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  1. I'm guessing you mean a tamagotchi 4U? They need batteries. You can get rechargeable ones or just use regular store batteries. In terms of resetting, It gives you an option when you insert the batteries to 'download' your previous character to continue where you left off.
  2. my tama on my P's ran away today just as I was on a puzzle piece mission. That's the problem with having to go to work and leave it I guess...

    1. Momobelle


      :( I feel u, mine also went off when i was at work
    2. Yumecantchi000


      Me too... I have school and I find it difficult to take care of my tama ps and do homework

  3. On my 4th generation on my p's and still no girl characters! whyyyyy

  4. I would like to, but I work in a kitchen where people are judgey about that sort of thing (They regularly make fun of the fact I collect mlp and also make fun of my two pet bunnies). I wouldn't want to draw more attention to myself really so I just keep my p's on the 'time change' screen to sort of pause it while I'm at work
  5. my P's arrived but they sent the wrong colour! >

  6. Yeah you had these really basic looking cats and dogs (Which were mostly just made up of circle shapes haha) and you had to take care of them otherwise they ran away, and you could get them to have puppies and kittens and stuff! I used to spend HOURS on it, I wish I still could!
  7. Does anyone remember or still play Catz or Dogz? I had all the versions of Catz 1 through to 5, and I had Dogz from version 4 to 5 I miss these games so much, unfortunately no modern computer seems to easily run it, it just freezes when it gets to the adoption center! I used to 'hex' so many weird breedz, and also had a few disasters from trying to get too clever with making different breed files haha anyone here have any fond memories of the Petz series?
  8. Still waiting on my P's in the post, so exciiiiited!

    1. Pixel.Kitten


      Wooo how awesome! It's the wait that adds to the excitement I think! :D

    2. Tama_Fan_2002
    3. Jade27


      Yeah great! The P's are great!

  9. This is a really cool idea, I like how they fit perfectly in there!
  10. Really that's so cool! Crochet is something I never really got the hang of. I'd love one if you could! I'd pay for it =]
  11. How do you guys carry your tamas? I really want to run my 4U+ and my P's together when my P's arrives, I have lanyards for both but I don't want to wear both round my neck in case they bash together and get scratched. Have any of you found pouches or anything that are cute yet practical for carrying them? I have a crochet cover for my P's arriving too but still need to get something for my 4U+ Let me know! Which things do you find the easiest for every day use?
  12. Can't wait for my P's to arrive in the post!

    1. Tama_Fan_2002


      I'm waiting for my p's too!!! :D

    2. Yamiko
    3. SheiscalledLalaa


      which colours are you waiting for? I ordered the mint green one!