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  1. Please help qwq So i recently decided to revisit my Tama Friends (not a dream town btw) but when i dug it out i realized the battery screen wasnt even there. I decided to try and put batteries back in anyways to see if it would work but i just put them in and nothings working. Pop the batteries in, nothing. Hit the reset button, nothing. Help? Theres nothing on the screen at all, just completely blank.
  2. I've been seeing Instagram ads giving away Tamagotchis for the anniversary, and im pretty sure theyre fake. The images they show have the infamous 4 buttons, so it can be assumed these are fakes. Just a warning for y'all.
  3. Hey, so today I got Kuromametchi on MTF, but since Kuromametchi is one of my favorite Tamas I kinda wanna keep him for a long time, so im not really rushing on the whole career thing. I was wondering if Tamas could die or run away from not getting their career or being alive too long or something, because I really don't want to lose my Kuromamechi ;w; any help appreciated, thanks!
  4. Today we have lost a great Tama... Loveli, my first Tama on my emulated Gameboy Color Tamagotchi. She was a great Tama, even though when she died she almost gave me a seizure (lol). She lasted a strong 9 days, and will be forever missed. (It was especially heartbreaking for me, since Kutchipatchi has always been my favorite Classic Tama.). Goodbye, Loveli...
  5. Is there any corrosion around the batteries or where you insert them? If so, that might be your problem. You might also want to try a different battery type, some Tamagotchi's are very wonky and some may like a certain type of battery while some might not.
  6. When I try to log into Dream Town it says it can't connect to Tamagotchi Planet. I've completed the game multiple times but it's really nostalgic and I wanted to see it again! Can someone give me some answers?
  7. How to get over the loss of a Nintendo 3DS SD card: 1: Lose SD card 2:Try not to cry 3: Cry alot ;v;

    1. asmexus


      oh no thats the worst :(

    2. Tamacass


      That's horrible! Don't tell me you transferred all your data onto it...

  8. Hey guys. I dont know if this is the correct forum to post DreamTown stuff on, so I'm sorry if it isnt Anyways, I tried to get into my old Dreamtown save for a while now, and it seems its just gone! It says the username doesnt exist...the first time it was gone and I tried logging in, i dont even think it was a month the last time I played... Any help? Any replies appreciated
  9. Ah, that sucks. Thanks for the reply though! have a good day!
  10. Got my GameCube with Sonic Heroes to work! The downside is that I need a Memory Card but my dad ordered one yesterday!!! Yay!!!

  11. My first was a Magikarp in Pokemon Y, which I evolved and traded for 2 LVL 100 Pokerus shinies (I have a feeling they're hacked >~>) and a togepi, ponyta, clauncher, stuff like that. I get most through Friend Safari. Recently though I got a random shiny in Moon: A shiny torkoal.
  12. Hey guys! I have a question: I have a TamaFriends, and it states you can do bumping with special Kiosks to get jewelry. I was wondering if these Kiosks were still around and if so in what stores??? I heard ToysRUs but idk. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!!