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    Hiking, biking, swimming, got back into volleyball, horse showing, Tamas, and a lot more other stuff.

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    Same as it was for ballpythonmom, since I am her, with the addition of Tamagotchi MIX Spacy and Melody Versions, both in blue, and the Anniversary Edition, which is a white one. That version is my favorite of all time. Also added 2 20th anniversary Minis--a transparent blue and a royal blue flocked one, a yellow Gudetama, a transparent blue Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, a blue CYOI Entama, 2 blue Q-pets, an English yellow Gudetama, and a blue Kadar Babies.
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    Tamagotchi MIX, Gudetama (English and Japanese), Kadar Babies.
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    Blue Tamawalkie. It can sit on my desk unattended for ages. I just check it daily, and all hearts remain full. The character on it is Mametchi, and he has a motorcycle. He's on his way to the next destination, which is New Orleans.

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  1. I love the nanos myself. I have a special edition black one (Tama Depa) as my first one with original tama characters. I have both Japanese and English Gudetamas (both solid yellow with the face), a red Hello Kitty one (got it at Walmart a couple of weeks ago), 2 black Pac-Man nanos, and an aqua Demon Slayer one (the one with the checkerboard faceplate. Have had it almost a week). They're much better than the chibis/minis, and the Pac-Man and HK ones have 2 games. I'm looking for the Jordy one which is supposed to be released soon. That one is supposedly packed with features, from what I read about it.
  2. My holy grail is a blue Yasashii. There was one on ebay very recently. Its starting bid was 500, with no buy it now option. Sigh. I did get a former grail in 2004 though--a green Santaclautch at one of the weirdest places----a Goodwill in Phoenix, AZ. I paid 25 dollars for it, brand new in box, and still tabbed. I start it up every year on my birthday (Dec. 11), and run it for the 2 weeks up till Christmas. On Boxing Day I end the game, remove the batteries, rebox it, and put it back in the safe.
  3. I don't put anything on the tama itself, but the coin purses I use to carry them in I do. Just a plain lanyard mostly. I do use screen protectors on the tamas after cutting them to fit.
  4. I'm looking for the peacock one. They're both very pretty shells. I have the hibiscus one. Keep checking ebay, amazon, and facebook groups.
  5. Mametchi/ Ura Mametchi, Mimitchi, Kuchipatchi. Almost forgot---Kuromametchi also.
  6. Glad you got your Music Star. Be patient, and keep looking for your second one. I have 3 of them---Blue equalizer, Blue Rock City, and the black disco one. The last one I bought in 2008 at Kmart for 3 dollars on clearance. I do check ebay now and then, and have seen a few, but they were hella expensive. It's a fun version, and more challenging than the other Connections. I'm still looking for a blue Yasashii---found one on ebay recently for over 500 dollars, and that was a place bid, not a buy it now. The price gouging is ridiculous!!! Again, I say good luck finding a second Music Star. You'll find it.
  7. I played mine for 3 weeks straight. I got Mimitchi as my character, then I got the secret character where she was on Pac-Man's back. I removed the battery a few days ago to play another version. In my opinion, this is the best Nano yet!
  8. I just bought one of these in black. And they have 2 games. I can't wait til I get it. I do like the chibis and nanos. I work 10 hours a day (not in lockdown or quarantine--I work in an essential field), and these tamas require little attention, so perfect.
  9. I just ordered a Pac-Man Nano tama from Amazon last night. It's the black one. It's the first tama I've ordered in a long time. I did get the new p1 and p2 at Target about 3 months ago.
  10. With those specific tamas, no data is saved. Just replace the batteries and start over.
  11. Nice collection, iTamannadi. I have some of the same ones you do. (6 of them to be exact).
  12. A little bit of Windex (or other glass cleaner) on a Q-tip, then use the other side to dry.