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  1. I absolutely feel this, I made my first account (of many) on here when I was 10, and I'm 25 now, so I definitely have some moments from years ago that I look back on and cringe at myself for, there's good memories as well though of course!
  2. oh man it's been months since i last touched acnh... i just got super burnt out on it, i did check in for birthdays of some of my beloved villagers, and new year, but that's about the last time i touched it, and it was already a wreck at that point, i shudder to think how bad it must be by now the sanrio villagers look nice though! i especially like etoile but even if i booted up the game again, and managed to get my hands on the amiibo cards, i already have two normal villagers who i love dearly and would hate to part with.....
  3. I have played Puyo Puyo games in the past, and I own Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 but I have yet to play that