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  1. Nonny Here! So I'm still playing with my Spacey Mix, but unfortunately I forgot it at home one day and my Tama died. ;( I was about four generations in, I think. Alas! Most of the stuff you go through after the first two gens is exactly the same. If I get a new/fancy Tama I will log it again though! I just got the Sanrio Mix, so that might be a fun one.
  2. I just got a 15th Anniversary IDL off of Ebay for $30. :) The case was sun-faded but it works fine.

    1. Spacey


      Fantastic deal!

    2. JesterxLady


      Ah, that's a great price! I love my 15th Anni. iD L! =D

  3. My Dream Town has a bit of the ghosting but the buttons are pretty responsive. I think the quality is about what I'd expect. I'm not a huge fan of it because I don't find it as intuitive or fun as the color Tamas, but it's still a good toy for $15 IMO.
  4. Sorry for the long disappearance! Photobucket was having some serious issues so I wasn't able to upload anything until today- super annoying! I sent Bitsy to visit her parents after a couple of days and she asked to stay over! I had no idea you could do that and it worked because I was busy that day. Peeped in a couple of times for pics and Shimmy snuck up on her like a creeper while she was sleeping. I still love him the best- mildly bummed that I didn't just keep him as my Tama on this one forever. >_> Bitsy, however, is a spitfire. Here she is going all Pinball Wizard ( did I just date myself) to impress the monkey dude. She was too cool for him though. She also nearly drowned a lot with the deer bush. I spent a lot of time in the forest town because it's definitely my favorite town and the deer bush is super friendly. Eventually, Bitsy spent enough time with him that his little entry in her diary was pink- you go get him, girl.
  5. I'm going to be updating again soon! Photo bucket has been having issues lately for some reason.
  6. Try adding a little more pressure. How long are you polishing for? Deep scratches won't be diminished completely, but the Displex will make them more shallow. For tiny scratches, it could take a minute or more of circular polishing with a lot of good pressure to get them to go away.
  7. I wasn't a huge fan of friends/dream town. The screen is hard to see and the characters all have fiddly designs that makes it hard to see what they are doing.
  8. Hey! No worries- I just made a free Photobucket account and uploaded my pictures there. In your post box, click the icon that looks like a picture and paste the URL from photobucket. It will put the picture into your post.
  9. Small update today I changed to the forest background, which I think now is my favorite, and my kid turned into a teenager! Luckily she's not the dark angsty kind that listens to scene music. I've started calling her Bitsy because she is very smol. Unfortunately she spent pretty much all of her teen years(hours?) in daycare because I had to work, but here she is running around being cute. Then in the evening she evolved again. You guys I am so glad I picked this combo of characters. It is insane how adorable this kid is. I sent her off to visit her folks and Shimmy is so excited! He's telling her all about his vegetable garden I'm sure. Bitsy is a spitfire so I gave her some bangin' earrings from Berry Town so she can express herself. Here she is doing a rock-bush performance for the acorn lady. This girl's a star. A STAR I TELL YOU.
  10. ... Then comes an adorable green pea-child! Shimmy was such an attentive father- borderline stalker-ish. I was so proud of him. Eventually green-pea-child evolved into ladybug toddler with a poof hat. Alright, that's not a very good name- I need to come up with a better one for her when I get the chance. She's got a plucky go-getter attitude and even got money for growing up. All I got when I grew up was acne. Eventually Shimmy and Sheepy bade their elementary schooler goodbye and sent her off into the world like Ash Ketchum with much love and well-wishes. Here you see Sheepy sharing their deepest family secret about a cursed shrine and a guardian monster but that's irrelevant to this log. And here she is! Shimmy's grand legacy officially in my care. :'> I'll keep updating along the way as things progress with her and post updates of her progress/when I unlock stuff! I still REALLY have to think of a name...
  11. @UMR ~ I'm really glad you're liking the log! I do definitely plan for more posts after these. ;> The care misses are SO HARD!! Best of luck with that lol. Here are a couple of cute pics of Shimmy doing Shimmy stuff. I love this lil bean- look at him chasing a butterfly! Shortly after Shimmy was sort of kind of wooing Princess Ghost Dog, we ran into a sheep lady. She was SO CUTE and I found out she liked the juggling balls so Shimmy went about wooing his fair maiden. As you can see she's extremely entertained- after all of Shimmy's other blunders I had NO idea he could juggle this well. He even juggled the universe for this little lady. THE UNIVERSE. If that isn't a metaphor for true love then I don't know what is, ok? Well shortly after this guess who popped the question? SHE DID! Both Shimmy and I were very impressed with her progressive attitude and I was so overwhelmed by the stupid amounts of cute that I only remembered to get a pic after they were already married. Don't ask me how they both fit in that convertible- they're happy and that's what counts. Of course you know first comes love, then comes marriage... Wow these two work fast!!
  12. So I got the Anniversary mix which I plan to run as normal, but I still have my Spacey too with Shimigirutchi. I'm wondering if the M!x characters age/die eventually if you don't marry them off like the earlier generation ones? I really like this character >_>
  13. Short little update today of unlocking the cloud town! Apparently today is special somehow? I pushed a bunch of different buttons but Shimmy seems happy just to gaze hypnotically at the shrine that popped up out of nowhere. Plus I got the rainbow background yay! Today was the first clear day I've seen since it's winter where I live, so I sent Shimmy outside to plant his seeds. The first time he threw an actual fit because apparently he hates adorable plants. The second time, though, I did manage to get the beanstalk to grow that takes you to Cloudville! Rainbowtropolis? Skynet? I went to the shoppe first and bought a cloud, and then went to the square where we ran into a fluttery ghost puppy. At first she and Shimmy played peacefully with the cloud, but then true to his luck he ended up accidentally terrorizing her with it and falling off. At least she was able to fly up and catch him. So far I think this is the cutest female character. Maybe there will be dates in Shimmy's future? WOOING??
  14. It will probably end up being a mixed bag. Being an older product, the P's has probably already lost enough sales in Bandai's eyes that whatever depreciation there is from the Download won't hurt it. Most likely the people who would be downloading this are those who can't afford to pay $90 for a mini-game add-on anyways. I doubt it will effect the market much if at all- besides perhaps causing a slight lowering in price of the physical unit over time.
  15. On now to Berry Land. I'll be honest, of all the places this one is my most favorite. I'm a sweets person in the first place, but the design of this place is just so friendly and colorful! Like with Flowerville, the first thing I did was buy what I could at the store so I could play with it with the local residents. First up was a pink Flan thing. When I went to the square, I ran into Queen Sweets. She and Shimmy were super excited to jump on the Flan- he's going to have to take a bath later- and he went so high he nearly flew off into space. Luckily, he landed on the Flan and got covered in whipped cream instead, which his new lady friend seemed to really like. Honestly, he's just so smooth with the girls. The tourist destination was where they coat you in frosting and sprinkles in an attempt to pass you off as a local. Then the actual locals get to judge you. You guys, I want to be able to marry Shimmy off to that strawberry SO bad- but it looks like she's not available. Queen Sweets was there too and she's licking her chops at how attractive Shimmy is covered in sugar. You dog! Finally, I'm dedicating my last few images to the fact that I don't hold out hope for poor Shimmy's overall life expectancy. When he tried to play Badminton, he dropped the racket and skidded on his face. THEN I thought- ok maybe he's more a skateboard kind of guy! Nope. Cartwheeled into the air and landed right on his head. Alright- maybe he's more just a sit back and relax sort of dude. NOPE. He almost immediately started to drown in the hot tub tree stump. You guys, I'm really worried. More to come soon!