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  1. I was looking for the game, but I couldn't find it. Seems like they terminated it.
  2. Everyone knows that has shut down, except for ONE user:Pink Hippopotamus . He/She claims the site has not shut down and it worked for her.Me in a nutshell: .after I knew it was fake news: WHY THE TRUCK DID YOU DO THIS?!
  3. Most rip off tamagotchis have four buttons. 1st reset 2nd select 3rd decide and 4th cancel.They also come in a easy to open bag that also has a lame label.It says TOYS and a few cars passing by in a grass patch.Then you get instructions that have its language into what we know as "Engrish".A terrible english.and the "Tamagotchi".pull out the tab and it shows a animal select.Sometimes the instructions tell you to press the 1st button.WATCH OUT! press the 2nd button beacause like i mentioned,1st is reset.Also the rip-off is sensitive.Throw it and it will reset and damage.