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    Mayer, AZ, USA
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    Hiking, biking, swimming, got back into volleyball, horse showing, Tamas, and a lot more other stuff.

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    Same as it was for ballpythonmom, since I am her, with the addition of Tamagotchi MIX Spacy and Melody Versions, both in blue, and the Anniversary Edition, which is a white one. That version is my favorite of all time. Also added 2 20th anniversary Minis--a transparent blue and a royal blue flocked one, a yellow Gudetama, a transparent blue Super Gyaoppi 9 in 1, a blue CYOI Entama, 2 blue Q-pets, an English yellow Gudetama, and a blue Kadar Babies.
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    Tamagotchi MIX, Gudetama (English and Japanese), Kadar Babies.
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    Blue Tamawalkie. It can sit on my desk unattended for ages. I just check it daily, and all hearts remain full. The character on it is Mametchi, and he has a motorcycle. He's on his way to the next destination, which is New Orleans.

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  1. With those specific tamas, no data is saved. Just replace the batteries and start over.
  2. Nice collection, iTamannadi. I have some of the same ones you do. (6 of them to be exact).
  3. A little bit of Windex (or other glass cleaner) on a Q-tip, then use the other side to dry.
  4. I bought a Santaclautch at a Goodwill store in Phoenix (AZ) in 2004 for 25 dollars, brand new in the box, and still tabbed. I replaced the batteries, and also the screws. It works just fine--I play it at Christmas, starting it on my birthday, which is 2 weeks before. I also got a set of Best Friends V2s at the same Goodwill in 2006 or 2007. I paid only a dollar each for them. I also got a V5.5 (the light blue Jewels one) with a tamagotchi lanyard for 3 dollars at a store called Stepping Stones in Prescott Valley (AZ) in 2009. I guess I just got lucky a few times--I haven't seen any more tamas or other vps since, and I do look. Never had any luck at garage or yard sales though. ETA--The Santaclautch just happened to be my favorite too--the green one.
  5. I'm definitely getting the blue fairy one since blue is my favorite color. My second favorite is green, so the green magical one would be the one I would get.
  6. Cats are one of my favorite animals also. I have 3 of them. The Nekotcha I can't give an opinion on, since I don't own one, but it looks more like a bear than a cat. I have a My Kitten , a Bitty Kitty, and a CompuKitty for cat VPs. I have cats on other multi pets that I own. Welcome to TamaTalk.
  7. The TMGC + Funassyi keychain I ordered from Japan You Want came today. I was going to make a necklace out of it, but it's too big. Really cool, and I'll just use it for its intended purpose. It has Mametchi and Funassyi with Mametchi ears on it.
  8. I'm going to get the blue one for sure. Maybe a green one too. I'm going to wait til they hit the stores though.
  9. Yeah, the one in the box is a Q-pet + Color. I have 2 blue ones. One of mine swears, and the other dosen't. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine. The sound is very soft on these though, and one of mine is nearly mute. On the swearing part----one of mine says "Shi**y" if you mess up on the games, while the other says "Poor". I wonder which one you got? Oh, and nice collection of vintages you got, Sadi.
  10. That's a pretty tama!!! I love the blue. I'll probably get one.
  11. No new devices, but I just bought a TMGC x Funassyi metal keychain from Japan You Want. It has Mametchi and Funassyi dressed as Mametchi on it. It will be made into a necklace. I pretty much have all the tamas I want except for the Tamagotchi ON.
  12. I've been here since 2007 in various incarnations myself. Happy (belated) 15th, TamaTalk!!! Here's to many, many more.