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  1. Seems the list that was posted here got deleted? Anyone got a list?
  2. Hi everyone, So I got this tamgotchi P's. Screen is stuck on wait screen. Not a single button press works. Only the reset button works and brings me back to this screen. I tried the A-C-A-B-C diagnostic after reset. But yeah no response. Any advise? More pictures here: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskElectronics/comments/l2nrud/tamagotchi_ps_bought_broken_because_i_needed_the/ EDIT: I got it to go into diagnostic mode couldn't get past: 4:14 in this video: link (not my video) So I pressed reset again. But I can't get into the diagnostic mode anymore >_<. But this does confirm that the buttons seem to do something. Also it says sound ok, but there is no sound coming from the device at all not even on reset. It get's stuck here: https://imgur.com/SAuu69 You can press whatever button you want once on that screen but nothing >_< EDIT: ok got into diagnostic again. But realyl no clue how to complete or fix this thing >_<
  3. So yeah you may have seen my other topic. Long story short my girlfriend dit a 180 and wants a color version. But which one to get? Which has the most features without downloads and is the most enjoyable without japanese knowledge? I read about the Idl being avaible in elgish but super expensive so yeah.... And that the P can be patched with an old windows version and infrared port. Wich is troublesome not even mentioning al the add-ons. So yeah help me out here xD
  4. Ok this topic can be closed. My GF did a 180 and want's a collor versioned one. Will open a new topic about that because I know nothing about those.
  5. So yeah, me and my girlfriend got the big fat tamagotchi a year ago or so. But she didn't play it for too long because it because it's too big (and complicated I think). Today when I was looking at the 20th anniversary digimon tamagotchi like devises that I'm getting. She suddenly said I wish I had an old tamagotchi. She didn't go into great detail except saying that it was too big/fat. And I think she also found it maybe a little too complicated or intense I duno. I should have asked her, but the deal is I want to surprise her on valentine with a new old tamagotchi. But now I'm not sure which one to get :/ I looked around on the forums and it seems the V3 or V5 would be the best. What do you guys think? Personally I'm more tempted to get the V5 for her. But maybe she doesn't like the big antenna or maybe it's too complicated. On the other hand it shouldn't be too simple so that she would get tired of it in like a week or so. Any ideas/imput is welcome