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  1. I decided to buy Kirby Planet Robobot, upon recommendation from a lot of my friends (plus I'd played the demo a few times already and enjoyed it so I wanted to give the full game a go anyway) and so I've been playing that all weekend! It's pretty fun!!
  2. Reach UP your LOCAL dreamstalk and you may find A Friend And Boy...
  3. A live stream of Kirby music on YouTube called Kirby Live Radio - Spring Breeze Edition! It's nice, the Kirby series has a lot of good music
  4. play kirby triple deluxe

  5. good spider boy deserves to be happy deserves all the love in the world probably needs a hug
  6. therapist: t-pose magolor isn't real he can't hurt you t-pose magolor:
  7. actually my sister and i used to play our dad's old ps1 games in our ps2 all the time as kids and they worked just fine!
  8. I finished the first one, and I think I got close to finishing the second one! That's it really, I was pretty bad at it and had to look up walkthroughs to get anywhere
  9. I used to play Virtual Villagers a lot!! I haven't played in a long time but it's a lot of fun!
  10. alone on a friday night? just remember this spider
  11. I bought Kirby Triple Deluxe in the weekend and I've been playing that a lot! I'm really enjoying it!!
  12. The only mobile game I play really is Fire Emblem Heroes! Even if it does have some problems with it, I don't see myself dropping it any time soon, since I'm rather invested in the Fire Emblem series as a whole