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  1. OK, it has prayed 2 o 3 times, but definetely not every day and not more than one a day. It hasn't go for a stroll eigther...
  2. Yes, I have sound on, but no calls for prays... I'll wait to the adult stage and see what happens, thanks.
  3. Hi, now that my country is on lockdown because of the Coronavirus I decided to try and take care of several tamas at once, as I have to work from home now. Yesterday I tried for the first time an Angelgotchi. After reading for a little while some guides, I started it by afternoon. But as by now, it hasn't called me for praying at all. It has pooped 2 o 3 times though. I understand this tama only poops after praying so, is this normal?? It may be faulty?? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I was recently lucky enough to get a JAL version Uratama. Today I decided to try it out, but this was the first thing I saw when I pulled out the battery tab: Can anyone tell me the meaning of this screen, or what the message says, or anything? Thanks!
  5. So the old website would give you something with that pass? Interesting... I have a compatible phone and I have sent items already. I wanted to know if there are any other methods apart from buying a tag or whatever. Are there wallpapers on the app? I haven't find any... One final question, I applied the english patch, but the messages characters speak are not translated. I know this is normal, but is there a guide or an index for those messages? Thanks to all for all the info!
  6. But I haven't seen any options of wallpapers, only livings... Here's the screencap: Thanks!
  7. Hello, I recently purchased an Akai and a 4U. I've been playing around and I think I'm aware of their functions, but I have a few questions: The official (japanese) 4U app: I've installed the apk but a message appears when I launch it and then it closes. I can't read it, anyone knows what's happening? Can I send wallpapers (background of icons) through the english app? I have the official growth chart, but is there a complete list of all available characters, including downloables? Is there another "free" way to send items apart from the two apps? I mean, apart from actually purchasing NFC tags and stuff. About the Akai: I donated 1000p to the king and the tama gave me a password. But nothing happens when I enter it, like it was a bad one. Is not a misspell because I actually took a photo. I entered the real password I found on the internet for the king to visit me with Unchi-kun and it worked, but my question is, what can I do with that password I got? The tama is second hand, may the pass been already been used? If so, what did it do? Thanks!
  8. May I ask what are the country tickets for? Check this link: http://www.tamenagerie.com/v3.html Is that list "complete"? Apart from those you mention, are there any other items? In that case, where could I find a list for V3 and later? Thanks!
  9. Sorry if it's a dumb question at this point, but I just added the rest of the connections to my collection (I only had V1 and V2) and I was wondering if there is a way to generate codes (simulate tamatown) for these versions. Problably not, but just checking. Thanks!
  10. How can I get those characters on an european V1? Any special tricks apart from bad-average care? I find them difficult to get, and they are the only ones left for me. I got all the others on a V1. Thanks in advance!
  11. They are both adults, although the V1 minimun weight is 20. Yes, unfortunately I have to pause the clock on the V1 and pause the V2 when I go to work. The 7 years old has already been visited by the matchmaker but the other one (the V1) hasn't. I guess I'll wait for the matchmaker to visit the V1 too and then try again. Beside the age number, when is a tamagotchi capable to breed? Thanks!