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  1. And you thought you won but.. IT WAS ME DIO WHOS GONNA WIN!
  2. Ok I hated those so much, back when I was a young lad I bought one of those fake tamagotchis from a school where you pick a item and send it through the mail. Saw a one Virtual pet look like a small house with 4 buttons it was 14.99$! Once it came in my mail I was hype but then again it wasn't what I was expected xD
  3. Ah I just love my tamagotchi v4.5 it really does take time to let it grow up I named him Jojo CX I just wish they bring back tamarin! Also now to wait for my V5 to come in!

  4. Happily to say this my V4.5 has arrive! It needed new batteries then bought some it's time to relive my nostalgia!

    1. Skygryph


      Awesome! V4.5 is so much fun.

    2. Spacey


      Congrats! Enjoy!

    3. MrFanciful


      Needless to say it so much much fun grinding gotchu points!

  5. Tomorrow my V4.5 arrives I can't wait any longer! The anticipation is real!!

  6. Just ordered my Tamagotchi V4.5! Can't wait until it arrives in a few days or less! To be honest V4.5 and V5 were my all time favs! Also not really a big fan of V6 but it's good so far V6 has Gen. 8! Next is Gen 9!

  7. Im so fustrated today was the day i win a auction for a V4.5 but i got outbidded curse that person but oh well it comes and goes just bought a V5 Familitchi cant wait for it!

    1. x.Optimistic


      dang being outbid sucks i know that feel i got outbid on a v2 with a tama lanyard three minutes before the auction ended :c but congrats on the v5!! it's one of my favourite versions i hope you enjoy it!

    2. MrFanciful


      i know it sucks but as well v4.5 and v5 are my favorites! also im gonna get a V4 V3!i can agree!

    3. Hoppe San

      Hoppe San

      Good for you.

  8. about to buy 2 more tamagotchis :D