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  1. Hi! So it's practically been a month since my last update, which means I'd better give one now! I hadn't run my Tamagotchis since mid-December because of a lot of hectic activity surrounding Christmas. I spent much of my time buying presents and preparing for my holiday so I couldn't guarantee in looking after my village-sized Tamagotchi clan. However, I did bring my stored Version 1 with me and logged it for the recent Christmas hatch. Now that I'm back home, I will soon be able to run my usual group again. This particular update actually covers events during mid-December before I paused my Tamagotchis. About 6 Tama-years happened in that time since last update, and many interesting things have happened, so it's good that I'm now finally able to tell you all! Good old Valma had still rolled along well without any problems to report. She has almost reached one-third of her planned lifespan, and as long as I keep up her care she should go through the rest as well. I tend to put Valma among my highest care priorities to make sure she has no care mistakes, even though she is probably the most lax out of my roster. To be fair, overly vigilant care does work with expanding this one's lifespan! My plan with Louis as outlined last update had gone very well too. After Louis became a Daiyatchi, I played many sessions of Apple and sent him to School to get his Humour points up. I managed to get him to about 300 humour points before he turned 2, so there wasn't much work to do after that - the next day I raised Humour to 351 and Spiritual to 75 in order to fulfill the requirements. In the morning he turned 3, he surely enough became an Ura Mametchi - this means that as long as you have over the minimum points required for a Family Switch Trick, it may happen even if you have enough for a secret character. I expected Louis to evolve again in about a minute, but he instead fell asleep because Ura Mametchi's wake-up time is an hour later than Daiyatchi's. It's too bad this broke the "instant evolution" I wanted to see, but regardless, Louis became a Hyottokotchi when he woke up again. Effectively, Louis spent almost all of his time as an Ura Mametchi sleeping! This confirms that it is actually pretty easy to get a secret character on the Version 4.5. Effectively, any teenager character can become a secret adult (one of two two in males) as long as they have the required points, since the Family Switch Trick is possible. If you raise them to the required level before they evolve, they can immediately become the adult required to evolve into the secret character, then will evolve again shortly after. This works differently than the Version 4 since you do not need to worry about evolution families. Another factor is the toothaches - since the Version 4.5's growth chart doesn't depend on care, it is impossible to fall into "bad-care" characters when training Teenager characters, since you can give them as many toothaches as you wish. Louis had since gotten a job at the pre-school, where he plays the bus counting minigame. I enjoy this one because it is entirely possible to play without looking at the screen. Since the beeps determining a child getting on or off the bus are different, I can determine this from the sounds alone, then select the numbers using both my memory (from my last selected answer) and the buttons. I can just sit in my lounge with my eyes closed while playing the game, so it's a lot of fun! Louis is now 6, so he shall get the Matchmaker shortly. His Spiritual points are also now high as I have mostly been playing Man-Hole to fill up his happiness. A lot has happened on my yellow Version 2. Ben the Tarakotchi got the Matchmaker a day or so after my last post, who offered a Hanatchi. I accepted and he got a baby boy, yet again continuing the fashion trend. Ben had won me a lot of Gotchi Points recently as I had gotten good at playing with Tarakotchi's sprites at Slot. In his happy pose, Tarakotchi's lips are a single pixel left of his lips in other sprites, making it rather distinguishable if you look carefully. In all the other details, the Happy sprite can be confused with his Angry and Sad sprites, so the slightly left lip is very important in this case. As per usual, Ben left his baby some time later, and I named the newcomer Jacob! As for every even generation on my Version 2s, I aimed to give perfect care to Jacob so he could become either MaruMimitchi or ChoHimetchi. Despite this, he became a Hitodetchi for his Child stage since both his parents were in lower tiers. He also became a Hinotamatchi for his teenagehood even though to my knowledge was given good care. To be fair, there have been instances where "bad" Child characters have become "bad" Teenagers regardless of care. Not to mention, care in the Teenager stage is what really counts in order for me to achieve my goal. Since Jacob became a Hinotamatchi, I had placed him in the highest priority to make sure that the hearts never drop below 3. He is now 2 years old so he's about half-way through. Oak and Kiawe are still around, now well into their adult stages. When they were Teenagers I was a bit less attentive than I should have been, resulting in them going down to two hearts a few times. This, on top of the deliberate care mistakes I gave them, dropped both of them to the middle tier. Despite this, I was very pleased at the characters they became - Oak a Kusatchi and Kiawe a Mimiyoritchi. I find both characters to be quite entertaining - especially Kusatchi from its dorkiness. It also reminds me of a cross between a Tarakotchi and a Victreebel! Maybe some of those Tamagotchi characters have eerily scientific origins... Both Oak and Kiawe are 7 years old, meaning they should have Matchmaker visits just as I unpause them. Since both of them are interesting characters, however, I might keep them for a while longer. Sam the Minotchi, meanwhile, was hanging around in his shell as an adult the whole time. He got employed at the Amusement Park and some days later started getting Matchmaker visits. His first offering was a Memetchi, but I declined as I wanted his family to have full Kuchi genes. Luckily, his second was a Pukatchi which I accepted. After seeing that Sam's baby was male, I decided to de-activate that shell once he left. I couldn't think up of any plans for him, since I had now obtained all the male characters. I named the baby Bill and started him before I disengaged the battery. For now, the snowy Version 4 will remain in storage. It can be used another day when I wish to revisit the Version 4's characters or, possibly, a future group hatch. Who knows? With this, it's time to mention my two Vintage Tamas! The P1 has gone quite well. It evolved from Marutchi to Tamatchi for the Teenager stage. Afterwards, I aimed for it to become Maskutchi and as a result lowered the hearts to two on multiple occasions. I additionally only kept the Training bar at 3/4. However, when it evolved to the Adult stage, it became a Ginjirotchi instead. While it wasn't my plan, I did kind of expect the unexpected simply because I'm not yet used to Vintage evolution mechanics. Ginjirotchi is still a very welcome character and I aim to keep it alive for a long time. Talking about keeping alive, Mimitchi on the P2 is also going well. It is now 14 years old and it is a little needier than it used to be. It randomly fell sick at 12 which was probably the sign for it becoming older. As a result I have been keeping this on higher alert than most of my Tamas, alongside Valma and Jacob. I would love to keep this one going until it is at least 20, though I'll only know the truth in time. Anyway, that's all from this very belated update! I'll restart my Tamagotchis tomorrow and will continue logging from there. I have decided that in the snowy Version 4's place I will temporarily run my black Version 1 that I used for the Christmas Hatch. This will probably only be for one generation, but it will be handy since the current baby is female and all the other Tamagotchis are male except for Valma. Perhaps I can pair this baby with Jacob! Either way, it's time for everyone's stats! Stats for Oak (Version 2, Green Flowery shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 4/9 bars Age: 7 years Weight: 33 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 13G Gotchi Points: 9,999 Stage: Adult Evolution: Petitchi > Kinakomotchi > Young Mametchi > Kusatchi Stats for Jacob (Version 2, Yellow Starry shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 2 years Weight: 19 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 2G Gotchi Points: 9,368 Stage: Teenager Evolution: Petitchi > Hitodetchi > Hinotamatchi Stats for Kiawe (Version 3, Red shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 7 years Weight: 32 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 3G Gotchi Points: 8,075 Stage: Adult Evolution: KuroTeletchi > Kuchitamatchi > Batabatchi > Mimiyoritchi Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 641 Intelligence / 40 Fashion / 75 Social Age: 28 years Weight: 34 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 51,230 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired Stats for Louis (Version 4.5, Globe shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 382 Humour / 27 Glamour / 163 Spiritual Age: 6 years Weight: 34 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 11G Gotchi Points: 69,949 Stage: Adult (Special) Evolution: KuroTsubutchi > Kuchitamatchi > Daiyatchi > Ura Mametchi > Hyottokotchi Occupation: Pre-school Supervisor Stats for P1 (Blue Translucent shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 3/4 bars Age: 9 years Weight: 30 oz Stage: Adult Evolution: Babytchi > Marutchi > Tamatchi > Ginjirotchi Stats for P2 (White with Characters shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 4/4 bars Age: 14 years Weight: 30 lb Stage: Adult Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Tonmarutchi > Tongaritchi > Mimitchi ~ Well, that's all! I'll hopefully go back to updating weekly since the holidays are now over. Until next time, have fun and good luck!
  2. Hello, yet again! Cake left her baby last night, ending her tenure in our Christmas 2018 hatch! Luckily, I was awake and managed to see her off! Farewell, Cake! You were a great companion these holidays, despite my slip-ups in care. Currently, Cake's daughter is crying and awaiting a name. I will probably start her tomorrow after I update my normal log and unpause the others. Thank you to everyone else who participated in this hatch along with me! I found it very enjoyable, and I can't wait to join another group hatch!
  3. Hello again! Cake had her daughter via the Matchmaker yesterday evening. She has been spending time with me at home since I got back from my holiday two days ago. I will unpause my other active Tamagotchis after Cake leaves and continue my normal logging afterwards. I have decided, however, to continue running this Version 1 alongside the others for another generation, since I want to experience the Version 1's exclusive animations, games and sounds for a bit longer. Additionally, most of the Tamagotchis in my running Connections are boys and it would be nice to have at least one breeding pair! You will see this in my normal log in a couple of days. I will show one final update after Cake leaves her baby. Here are Cake's stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 11 years Weight: 31 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Adult (Parent) Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi > Ichigotchi > Kuchipatchi ~ Thanks again for reading! I hope 2019 is serving you nicely.
  4. Hello again! Guess what? I was wrong! Cake evolved into a Kuchipatchi yesterday afternoon, which has been very fitting to her name and time period. Since then she has been quite easy to care for and thus fitting for my holiday activities! I was quite surprised at her becoming a Kuchipatchi despite my care. This would definitely downgrade to the middle tier in the Version 2. I later read that getting 3 or more care mistakes results in either Tarakotchi or Hinatchi (based on whether you give better physical or emotional care), so the Version 1 seems to be less sensitive in this particular respect. I will come home from my holiday tomorrow, so Cake will finish her run at home with my other Tamagotchis. I will let you know when Cake breeds via the Matchmaker. But for now, it's time for stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 8 years Weight: 34 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Adult Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi > Ichigotchi > Kuchipatchi ~ Thanks for reading, and have a happy new year!
  5. Hi! Just a small update today. Cake is now on the last day of her Teenager stage and should become an adult shortly. I paused her for half a day yesterday since I went out swimming at the beach and wasn't confident I could tend to her well enough. My care has overall been a bit sloppy since last update, owing to holiday distractions. I've left her to two hearts a few more times , and I additionally left her light on last night (accidentally); I left her for more than an hour, so when I next checked on her she was asleep with her attention icon already off. Oops! Owing to this I believe I have regressed below the Kuchipatchi tier. I think that I'll now either get Tarakotchi or Hanatchi for the adult stage. I am not quite as familiar with the Version 1's tier tolerances as the Version 2 or 3, so I can't be completely sure. I'll let you know when Cake evolves. Here are her current stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 6 years Weight: 22 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Teenager Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi > Ichigotchi ~ Thanks again for reading! I'll be back soon.
  6. Hi again! Cake cruised along pretty well yesterday, and has evolved into an Ichigotchi for her Teenager stage! I think that Ichigotchi suits Cake's name very well, since you often see a lot of strawberries on cakes! I actually saw a cake with strawberries on it today, coincidentally. I had only a couple of slip-ups since last post. The most prominent of them was when I let Cake's hearts fall to two on each meter shortly after she became an Ichigotchi. As a result I doubt I can get Mametchi for the adult stage - it'll likely be Kuchipatchi unless I do any more mistakes. However I do welcome this, because I get Mametchi a lot and Kuchipatchi not nearly as much on my other Tamas. Additionally, Kuchipatchi would suit Cake's name better since Kuchipatchi would eat 10 cakes a day! Indeed, Kuchipatchi would be a good representation of the gluttonous behaviour of humankind at Christmas time. Either way, I will see in a few more days. Cake is already 3 years old because I accidentally had the clock set on the wrong time and she fell asleep early yesterday afternoon. As a result I changed the time and woke her up again, aging her by a year. But oh well, it's not like the Version 1's age counter is the most reliable anyway. Time for stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 6/9 bars Age: 3 years Weight: 24 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Teenager Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi > Ichigotchi ~ Thanks again for reading, and have a happy Boxing Day!
  7. Hi! To answer your question, Child-stage characters on the P1/P2 fall asleep at 8:00 PM and wake up at (I believe) 9:00 AM? If I'm wrong, then they would wake up at 8:00 AM instead. Their sleep time will change as they evolve into Teenager and Adult stages - to my limited experience most, if not all, Adults sleep at 10:00 PM. Of course, if you have the sound on, they will beep for you to turn the lights off, so you probably won't miss it. Nice log by the way, and merry Christmas!
  8. Hello! Sorry I've appeared so early, but it's already Christmas where I live and I have some logging to do! Anyway, I am actually out on holidays in a quite tropical area of Australia - so while many of you are making snow angels, I am dripping in sweat and turning red in the bare sun! ...Well, not quite like that, but it is still fairly polarizing to the northern hemisphere. The Tamagotchi I decided to hatch is my Connexion Version 1 (European). It is a very ratty specimen that my sister found abandoned in the playground one day. It is a bare black shell with barely any paint except for an almost-illegible Tamagotchi logo. Since I acquired it, its original white buttons have been replaced by mismatching purple ones, and its back cover is a red one from a donor Tamagotchi that I now cannot remember. As a result, it is the closest thing to a "paddock basher" Tamagotchi that you can get. Despite all its dents, scratches and lack of collectors' value however, its internals work perfectly fine. I haven't run this one in my usual roster recently since the Version 's features are a bit barebones (not to mention it has no built-in pause function). However, its low-maintenance nature and unique animations/sounds make it a great example for the occasional group hatch. Not to mention, its damaged shell makes it an ideal candidate for portability since I don't have to worry about protecting the paint or anything. Now, onto the hatch itself! I woke up at about 8:00 AM and started my Version 1 after breakfast. I put a battery in it and let the egg wiggle away until it hatched into a female ShoiroBabytchi! I named the baby "Cake" because of all the Christmas treats I am indulging in. Not a common name in my roster, I must admit, but special events must call for unusual measures. Cake was generally cared for quite well. She was tended perfectly for the first 40 minutes, but afterwards I left her fore about 10 minutes accidentally, leaving her at just 1 heart on each meter! Oh well, at least it doesn't affect her evolution this generation. After the usual hour, Cake evolved into Marutchi for her Child stage. At the moment, she is rolling around copiously as I write this log entry. I will update tomorrow when Cake becomes a teenager. But for now, it's time for stats! Stats for Cake (Version 1, Black shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 2/9 bars Age: 1 year Weight: 13 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Stage: Child Evolution: ShiroBabytchi > Marutchi ~ Thanks for reading, and a merry Christmas to you all! I'll post here again tomorrow.