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  1. I've been thinking of starting a v4 log... thoughts?

    1. pinkbutterflies
    2. Rorys_Tamas


      It's all up to you I would try just logging in a word document for say a week or something and see if you like doing it (also you can see if you have the time) and then I would start a log (I say this as so many people start logs and never update)

  2. Hello Everyone. My Mom surprised me yesterday and said she preordered 20th anniversary chibi. lol

  3. Hi SA311! This seems like an amazing idea! I would love to help, test, sprite... whatever the heck you need! And even if our timezones are a little off... I usually stay up almost every day. Hopefully you can find some time in your day to message me back!
  4. https://discord.gg/E8mzvhd A fun discord chat with logs and opinions
  5. Hello! My name is Jaketazm! This log will be unique because I will have some other people logging on it as well! I don't really know about them, But I am logging my used idL I got recently. Lets start. Yes, I named myself "A" besides that, we have a beeeeautiful baby boy! I will be back once he is a toddler
  6. 20th mix Anni and IDL arrive today :)

  7. I'm going to create a tamagotchi app :) anyone want to help me with it?

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    2. Miau


      sounds like fun! I'm graphically inclined if you need help with some of that

    3. Sonic_Hedgehog


      I'm kinda good at simple 2D art if thats helpful XD

    4. guruofguru64


      What are you going to use to make it?

  8. Here is the new invite for my tama discord :) https://discord.gg/TvRD5

    1. ForgottenUsernames


      It has expired. Non-perishable invite link perhaps?

    2. jaketazm


      https://discord.gg/fCMMZm8 i sense salt in this area of the comments
  9. Should I create a discord for us TMGC fans? Comment if you want to be in it

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    2. Kajah995


      Fair enough. I'll join in a bit :P


    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      There's already one :0

    4. Yamiko


      we already have one. pm me for the link


  10. idL and 20th anni. mix (hopefully) come wednesday!!

    1. rjalda100


      nice! I hope you enjoy them!

    2. ologoff
  11. Jake: Welcome back to my log! It is now time for Aiko and Maxwell to meet! Aiko: Umm... Are you Maxwell? Maxwell: Aiko? Aiko: So you're a Fuyofuyotchi? I'm a Tamatchi. Maxwell: I heard you are getting into the music business... Aiko: Yup! Not to toot my own horn, but I am sounding good so far! Jake: You guys are so cute! And yes, They both evolved. - Aiko and Maxwell keep talking - Jake: Aiko, I have something to tell you. It's going to be a secret to Maxwell. Aiko: What is it Jake? Jake: Soon, you will go to Music School and join a band! Aiko: Really? Yes! This is a great way to start my music career! But... Why is it a secret to Maxwell? Jake: Because I am not getting him anything for a while Aiko: Why? Jake: He threw a bowling ball at me. Aiko: Fair enough. Maxwell: What are you guys talking about? Both: NOTHING! ---------STATS--------- MUSIC STAR Name: Aiko/Tamatchi Year: 0 Weight: 15 Stress: 0 Tone: 29 Rhythm: 30 Original: 60 4U Name: Maxwell/Fuyufuyotchi Age: 0 Weight: 17 Skills- none
  12. Alright! Hello! Yes... this is kinda weird. So I decided today I will log my 4U, M!X, Music Star ... That is a lot, lol But... for the epicness of this log... I will reset all of them... But I love to read logs like Kajah995's log and Tamadonut's log. So I was very inspired by them. Now... I am off to reset them all! Wish me luck! By the way, This log will include stats and dialogue. I don't know about pictures though because I feel like that would take more work (That is the kind of person I am.) --------------------START!-------------------- Jake: Time to reset my Music star... -resets- - egg appears - Jake: Now my 4U... -resets- - egg appears - - music star hatches - Baby: wahhhhhh! Jake: awwwww! you are adorable! I will name you... Aiko. Aiko: iiii- koh? Jake: You are catching on! - 4U hatches - Baby: waaaeh? Jake: Oh! a boy... You will be... Maxwell. Maxwell: mathhh.... weel Jake: Good enough. - maxwell and aiko cry - Jake: Well.. now is the time to feed them and play with them. - Aiko slurps on baby food - - Maxwell gets a strike in bowling - Jake: Hmm I don't see what else to do in this log for now. I will return once they have evolved. See ya. ---------------STATS--------------------------- MUSIC STAR Aiko/Petitchi 0YR 5LB 0 STRESS 0 TONE 0 RHYTHM 0 ORIGINAL ROCK 'n' ROLL GENERATION 1 3000 GP 4U Maxwell/Yochitchi 0YR 12G 0GP Skills - none
  13. Should I start a log with my 4U, m!x, and V6?

  14. My Blue Gem friends comes soon. So excited!

    1. Sonic_Hedgehog


      OOO! Thats the design I have too! One of my favorite designs in Friends to be honest! I just love the concept of gems and jewels :)