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    I have many other pets, including my calico kitty, Hazelnut.

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    I currently have a V3, V4, 4U, and a spacy and melody mix. :)
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    My melody and spacy mix.

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  1. Adulting is hard. :c

  2. I'm really loving the spacy and melody mixes! I want to get a 20th anniversary mix!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I love my 20th anni! If it really is a favorite I would go for it ;) or a Sanrio mix

  3. I'm making some Tamagotchi sprite art. Does anyone know exactly how many pixels a Mix screen displays From top to bottom and side to side? Example: 50x50 Thank you!
  4. While i'm at work I carry two - one in each pocket.
  5. My blue Melody Mix came in today! :D Taking care of two tomato boys RN!

  6. So in order to unlock Rainbow Hills, I have to use the flower seeds outside. I can't seem to find them in any of the shops i've unlocked so far. Where can I find them?
  7. New Melody Mix comes in tomorrow! ^_^ So excited!!

    1. Tamadonut
    2. Appadeia


      Just avoid marrying a kuchipatchi or other tamagotchi with strong genes. it'll permanently stain your generations

  8. Hi! So i'm trying to build a good relationship between my female tama and kikitchi. Every time I go into town, I always bring his favorite item (The skateboard) and I end up running into every character but kikitchi. Is there a way to meet up with a specific character or is it random? (I'm going to the right town btw)
  9. So who here brings their tama babies to work? I'm 23, I work as a cashier at Petco, and I keep my 4U in my pocket while i'm working. On monday it'll be my new mix's first time out! I mostly pull it out on my break, and sometimes my co-workers will ask what it is, or they'll say something like "Oh, my daughter had one of those!" I'm kinda shy so I usually try to keep it to myself.. Not because I think it's silly but because I have no idea what they'll think or say. Do you take your tamas to work with you? Share your stories!
  10. she won't evolve again, and she should be okay as long as you take care of her every day. The only cause of death will be getting too sick.
  11. I tried and got an assigned japanese IP.. Didn't work.
  12. Hello! I have a spacy m!x and I need some help accessing mix.tamatv.com's bandai namco login. I made an account and when I try to log in, an error message appears saying "You cannot log in to this service from the country/region you have registered." What do I have to change to get past this error? is it on the browser or somewhere on the bandai account? Thank you so much!