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  1. Hey guys! I'm tempted to get the Tamagotchi On release (somehow to the UK) but it's super pricy as it is. I have a (Secondhand) English P's and I feel like they're both exactly the same in function and gameplay (except that On has bluetooth connectivity while P's uses infrared). What do you guys think? Are there any any more additional differences between the two? xx

    i managed to cop 2nd hand versions of tamagotchi corner shop 2&3 via Amazon when I first started Uni!! My heart is so content ❤️


    Now... idk whether to get the white or yellow gudetamagotchi :( 

  3. Hey all! i’m super torn between the two colours because for white ver resembles an egg more (white n yolk) but the yellow ver is literally gudetama’s face so its more iconic! what made you decide between the yellow/white one? xx
  4. Hi everyone! I'm not sure if its coinidence or something, but it has been raining for the past 3 days for my P's o_o Is this a glitch or is it just coincidence? Also, does the p's somehow reflect Japan/the country its in's weather?
  5. successfully patched my p's to english :D

    1. Tamadonut
    2. Nazotchi25
    3. udawnc


      hehe thank you guys, i was really paranoid about it before i got my ps

  6. Wow that's so crazy, but thank you so much for your reply
  7. hi guys i know where to marry and all that stuff, but i was wondering if it matters who your character marries, like does it affect what child you get etc.? Or do people just marry their tamas off to others of their liking? Also, i see people say that they have 5 year old adult tamagotchis on their p's, is that from not marrying their adult character ever? Because i thought when u get a new baby you only take care of that generation not the adults I only ever played the familitchi for 2 months, and tried looking for the answer to this q for ages but i cant seem to find one :< sorry if there ARE answers to this though Thank you so much!
  8. I finally got my hands onto my first ever tamagotchi that I bought/ P's! It finally reached my country on 15/4 after 19 days of being in transit From japanyouwant.com (really good customer service btw! 10/10) Kinda good timing because my birthday is tomorrow (right now, 12:17 AM) http://prnt.sc/ezjd61 http://prntscr.com/ezjj44
  9. update: my tamagotchi arrived in my country on the 15th, its now in my hands at last, a day before my birthday

  10. Whoa whatt, only 3 weeks? that's so insane.. If your battery dies and you reinsert new one everything will continue as per usual right? (just to confirm)
  11. 14 days and no sign of my tamagotchi reaching my country 3

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    2. udawnc


      oh wow 0.0 glad you finally got it! i feel less anxious about it now, thank you!

    3. fidgetTama


      Hope it arrives soon!!! :(

    4. udawnc


      thank you fidgetTama!! :) still not here yet HAHAHA

  12. That's really cool! I wanted to base my extended essay on something music related but i just got a title from a prescribed list of titles and proceeded to change it a bit eventhough our school taught us how to cite i still dont know which category certain stuff falls into for citing RIP
  13. My p's still isnt here and its been 10 days YIKES (but postal stuff in my country is slooow)

    1. fuzzywuzzysquid


      I feel you...I ordered my m!x on March 27th, and it isn't coming until the 21st of this month. ;-;

    2. udawnc


      i dont even know if mine has reached my country yet, for my past 2 online orders they havent updated the tracking :C

  14. Can anyone share their experience of using MrBlinky's VDP patch?

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I've done it with an irda usb port thing and it went well. make sure to read all the info about it, how to know your firmware so you install the right patch. you don't have to ask me, just download the file from his website and one of the things has a ton of information. My p's is fully in english with the only exception for my pierce. Honestly, don't worry too much about it. I've never heard of it hurting anyone's tama

    2. udawnc


      Ah ok, sorry I'm always so paranoid about things like this! Thank you so much Hapihapitchi :)

  15. I slept for 7 hours on a school night. Legit. What. As an IB student!