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    Hiking, biking, swimming, got back into volleyball, horse showing, Tamas, and a lot more other stuff.

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    Same as it was for ballpythonmom, since I am her, with the addition of Tamagotchi MIX Spacy and Melody Versions, both in blue, and the Anniversary Edition, which is a white one. That version is my favorite of all time. Also added 2 20th anniversary Minis--a transparent blue and a royal blue flocked one, a yellow Gudetama, a transparent blue Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, a blue CYOI Entama, 2 blue Q-pets, an English yellow Gudetama, and a blue Kadar Babies.
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    Tamagotchi MIX, Gudetama (English and Japanese), Kadar Babies.
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    Blue Tamawalkie. It can sit on my desk unattended for ages. I just check it daily, and all hearts remain full. The character on it is Mametchi, and he has a motorcycle. He's on his way to the next destination, which is New Orleans.

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  1. The connection was really neat. Why does the bootleg have a Bandai logo during connection? Is it just to identify that it is connecting to a Bandai tama? I really like the gold one with blue buttons. I saw these a few years ago on ebay, and almost bought them. Wish I had now.
  2. Not a tama proper, but I got a Mametchi gashapon figure that has a digital clock in it. It's the one with Mametchi with a computer. The computer is blue, and is the clock. Should have it in about a week.
  3. The older tamas didn't have a gender assignment, so that would be OK.
  4. Probably your V1, since it's the oldest. The Kuromametchi plush is adorable. You have talent for sewing. I can't sew a straight line.
  5. I would not care for this either.
  6. There were some English ones as well, and just as expensive. Keep looking though. You may get lucky. Don't forget---they haven't been made for a long time.
  7. I just saw a Japanese version on ebay. It is gold colored. It's over 100 dollars though.
  8. I'm in no hurry to get one either. I just got my English Gudetama, and a Kadar Babies, and I'm having fun with those. Also, the preorder price was in the 90 dollar range. Of course, all I checked was ebay, they may be lower elsewhere. The commercials were cute though.
  9. Yeah, the battery life is only about 2 weeks or so. You can't adjust the brightness. You can mute it by holding the B button for about 5 seconds, but the sound on these is so quiet anyway, so why bother? One of mine is almost mute as it is. They do connect to each other just fine. I have 2 of them. One even swears (says "Shi**y if you do badly in the games; the other just says "Poor"). It is very similar to the +color tama. I will spoil it--Patrick Star is the travel agent and he is tiny. I would get one very soon, as they might be pulled for copyright infringements. They are a lot of fun though, and the games are the same as on the +color.
  10. Hi there, and welcome to TamaTalk. If you want a tama that has lots of content, get a p's. They can be patched to English, and some are sold already patched. They are a color tama, and have lots of content even without the pierces. It's not very high maintenance. If you want high maintenance, get an Umino/Ocean, or a TamaOtch.
  11. Yeah, mine do this all the time. It's just as Jhud said.