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  1. I haven't been here for such a long time!! OMG I'm so sorry guys!!!

  2. Erm I am really sorry, but I can't find a lot of good reference picture, so I'm afraid I can't do this one. But you can always chose something else!
  3. Hey TamaTalk! Sorry for the inactivity. I had a lot of stuff to do! Anyways, here is another request from Hapihapitchi! This time she wanted me to draw Mimitchi, so here ya go! Hope you enjoy! DigitalArt_Lovely
  4. Tamacass: OMG Shimashimatchi is SO CHUBBY and doesn't have arms I have no idea HOW I can redo that in manga (not in a bad way) I am sorry!
  5. Hey Tamatalk! Here is a requested art from Hapihapitchi (trust me, it's a real username) and she wants me to draw Hapihapitchi! Here it is! I really like this one, plus I added her some Pretty Pink Nail polish What do you want me to draw next? Comment down below!
  6. Hello everyone! This artwork took long to make, hope you enjoy! I personally really like the beret Pianitchi (both original and human) are wearing! They add the 'touch' on her Who should I draw next? Comment down below!
  7. Mei seems so happy! I wonder if the next Tamagotchi is a boy. If it is, can it be named Dot? But if it is a girl can it be called Ari? I am excited!
  8. Memetchi pixel art!! I personally think it's cute ~
  9. Hey yo TamaTalk! Here is my second Fan Art Post - of Yumemitchi! I added her a hat, but she is still the same lovable character! What should I draw next? Comment down below!
  10. Hello TamaTalk! Here is my drawing of Kiraritchi in her human version! Hope you all enjoy! What should I draw next? Comment down below!
  11. Hello everyone! This is DigitalArt_Lovely, a.k.a. Lovely, and I present you my artwork of Yumemitchi, in a human form! I gave her long pigtails, the same dress she's wearing, and a hat to make things a little bit different. But then she is still the ribbon loving character that everyone knows What do you want me to draw next? Comment it below!