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  1. Waiting on an Akai and an Angelgotchi. My first b&w tamagotchi so I'm really excited! Oh and also a used Entama along with some Deco Pierces for my P's.
  2. Hi guys! So I own 2 Tamagotchi P's so far (used Melody Land set & pink that was a gift from my sister) but have always wanted a green version because of how beautiful that color is. I've recently found a local seller that sells brand new P's at a decent price and I was pretty psyched about it! However, I've also been slowly but surely falling in love with the gorgeous white color of the P's and was wondering if it would be silly to own 4 of the same versions at once. I've only been able to run 2 Tamagotchi at the same time so it's not like I'll be playing with them all the time, and neither am I a collector, but the colors of the P's are just so irresistible! I do have a few Deco Pierces for my P's so I don't think I'll ever get bored of them, especially with Mr Blinky's amazing VDPs to add to the mix. I just am indecisive on whether I should get just the green P's or purchase the white together since they are selling it at the same price. (: TL;DR: Is having 4 Tamagotchi P's too many?
  3. I'm waiting on a white M!x Anniversary, white 4U, P's Melody Land Set, white iD L. I couldn't decide which to get for my first Tamagotchi so I figured, why not just get all of them? xD
  4. I thought I'd doodle some art of my favorite Tamagotchi while waiting for mine to arrive. So to start off, here's one of dear Mimitchi!