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  1. Hi! Sorry, it's been a while - I've been on many professional commitments recently, so I had to pause my Version 4s during this time. However, they've finally evolved - Mewthree into Young Kuchipatchi and Fuji into Gourmetchi. They weren't the results I was aiming for, but this was my mistake. I was only able to give them one care mistake each instead of six - this was partially because I was busy (I didn't let the hearts empty enough because I had to leave them for long periods and I was worried they would die from it) but also due to my lack of experience in giving care mistakes. I'm used to giving good care to my Tamas so this was pretty new. I'm sure I'll get better with time though. I did however, keep hearts at a maximum of three, just like Maria&Co.'s test with Edd (Test M5). I did this out of curiosity to see if the "two hearts maximum" method is completely true with obtaining Obotchi/Ojyotchi. Since neither Fuji or Mewthree became these, it seems to confirm that theory. Interestingly, Fuji also had poor training when he evolved (at just 2 bars), yet he still became a Gourmetchi. So that theory you stated may have some weight - perhaps both conditions must be met. Since Fuji had just one care mistake, he may not have been given enough bad care to qualify for both conditions (despite his somewhat sloppy care with hearts). I get your situation, so no problem! I've had similar times in the past where work/study commitments got in the way of my Tamagotchi logging. In fact, I'm fairly busy now, so my progress might be slow at the moment too. Luckily, this online research project can technically take forever if we need it. Good luck with your new job! I'll post here next when my Version 4s reach the next generation. I might stagger the lifecycles of the two Tamas a bit so that I won't have to raise two Child characters at once and then have several days without any tests. I've now updated the spreadsheet to include the most recent data, and I'll hopefully continue that.
  2. Hi! It's been a while, but I have some updates. Mewtwo and Amber left their babies and both just evolved into the Child stage. Metwtwo's son, who I called Mewthree, surprised me greatly by becoming a MohiTamatchi, despite having no Kuchi genes whatsoever! Fuji, Amber's son, became a slightly more predictable MizuTamatchi. I didn't take perfect care of them (their hungry & happy hearts dropped to 2 once) so maybe that's why they got these results. Since I have both of those now, I perhaps I can try this trick with both of them! I'll also have their hearts fairly low (maybe up to three maximum, to avoid Obotchi?), which may be a factor, as tamaninjacat pointed out. Hopefully, this will get me Oniontchi with Mewthree and a Kuchi teen with Fuji! I'll update in a day or two.
  3. Interesting on your results. They certainly bring a twist! I actually wonder if Puchitchi's evolutions are a combination of care and randomness. Perhaps, for example, Puchitchi may evolve into either a Mame or Meme teen with 0-2 care mistakes, but lesser care can only bring Meme teens. Have you ever gotten any Mame teens from Puchitchi with bad care in the past? It might be a good avenue to test Puchitchi with more care mistakes (all three of our Puchitchi tests so far had only 0-2 of them). If we see Mame teens even with a high number of care mistakes, this might mean that care mistakes don't influence evolution at all. There are a lot of possibilities! Too bad with Evie; luckily, if you marry her to a Mame partner and she has a daughter, you can try again next generation if you feel like it! In other news, Mewtwo and Amber were married today, and had two baby boys. They will be my next test subjects over the next week or so. Unfortunately I do have to go on a long trip for a few days over the week, so they will spend this time paused at home. So their growth will be delayed, but I'll report back eventually!
  4. By the way, I almost forgot, here's the original .ods file for the spreadsheet that was requested. While .ods files are native to open-source spreadsheet software (which is what I use), they can also be opened in Microsoft Excel, so hopefully you won't have any problems opening it either way. I updated the spreadsheet to include Evie (Test H4) and Daisy (Test P3). You can request an updated version of this sheet at any time in the future, too. Log.ods
  5. Episode 2: Extra Content Hi all! I was surprised to find that Syd evolved a few minutes before his bedtime! Very impatient to grow up, perhaps? It turned out that I did miss the top tier - he evolved into a Toratchi, which is on the second tier. So it seems that I might have indeed missed some discipline calls which may have counted as care mistakes (either that or the Version 2 chucked a random ). But regardless, I'm quite happy at the result because I don't get Toratchi very often and I think it's a pretty cool character. So while it's a loss, it's at least not a bad one. Besides, wouldn't it be a little anticlimactic for me to achieve my ultimate goal so early in this log? Interestingly, according to the chart from Tama-Zone, Propellertchi can't evolve into Toratchi, so my result basically blows the chart's validity out of the water. But I might do more tests with it to see if it is correct in some aspects. After all, most secondary sources do have some truth to them, even if they have underlying errors. The missed discipline calls do make me wonder whether the disconnected speaker will be a thorn in my side for generations to come. Perhaps it's time to fix this once and for all and learn some light welding...
  6. Episode 2 Hi again! I have a fair bit of news to share, so it's time for me to post it here! Firstly, I'll report on the Version 2 and my ongoing ChoHimetchi quest. Dale the Pochitchi (who had a son just before I wrote the first episode) left a couple of days later and I named the baby Syd. That day, I felt pretty tired and just watched a lot of YouTube videos, so I gave somewhat sloppy care to him in the baby stage. This showed because he became a Marutchi, which is generally considered the worst-care Child character! I was a little relieved, though, since I generally get Hitodetchi and Kuribotchi on my Version 2s for some reason. At least it was a nice break! From then on, I took better care, as I had the ChoHimetchi goal after all. While browsing online, I stumbled across this interesting growth chart from Tama-Zone (Link: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/tamazone/tamagotchi-connection-version-2-growth-chart-t15081.html) This rather old chart was interesting because it showed that not every adult character could be obtained from any one Teenage character (and the same with Child-Teenager evolution). I had a few theories about this aspect myself in my past logs, so I decided to carefully analyse my evolutions and see if they line up with this chart. Interestingly, the chart showed that Marutchi could only become either of the bad-care teens on even generations, so I gave Syd perfect care to test it out. The next day, he evolved into Propellertchi: This certainly corroborates with the chart, so it may have had some truth after all! However, it will need more testing before I can mark it as truly accurate. At the moment, Syd is three years old, so he'll become an Adult tomorrow. I have given him as perfect care as possible (with full 9 bars of Training) but I am unsure if I missed some of his discipline calls due to the dead speaker. I recently heard that the Version 2 might possibly count missed Training calls as care mistakes; if that's true, I might have actually missed the top tier entirely! Well, I'll have to see for myself tomorrow morning. Another thing to consider is from the Tama-Zone chart. Apparently, Propellertchi can only evolve into two of the three top-tier adults, which are Mimitchi and ChoHimetchi. If that's the case, I theoretically have a 50% chance to obtain ChoHimetchi if it lands in the top tier. It will be another opportunity for me to test the chart's accuracy! Nonetheless, I'm excited for what comes tomorrow. There have also been developments on my two Version 4s that I'm using for evolution testing with Maria&Co. and tamaninjacat. My first test subject, Mewtwo (on the snowy Version 4) has made an interesting contribution. As I said last episode, Mewtwo evolved into a Harutchi for the Child stage and I gave him two care mistakes to help discover the threshold between Young Mametchi and Young Androtchi. It is generally believed that Young Mametchi is only obtained with very good care, so I was surprised when he became that character upon evolution! This makes me think that Young Mametchi isn't actually as difficult to obtain as I thought, which was corroborated by other tests by Maria&Co. who obtained a Young Mametchi with four care misses! On the other hand, Young Mimitchi (generally referred to as Young Mametchi's female counterpart in this version) seems to be much harder to obtain for some reason. The more you know! Currently, Mewtwo is in the Adult stage (a Mametchi) and I'll wait for him to breed so I can do another test for the research. This leads me to my other Version 4. Shortly after the last episode, Gina the Masktchi left her daughter, who I named Amber. During the baby stage, I cared for her the same way as Mewtwo, but she became a Puchitchi instead of Harutchi. Whilst her direct parent was in the Universal family, I believe she got genes from Gina's Matchmaker partner, who was a Tosakatchi (Meme family). This may indicate that Baby>Child evolutions are not only influenced genetically but can also be influenced by the secondary partner, especially if the parent is Universal. I'll have to test that again later. Maria&Co.'s research on Puchitchi indicated that it generally becomes a Mame Teen (Ringotchi or Young Androtchi) with very good care, but otherwise becomes a Meme Teen with lesser care. However, like with Harutchi, the exact threshold has not yet been found, so I decided to give Amber one care mistake and see where that takes her. Interestingly, she evolved into a Young Memetchi: This leads me to come up with two theories; either Puchitchi only becomes a Mame Teen with almost perfect care (0 care mistakes) or that Child>Teen evolution is a little random, especially at certain care levels. Like my previous results, I'll also have to test this again to have more solid information on this. Amber took Mr. Turtlepedia's class at school, so her high Intelligence points will have her become a Ponytchi tomorrow (she is now aged 2). I think I will marry her to Mewtwo and see where the Mame/Meme parent equation takes their children. The two of them are already good friends over connection, so a marriage will be quite easy when they're old enough. Valma has now reached 34 Tama-years of age and is still doing very well. I have given her very good care as always, though she has gotten the occasional bad letter which temporarily put her happy hearts down to 1 (I fix these very quickly though). Nonetheless, these "care slips" (as I call them; not quite a care mistake) don't seem to affect her temperament. Ii seems that things only go downhill if she gets a proper care mistake, which is good. For now, she is as tough as a tank as she can go for a couple of hours without any hearts dropping. Most of the time, she is my least demanding Tama to care for! Only about 60 more Tama-years of this to go... IIIIIIIT"S STATS TIME! Stats for Syd (Version 2, Blue Water shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 3 years Weight: 18 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 6G Gotchi Points: 8,640 Stage: Teenager Evolution: Petitchi > Marutchi > Propellertchi Stats for Mewtwo ("MEWTW", Version 4, Ice Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 120 Intelligence / 33 Artistic / 15 Social Age: 3 years Weight: 35 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 5,020 Stage: Adult Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Harutchi > Young Mametchi > Mametchi Occupation: School Student Stats for Amber (Version 4, Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 112 Intelligence / 31 Artistic / 31 Social Age: 2 years Weight: 17 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 8G Gotchi Points: 48,530 Stage: Teenager Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi Occupation: School Student Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 779 Intelligence / 40 Artistic / 85 Social Age: 34 years Weight: 31 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 55,090 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired ~ Thanks for reading and supporting the log! I'll see you next time, probably in another week or so. Have fun!
  7. Hi again! It's sooner than I thought, but I completed a draft of the spreadsheet! Here's the data I gathered so far (I hope you can read it): I sourced all the experiments from this thread, but I got additional details of some of the subjects from our logs. As you can see, I divided the table into four groups, representing each of the Child characters (I thought this would be the best way to present it, since the main purpose is to find the relationship between the Child and Teenager characters), and I gave each individual test a code number for easy identification. Each test has a prefix letter (H for Harutchi, P for Puchitchi, Z for MizuTamatchi and M for MohiTamatchi) followed by a number, which ensures that none of them get confused with each other. You don't have to use them for reference though; I just personally like classification numbers and organisation As we all post in this thread and do more experiments, I will add more entries to the spreadsheet accordingly. Hopefully, as we keep testing, the data will build up and we can begin to see some patterns, like in Maria&Co.'s graph! You may notice that some of the spaces are empty; that's simply because I couldn't find the information for these particular attributes. That said, it's not very important to add the other details for these early tests. I will try to add all attributes of each test as much as I can in the future though. I also added a second page that contains mysteries or theories for us to test out. This isn't as well-developed as the first, and there are probably a lot more questions to add, but this will happen over time. I'll be sure to put a question/theory in if it comes up for discussion in the thread, and if any of these are more or less proven I will update their status to "Confirmed" or something. If there are any questions that are in your mind that I've missed (I'm sure I have missed some), you are free to suggest one. What do you think? If there are any features you'd like me to add or change, I will be happy to take that on board. Also, I am happy to post the file if you want it (in either .docx or .ods format), and in the future I can also post updates to this sheet on request.
  8. No problem! The graph was very interesting, and having this information in the one post will be very handy. It can give us an idea on what to test next. I think your data on Puchitchi explains Amber's situation very well. The one care mistake seemed to put her into the Meme slot instead of the Mame family. Perhaps, as you suggested, there is a fair bit of randomness, especially at certain numbers of care mistakes. For example, Puchitchi at one care mistake may either evolve into the Y. Androtchi/Ringotchi tier or the Gourmetchi/Y. Memetchi tier. Perhaps I can test this out next time I get Puchitchi. I'm sure your attempt at Young Mimitchi will still be handy for the data, even if you aren't experimenting. It's interesting that you haven't had Young Mimitchi nearly as much as Young Mametchi. I don't think I've had Young Mimitchi all that much on the V4 either. Could it be that evolutions aren't identical between genders? Anyway, good luck with it, and I'll be interested to see if you achieve it! Good luck with Nikatchi as well! Awesome! I'll start right away, though it might take some time. I think it will complement your graph by recording some specific details about each experiment for future reference; perhaps they can be added to your graph some time in the future. With the spreadsheet, I think I'll limit the data to the experiments that are mentioned in this thread; if I expand too much beyond this it could get overwhelming and inconsistent. But nonetheless, I'm positive it can come in useful!
  9. It seems that a lot of strange things are going on lately! I have something a little strange to report too - last night, Amber evolved into a Young Memetchi with just one care mistake! It makes me wonder whether teen evolutions really do have more randomness or genetics involved than we thought. What I think I'll do is marry Amber and Mewtwo when they're adults so that both their babies will have Mame and Meme genes - it will be interesting to see where they go from there. It seems that the only true way to see the extent of randomness and genetics in these evolutions is to do repeated testing under the same conditions (both Child characters and care mistakes). If the result differs each time, then we'll know for sure that there are other factors at play other than care mistakes. Much like a scientific experiment - continued repeats of a given experiment are used to more accurately validate or disprove a theory, after all. So while it's important to test new possibilities, it's also good to sometimes make repeats of past experiments whenever possible. And I'm glad that this balance is already happening, so let's keep up the good work! I also have an idea - Do you think it's viable if I took some time to compile all the information we found so far into a spreadsheet? That way we can more easily reference what we've already tested without having to dig through this thread aimlessly. Perhaps I can also record certain theories that we more or less prove to be "certain" (If one arises, that is ).
  10. Hi again! I had to have most of my Tamas on pause over the weekend, but today Mewtwo finally evolved, and into a Young Mametchi no less! I was quite surprised because I gave him at least two care mistakes (possibly three) and so I thought he might drop to Young Androtchi or a Meme teen. I attempted the two care mistakes by dropping the Happiness to zero twice (with the aid of the mail system) and waiting for the Attention icon to wear off. However, Mewtwo actually got sick the first time before I noticed the Attention icon go away. So I'm not sure if the sickness actually created a separate, third care mistake or not - do you two know at all? Anyway, Young Mametchi did surprise me a bit, but perhaps evolutions in the first generation are different. I think I'll evolve Mewtwo into a Mametchi and see what I do from there. At the same time, Gina the Masktchi left her baby, enabling me to begin another experiment. I named the baby girl Amber (If you know the Japanese version of the first Pokemon movie, the Mewtwo created by Dr. Fuji had a human friend named Ambertwo who was a clone of Dr. Fuji's real daughter, so it continues the whole "test subject" name theme), and raised her the same way as Mewtwo. Just then, Amber evolved into a Puchitchi, which I think corroborates the claim that genes can influence Child stage evolution, even from the parent's partner (which was a Tosakatchi). With Amber, I'll give her one care mistake and see if this evolves her into a Ringotchi (as suggested earlier in this thread). I'll update again in a day or so when Amber evolves!
  11. Episode 1 Hello again everyone! Some of you may remember seeing me on this site in around 2017 and 2018. I tend to take long breaks from the venerable Tamagotchi, but I do surface every now and then, and now I'm back! I hope you've been well. In my previous logs, I ran a hefty amount of Tamagotchis (usually around 8 or so) but this time I have a smaller roster. I feel that this will make me less likely to "burn out" so early, like I did last time. It will also make this log easier to write, and will give you less baggage to read through. So I think it's a win-win! My ultimate goal for this log is to keep it sustainable and exciting, so I'll also cycle through my active Tamas from time to time and perform various evolution experiments. I hope you enjoy it! You might have noticed the unusually specific title of this log; that's because I have an underlying goal to obtain ChoHimetchi on my active Version 2! Why ChoHimetchi, of all things? It's actually due to many reasons. Firstly, I haven't had it on a Version 2 since I was a kid, and I always thought it was a cool-looking character worth getting again. But it's also because it seems to be very elusive to me. I tried to get ChoHimetchi multiple times in my previous logs, but my attempts badly backfired (Most of the time, I landed on the right tier but got the more common Mimitchi instead!). As a result, ChoHimetchi seems to have been an ever-present goal that I have always failed to reach. I feel like Wile E. Coyote or the Team Rocket Trio, and I must settle this, once and for all! As a result, this log will generally theme around my active Version 2 and the quest for ChoHimetchi, but it will also have some other Tamas with their own experiments to keep things varied. At the moment, I am running four units, which I think provides a decent balance. So, without further ado, let's introduce the gang! Tamagotchi No. 1: Flowery Blue Version 2 This is the Version 2 that will be featured in my quest to get ChoHimetchi. This shell (which I think is supposed to represent an underwater theme) is very nostalgic to me because it originally belonged to my sister back when I got my first Tamagotchi, which was a green Version 2 that I have stored for now. For many years, this blue Tamagotchi was actually disassembled as a source of spare parts, but I restored it back to working condition in 2018 due to nostalgia. While it functions well enough, its speaker does not work and its infrared system is busted, meaning that it cannot connect to others (thank goodness for the Matchmaker!). This Version 2 was the first one I re-started after my last hiatus; I did so shortly before Christmas so that I would have something to occupy myself with. I have run it non-stop since then, and it is now in its fifth generation. I had tried to get ChoHimetchi all this time but to no success. Currently, it has a 7 year-old Pochitichi named Dale, who just had a male baby this afternoon. Since ChoHimetchi is only obtainable on even generations, Dale's baby will be my only possible attempt for a couple of weeks. In order to obtain ChoHimetchi, I must give the baby perfect care (especially in the Teenager stage) since the character is on the topmost tier on even generations. Then, when it evolves into an adult, I must blindly hope that ChoHimetchi is randomly chosen out of the three characters in the top tier. It can be a frustrating process! For my last two attempts (in the second and fourth generation, respectively), I tried to land on the top tier but instead got the middle tier due to accidental neglect. In fact, I actually got Dorotchi both times! So I'd better be very vigilant this time. Tamagotchi No. 2: Ice Blue Version 4 Two of the other Tamas I am running at the moment are Version 4s. The main reason for this is due to an ongoing research project on the Version 4's growth chart, conducted by Maria&Co. and tamaninjacat. See the thread here: I was very impressed by the headway they made in the research, so I decided to help them! This snowy blue Version 4 (which I have featured in my previous logs) is thus mostly being used to test theories that are being established in that thread. Currently, this shell has a first-generation Harutchi named Mewtwo, whom I am using to test Child/Teenager evolution patterns. Today, I meant to give him two care mistakes through the Child stage (though instead I accidentally gave him three), and I will see whether this makes him a Mame family teen or a Meme one. It is generally established that Harutchi becomes either a Mame or Meme teen depending on the amount of care, but it is still unknown what exact numbers of care mistakes make what. There are similar mysteries with the Meme and Kuchi families as well, so I aim to help solve these questions in the future! Tamagotchi No. 3: Sea Blue Version 4 This is the second Version 4 that I'm using for the evolution research project. While I started the other one from a clean slate, I decided to continue this one from where it left off to investigate the prominence of "family genes" in the Version 4. It turned out that the character was a 7 year-old Masktchi named Gina, who was actually all the way back from my first log. She became a Masktchi mostly because I accidentally left her unpaused when away, which led her getting neglected for a day. However, I found this useful for the research because it allows me to test how the Universal family affects "genes" in the Version 4. Shortly after I had Gina running again, she got a Matchmaker visit and had a baby. Her partner was a Tosakatchi, so I will see if that partner brings Meme genes to the baby in the future. Once Gina leaves, I will experiment with the baby, just like Mewtwo, and report results. Tamagotchi No. 4: Rainbow Version 4 Yes, my final Tamagotchi is yet another Version 4, but it is not being used for evolution research. Instead, it is for another purpose that I have continued on-and-off since my first log. The Otokitchi in this shell is named Valma. She is currently aged 30 (in Tama-years of course), and I aim to get her over 90 years before breeding her with an Ojitchi. This, in theory, should make her one of the oldest parents of all time (though I doubt it will break the best record - someone has probably had an Ojitichi or Otokitchi breed over the age of 100). Nonetheless, it would still be a good achievement. While I can technically wait until she is well past 100, I do pause her regularly, so I will be unable to record her age after the two-digit counter fills up. Valma is very easy to care for, though I do give her high priority to make sure she does not have a care mistake. In the Connection series, if a Senior takes care mistakes, they become more and more needy until they die. As a result, I must make sure that Valma does not take any care mistakes during her long run. If care mistakes are avoided entirely, Valma can theoretically live forever. There have been a few times when people have gotten Ojitchi or Otokitchi to live for hundreds of Tama-years! Due to her age, Valma has an incredible amount of Intelligence points (I usually play Shape when playing on a Version 4). She'd make a Tensaitchi jealous! Well, that's all the updates for now. Here are the stats of my four active Tamagotchi: Stats for Dale (Version 2, Blue Water shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 7 years Weight: 44 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 5G Gotchi Points: 6,539 Stage: Adult Evolution: Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Nikatchi > Pochitchi Stats for Mewtwo ("MEWTW", Version 4, Ice Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 5/9 bars Skill Points: 26 Intelligence / 29 Fashion / 15 Social Age: 0 years Weight: 15 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 3,120 Stage: Child Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Harutchi Occupation: Pre-schooler Stats for Gina (Version 4, Blue shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 7/9 bars Skill Points: 106 Humour / 177 Glamour / 26 Spiritual Age: 7 years Weight: 22 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 62,320 Stage: Adult Evolution: Tsubutchi > Mizutamatchi > Ichigotchi > Masktchi Occupation: Baker Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 707 Intelligence / 40 Fashion / 82 Social Age: 30 years Weight: 31 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 52,430 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired ~ Well, that's all for now! I aim to post this roughly to a weekly schedule, which will make it roughly once each generation. That will ensure that I have enough updates for each post. But until next time, have fun!