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  1. wow this is awesome! looking forward your tutorial. always wished their non-colored ones had a backlight >_<
  2. Actually already got a reply from Mr. Blinky and he told me it is because I have different firmware (forgot to update here~) Apparently, my firmware is 14 days earlier than the usual (and his) after I sent a pic of my firmware (tried to do the firmware display I saw from one of his videos). He told me he didn't know about it too and it was a first to come across my firmware so no fix yet (unless he comes across one and gets the time to figure it out) So sadly, no fix yet T.T Regardless, thanks for your reply!!
  3. Hello! Not sure if posting this in the right place but if I am not, please let me know so I can post it accordingly. Anyway, I got myself a some Tamagotchi these past 3 weeks, including two 4us, a blue one and a white one. Both were already used but working...except that the white 4u I have won't go through any patches (english/restore/edit name) My patch with the blue one went great, so I was thinking everything would be a breeze with the white 4u (it came later than the blue one) So, I did exactly what I did with the blue 4u with it - but every time I click the patch, let's say the english patch titled "EP1-4U" instead of moving on to the "PATCH MAY TAKE SOME TIME..." my Tamagotchi just hops happily and nothing happens. Same thing when I try to restore patch or even with edit name patch. I hope someone can help or maybe help me out on reaching Mr. Blinky maybe? xD I know he's a busy person but I though this should also help anyone who've experienced the same thing...that, or I'm the unlucky one *sob* I'd like to note I'm using the same NFC device (Nexus 7, 2013) that I did with the blue 4u. Tried clearing cache of the 4u modded app by Mr. Blinky but still same thing happens... Not that I can't play the Japanese language one since there are guides and I'm still able to transfer items/games but it would just be better if I were to patch it since there's an available one anyway.. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, and everyone.