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    Tamagotchis, sci-fi like Star Trek and Star Trek next generation! And I also LOVE Star Wars! I really like the anime "Aikatsu Stars"! I'm a fan of "The Hitchhiker's Trilogy". And I'm pretty bad at keeping a log. ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday, UMR! Hope you have an awesome day :^)

  2. It worked, I used TinyPic. Here are some more photos: Here they are as Babies! Isaac hasn’t hatched yet in this photo. And here they are as teens doing the 100% bonding animation!
  3. Hi, this isn’t my log for today. I’m here to try and upload some pictures. Here they are as little eggs!
  4. Well, I’m on a three day logging streak. That’s pretty unusual. I recently realized that the V5 has a weird evolution sequence. Babies (one hour to be toddlers) -> Toddlers (TWO days to be Teens) -> Teens (TWO days to be adults) -> Adults (TWO days until marriage) I expected them to evolve like a V3, so it was really odd that they weren’t teens yesterday. Anyways, I figured out that their exact evolve time is 12:20 pm. I know what time to be watching for their evolution now. Right now they’re all asleep, and I absolutely love the animation where they go to bed a few minutes early and you can see a window and them asleep. It’s adorable! STATS- Teens Dwight: Korokotchi Saturn: Shelltchi Isaac: Mamekatchi And because this log is just for fun I won’t be taking it too seriously, so here is a fun little skit of what they were up to today. Saturn: Eee! It’s four o’clock! Isaac: This time I’ll beat both of you at that paper airplane contest. I can gaurentee it. Dwight: False. You cannot gaurentee that because in this competition, as in all competitions, I will win. Saturn: We’ll see. *Dwight wins* *under her breath* Saturn: Great, the one thing he needs is an ego boost. Thanks for reading! I might be able to log again tomorrow! By the way, their bonding is at 100%!!! I hope their in their way to a Kuchipatchi family! Also, if you have any comments, feel free to PM them. Also feel free to send a “letter” to the Rave(n) family! Thank you for reading!
  5. Hey! The Rave(n) family is having a great time! The oldest searches through the fridge at least once a day. They all bounce around together most of the time too. The most exciting news is that they’re 70% bonded! I have changed the time a few times to bind them more and more, I’m going for a Kuchipatchi so the easy going toys have been used a lot. I really want a Kuchipatchi or a Yonepatchi. Here is a photo: They haven’t evolved into teenagers yet, I thought they were supposed to today but maybe the will tomorrow. Thank you for reading! Right now they have full hearts and are dancing on the screen! I’ll try to log tomorrow, but no gaurentee! By the way, the shell I have is blue with stars and the words “TMGC 5” on the right side. There is a pink Key attached to the right too side, and on the left there is a chimney with a black roof. It’s adorable!
  6. Merry Christmas! * I haven’t logged in a while, so welcome back to my inconsistent tama log! I am really excited to start logging my V5!!! I got a V5 today as one of my presents. It came new in original packaging, unopened! The family has begun! I guess this is now a V5 Log, the title is misleading. I would also like to say how awesome the new update of tamatalk is! I can post a picture without a ton of hassle now. Back to my new familitchi! Before I tell you their name, I need to tell you the story behind it: I was so excited figuring out the buttons and packaging ripped on the table beside me. The new family emerged out of eggs, first the middle babytchi, then the left babytchi, and finally the right babytchi... but what to name them? I decided to name them after the bold and clever Rowena Ravenclaw. (After my Hogwarts house). So it was, their name was to be “Raven”, the Raven Family. Yet one thing stood in my way. The button I accidentally pressed after only writing R-A-V-E. Now their name is the “Rave Family”. That is the absolutely worst name ever, and I am stuck with it. It was a complete accident, I would never purposely name a family of innocent and adorable tamas “Rave”. Now, I’ll continue their life so far. Firstborn was a boy, Dwight. After, obviously, “The Office”. Second born, a girl, Saturn, after today’s Pagan festival of Saturnalia. Last born, a boy named Isaac because today is Isaac Newton’s birthday. “Merry Newtonmas everyone!” - Leanord Hofstadter (The Big Bang Theory) This is my favorite version of tamagotchi ever, I thought it was the Tama-P, but this version is amazing! *You may be wondering what happened to Niffler, she died a while ago. Sorry for not updating. Their bonding is at 20%. Welcome to my new log everyone, it is very inconsistent so I might be gone for weeks. Thank you to my readers!
  7. Merry Christmas Break! I am back after a long time of not updating! Lil’ Niffler is still alive and hopefully will survive for a long while yet (I may be jinxing my myself). She is an oldie! Niffler is sleeping right now with two piles of poop on her floor and one heart in happiness & hunger stats. STATS Nickname: Niffler Machine: V3 Type: Otokitchi Age: 12 Training: 4/9 Gender: Female Weight: 47 lb I’ll update soon (hopefully)!
  8. Hey! I’m still alive and so is Jerry Jr. AKA Niffler. She is currently sleeping but I am worried that she might die as soon as she wakes up because of the two poops next to her and her one remaining heart on hunger and happiness. She is an oldie living strong at 12 tama years old. Since it is finally Christmas Break I can spend more time taking care of her instead of a few short moments during lunch at school. Merry Christmas break everybody! Happy Hatching!
  9. Hi guys! Sorry for not logging, I think I’ll just log once a week. Niffler is still alive and turned seven a few minutes ago! We’ve been gorging ourselves on Christmas carols for the past week. “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Ring the Hogwarts Bell” “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Cast a Christmas spell!” She is definitely a Hufflepuff or a Gryffindor. Thank you to everyone reading my log and if you have any comments feel free to pm me! I also just found out that I’ll be getting a V5 for Christmas! I think I may feature it on this log sometimes. STATS Nickname: Niffler Machine: v3 Type: Mimiyoritchi Age: 7 Training: 4/9 Gender: Female Weight: 30 lb Stage: Adult SHE IS ADORABLE! Merry Christmas!
  10. Hey guys, Jerry died a while ago and I hatched a new Jerry. She’s a girl! Her nickname is Niffler. Right now she is seven! I absolutely love her adult character: Mimiyoritchi I have been watching her wight like a hawk too. That’s the reason Jerry the First died. STATS Nickname: Niffler Machine: v3 Type: Mimiyoritchi Age: 7 Training: 4/9 Gender: Female Weight: 30 lb Stage: Adult I also just found out I’m gett8ng a v5 for Christmas! Yay! Happy hatching!
  11. Hey guys, Jerry Jr. AKA Niffler evolved into a Young Mametchi! Im so happy to have gotten a good care evolution. She didnt do much today except play with a $130 plant. It turned into a sunflower and she got bored with it after three seconds, typical kids. STATS Nickname: Niffler Machine: V3 Type: Young Mametchi Gender: Female Weight: 20 lb Stage: Teen Training: 2/9 She even took a bath before bed! Ill try to log again tomorrow!
  12. Hey guys! Today I hatched Jerry Jr. , little did I notice that she is a girl. So Jerry may not have been the best name. I decided her nickname will be Niffler, like from Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Niffler is so adorable! She already has one training bar too. STATS Nickname: Niffler Machine: V3 Type: Kuchitamatchi Gender: Female Weight: 18 lbs Stage: Toddler She roles around on the screen sometimes, it is so cute! Here are some pictures: It’s good to be back! I’ll log every other day, or once a day.
  13. Hey guys, yesterday Jerry went to sleep as 75 pounds and 19 days old. Since he was asleep I thought he would be fine, he had no care misses at all, but I came back one hour later and there was a little egg with wings on his screen. With no care misses, the only thing I can think of is that he was overweight. Don’t worry though! I’ll be back on this log on Saturday hatching a new Jerry. See you then!
  14. Hi guys, today is Jerry’s sweet sixteen and you’re all invited! Happy birthday Jerry, you can now date according to out of date social laws. Hooray! Haha, anyways Jerry was so intrigued with my math homework even though he was no help. It’s been nice over the long weekend spending more time with him but sadly the week must start up again. By the end of the day he’s overweight again so I’ll play a bunch of games with him after posting this. :-) On his stats I took out “when he’ll evolve next” and “training” because those won’t change again. STATS Name: Jerry Machine: V3 Type: Ojitchi Age: 16 Gender: Male Weight: 55 lb Stage: Oldie Pictures from today! That’s it for now, we’ll be back tomorrow!
  15. Hey! I’m so glad Sotilde is still alive! To be honest I thought she might have died and you stopped logging. Also, not to burst your bubble or anything, but the don’t the records only count with no time changes or pausing? (Sorry.) Well, anyways, here are Jerry’s stats: STATS Name: Jerry Machine: V3 Type: Ojitchi Age: 15 Gender: Male Weight: 58 lb Stage: Adult Will evolve next: Never Happy hatching!