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    TAMAGOTCHIS, biking, my dog, being social, FOOD, and my family!

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    Tamagotchi Music star (V6), Tamagotchi Connection V3, Tamagotchi Connection v4, Tamagotchi TamaGo, and various other v3s and v4s.
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    Music Star
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    Tamagotchi Music Star (V6)
  1. TMGC V4s are my favorite tamas of all time!

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    2. ammonride


      Oh no! You should get a new one! They are a little tricky to find at a decent price but they are the best tama evaaa!

    3. Skygryph


      ^Completely agree! I like the new color tamas, but the V4/4.5 are still my favorites.

    4. tamaninjacat


      The V4/V4.5s are definitely one of my favorites too! I think they have some of the best games and characters available. :)

  2. A MUST HAVE is definitely one of the originals!!! Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 is my favorite out of those and the M!X is amazing so yes you should get it!!
  3. I just ordered a clear yellow v3 and a peacock feather v4.5, to run alongside my favorite tama of all! The V4!!!....This is an addiction... I need help

    1. Tamadonut


      cool! ordering tamas is always fun :)

    2. Hohotchi-HO7


      Cool! My first Version 3 was a clear yellow one like the one you ordered. Unfortunately, I don't know where it is now!

    3. Skygryph


      Ooh, the peacock v4.5 is my favorite design out of all the connections! Good choice!

  4. I bring mine to work EVERYDAY! Haha and i'm actually not too shy about it and my coworkers actually enjoy checking up on my tamas too even thought they don't have any haha
  5. New profile pic! Woot! Woot!

  6. So I was searching all over the internet and i can't find anything or if anyone has ever tried it!? Is it possible to connect them over skype? Facetime!? Google hangouts maybe? I was just wondering because it would be so fun to connect other tamas from tamatalk and also when i'm talking about them connecting i am mainly talking about the v1-6 because they use infrared and my favorite Tama of all time is the V4s! Any info will help thanks!
  7. Well haha I doubt any of us are really "experts" but we are HUGE fans of the tamagotchi franchise. Honestly, in my opinion, I have a large collection and love all of my virtual pets. Each one has its own unique and special features and depending on what the animation requires, that pretty much determines the resolution of said pet. So for me i would say that you make it according to what animations you would like to follow! It won't take away the authenticity of it or originality as long as you just make it "look" sort've like the old retro 90s tamagotchi animations! I also think that the Tanagotchi Connection V3s are a great representative for how the retro style should look. Not sure about the V3s resolution though but i've always thought of that one as one of the most classics and popular ones in the USA. So ya, honestly, just do whatever will work best for your project!
  8. Was actually emailing a guy who works at bandai and he said While there are no immediate plans for a new Tamagotchi digital device, we do continually work behind the scenes to promote the Tamagotchi brand to potentially release new product." -Thats actually from the email he sent me... so hmmm what do you think?

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    2. guruofguru64


      Even if there was a color unit in the works, they'd deny it...

    3. Hapihapitchi


      They will tell you stuff like that. Doesn't mean there will or won't be a release it's just what they have to say.

    4. Skygryph


      Aw, sounds like a typical corporate non-answer, sadly. :( But it was worth a try!

  9. I'm ranked 4th in the pro-tours rn on my V6!! SOOOO CLOSE!!

  10. ok guys... I am absolutely and COMPLETELY in love with the Tamagotchi V6!!!! It is honestly so great! Comment if you are currently running a V6!!

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    2. Tamadonut


      Im running mine too!

    3. Hoppe San

      Hoppe San

      Mine's paused.

    4. Purimatchi!


      I run mine on the weekends and it got to first place without much effort, thankfully! I really love the V6 as well.

  11. Oh no worries! Yes i'm glad youve been taking care of it! Also no, an egg doesn't appear because thats only how the first tamagotchi will be born. the rest are birthed by their parents. As for it leaving i think the parent will leave after about two full days or one but it will leave at midnight and hop away. Then the baby will be waiting for you and you get to name it then and so the beautiful tama-cycle continues!
  12. No dont be ashamed of this haha i do all the same things
  13. Ya. Sorry but only whne you answer the door will she give you a present. Other than that, it still lets you in preschool but you dont get the present if you didnt answer the door. I've had that happen a couple times too.
  14. Honestly i don't think any amount of tamagotchis is ever enough but no i think it is fine to have all four of he same version! You may not be a collector but i agree the colors are beautiful and having all four could just be "your thing"! Ya know? I say go for whatever you want!