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  1. I have a tamagotchi connection v4.5 and am thinking of getting another tamagotchi, but I don't know what to get. There are so many options. I really want one that has several characters like my current one has, and I don't have much money for an expesnive one so if you could also suggest a website to buy it off of that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Thank you! Yes, I had over 200 glamour points, that explains it.
  3. I have a v4.5 tamagotchi and so does my friend. We mated an ura zukyutchi (mine) and an ura togetchi (hers) and got girls. Mine grew into an ura young morotchi as a teen, and then changed from the uramame family to the ura meme family and became an ura memetchi. How did it change families? it is gen 5.
  4. I am trying to mate my tamagotchi v4.5 with my friends by making them friendly. They both have 4 hearts now under friendship and are too young to currently mate. Hers is a boy and is 2yrs. Mine is a girl and is 3yrs. I was watching hers and it had half an egg with a baby boy it looked like sitting in the egg shell above her tamagotchi, but when she presses the middle button the time screen came on and whem she went back it was gone and went back to normal. What was this?
  5. Thank you so much ammonride!
  6. My tama recently got married and had a baby. I thought the adult tama would disappear and an egg would appear but instead the adult and baby are both on the screen. (I have v4.5) I'm totally new to keeping it alive this long, is this normal? How long before the adult tama goes away and I can take care of the baby tama? Any extra information would help as well, thank you!
  7. Thank you so much tamadonut, we didn't do that, I will try it next time and get back on whether it works or not. 😄
  8. We both have tamagotchi connects v4.5 but it won't let ours visit each other or anything. Mine is Mukimukitchi and hers is Kometchi. We click on v4/4.5 on the friends thing and both click visit, line our infrared sensors up and nothing happens. Help!