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    Hiking, biking, swimming, got back into volleyball, horse showing, Tamas, and a lot more other stuff.

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    Same as it was for ballpythonmom, since I am her, with the addition of Tamagotchi MIX Spacy and Melody Versions, both in blue, and the Anniversary Edition, which is a white one. That version is my favorite of all time. Also added 2 20th anniversary Minis--a transparent blue and a royal blue flocked one, a yellow Gudetama, a transparent blue Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, a blue CYOI Entama, 2 blue Q-pets, an English yellow Gudetama, and a blue Kadar Babies.
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    Tamagotchi MIX, Gudetama (English and Japanese), Kadar Babies.
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    Blue Tamawalkie. It can sit on my desk unattended for ages. I just check it daily, and all hearts remain full. The character on it is Mametchi, and he has a motorcycle. He's on his way to the next destination, which is New Orleans.

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  1. The connection was really neat. Why does the bootleg have a Bandai logo during connection? Is it just to identify that it is connecting to a Bandai tama? I really like the gold one with blue buttons. I saw these a few years ago on ebay, and almost bought them. Wish I had now.
  2. N4LLLC

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Not a tama proper, but I got a Mametchi gashapon figure that has a digital clock in it. It's the one with Mametchi with a computer. The computer is blue, and is the clock. Should have it in about a week.
  3. N4LLLC

    Same sex tama marriages

    The older tamas didn't have a gender assignment, so that would be OK.
  4. N4LLLC

    My collection thus far....

    Probably your V1, since it's the oldest. The Kuromametchi plush is adorable. You have talent for sewing. I can't sew a straight line.
  5. N4LLLC

    Same sex tama marriages

    I would not care for this either.
  6. N4LLLC

    Mod Break

  7. N4LLLC

    Mod Break

  8. There were some English ones as well, and just as expensive. Keep looking though. You may get lucky. Don't forget---they haven't been made for a long time.
  9. N4LLLC

    Mod Break

  10. I just saw a Japanese version on ebay. It is gold colored. It's over 100 dollars though.
  11. N4LLLC

    Eevee Tamagotchi Japanese Commercial

    I'm in no hurry to get one either. I just got my English Gudetama, and a Kadar Babies, and I'm having fun with those. Also, the preorder price was in the 90 dollar range. Of course, all I checked was ebay, they may be lower elsewhere. The commercials were cute though.
  12. N4LLLC

    Qpet Qolor Questions

    Yeah, the battery life is only about 2 weeks or so. You can't adjust the brightness. You can mute it by holding the B button for about 5 seconds, but the sound on these is so quiet anyway, so why bother? One of mine is almost mute as it is. They do connect to each other just fine. I have 2 of them. One even swears (says "Shi**y if you do badly in the games; the other just says "Poor"). It is very similar to the +color tama. I will spoil it--Patrick Star is the travel agent and he is tiny. I would get one very soon, as they might be pulled for copyright infringements. They are a lot of fun though, and the games are the same as on the +color.
  13. N4LLLC

    which tamagotchi should i get?

    Hi there, and welcome to TamaTalk. If you want a tama that has lots of content, get a p's. They can be patched to English, and some are sold already patched. They are a color tama, and have lots of content even without the pierces. It's not very high maintenance. If you want high maintenance, get an Umino/Ocean, or a TamaOtch.
  14. N4LLLC

    Mod Break

  15. Yeah, mine do this all the time. It's just as Jhud said.