mori <3 Edit: Sorry pictures are a little pixely