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    *P1 (blue clock face with yellow numbers)
    *2 P2s (orange, dark blue with white streaks)
    *Rereleased P1 (Rainbow)
    *Rereleased P2 (Pink and White)
    *American Tamagotchi Angel (officially blue, but more like grey)
    *Mothra (blue and white)
    *V3(clear magenta)
    *V4 (origami cranes)
    *V4.5 (orange with stars)
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    *Keitai Akai (camo)
    *Hanerutchi (Red and white)
    *Dream Town Friend (Mint Leopard)
    *Dream Town Friends [used lot of 3] (Mint Leopard, Kira Kira, Zig Zag)
    *ID (yellow)
    *4U (purple)
    *2 Anniversary Minis (transparent blue and blue clock face)

    Total: 21
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

    *Giga Pet monkey (blue, first wave)
    *Giga Pet Yoda
    *Nekotcha (I hate it)
    *Petogotchi (dog head version)
    *Arukundesu Dragon Quest Slime Pedometer (blue with characters)
    *Derby Ball (black)
    *Wave UFO (yellow)
    *Ganbare Ryuuta-kun
    *Q-pet Mini (pink sleeping cat design)
    *Nana Moon Maxi (orange)
    *2 generic fake Tamagotchis (blue and pink knockoff Tamasuku shells)

    Total: 13
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
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    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi
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    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)] and V4

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  1. I too would like to see some images and that footage. It really is quite lucky to get evidence for things like that.
  2. I think you should be good then. Your IP must be different and with a completely different ID I don't see how he could recognize you. So, I think it's safe to play Animal Crossing again :^)
  3. Oh... so you got to him already, 'eh? Mwhahaha @_@ (the other meaning of "state") XD I could already tell you have some seriously justified beef with this guy Eric so wanting to be insulting is rather natural. But there is no point wasting energy on this guy as that would be feeding the trolls and honestly, you might as well enjoy the time you have by doing other things that make you happy ("the best revenge is living well"). Also, doing malicious things to just infuriate people always leaves a hollow joy, unlike the fulfilling joy of actually making people happy. So chances are whether you do anything or not Eric will still feel that pathetic hollowness in his gut, which is a fitting punishment. That's my take on it as someone who could have become a massive jerk but thankfully knows better than that (being nice actually has a multitude of benefits). I don't specifically think he can IP track you as I think the problem is that when you turn on Street Pass, your 3DS is basically connected to a public network. If you stop the connection, you stop anybody else from finding you. But if it's the case that he lives way too far away to Street Pass you, perhaps that wont do any good. But on the other hand, perhaps it was a real coincidence he found you again. You should definitely unfriend him as that feature could allow him to see whenever you are online. Next to that, if you have the same Nintendo Network ID I think your device would appear the same regardless of whether you are using a new one or not. Unfortunately, I don't know that much about 3DS and online play. Changing your IP might be worth trying as some extra protection. From a quick Google search, there are two ways you can change your IP address. The first is to reset your modem as then it apparently reconnects with a different IP address. The second is to use Wi-Fi from somewhere else as a different place will result in a different IP address. I hope this is all just a big coincidence and he really has no way of finding you. And while we're on that subject, I somewhat know what its like to meet a creep in the wild (but then I'm a woman, so that was inevitable -_-).
  4. You're welcome! They're not actually too hard to find. In fact, they are probably the most common models available. I doubt anybody is going to sell on of them for under $20 CAD/$15 USD so prices higher than that are usually good at weeding out the fakes. Bear in mind the new Connections or even ones with packages are always going to be more expensive than loose ones. I generally don't care if I get the packaging or not, although it is nice. If you buy lots of various tamas or connections, the prices are more likely to be reasonable for each individual Tamagotchi, although the total price will be higher. Project TamaShell is a great resource for genuine Tamagotchi models.
  5. That's unsettling. I think you could still play your New Leaf cartridge but just turn the street pass/Wi-fi off on your 3DS when you do so. Or if you only like playing it with friends, I guess there is nothing you can do. I'm not sure if someone could really hack your 3DS entirely based on that one game but who knows. Where I am I never get street passed except by my brother... who I see everyday so nothing spectacular about that.
  6. Definitely not. No Bandai logo, blatant misspelling of Tamagotchi as "TamagUchi", batteries were never sold outside the packaging even back with the early models (even other Vpets), the battery tab is in Japanese despite the English packaging which never happens, and it says "Version 5" despite have the shell of a V3/Keitai. Overall, a blatant knockoff that only looks real in passing. I actually wouldn't mind trying one but it is way too pricey for likely what it will give.
  7. I've been thinking of donating to TamaTalk for awhile now since it is such an awesome website. One thing that confuses me is that if I became a TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi, would I be continuously donating $10 USD or would it be a one-time donation?
  8. I think Kurb actually meant that the general non-fan consumer wouldn't be interested in connecting their English Tamagotchi to a similar Japanese one. It would be like an English lad with a V4 not caring if his Tamagotchi can connect to a Japanese tama or not, or even wanting to buy a non-English model. And because the Tamagotchi On is available to these non-fans, it attracts them unlike any other model. Thinking like an average consumer, I would consider the language barrier too much of a hassle to bother looking into - not even bothering to learn that it's not complicated - and especially so if I could find one in English. I quite appreciate that you all are detailing glitches with the Meets as I had no idea it had those problems.
  9. Peace out! Yippee! ((So many things could come from a happy Mimitchi ))
  10. Thanks! I'd love to join but I likely be too busy due to school and I have some other logs to finish. I'm sure some other people will be interested as allot of us have colour tamas. You might want to advertise your hatch in a status update as then it is on the front page where everyone can see it.
  11. There are a couple of things it could be. It could be the background was accidentally bent when it got put in and thus it is pushing up. Or, perhaps the device was not screwed together tightly enough and the background has some wiggle room. If water or some kind of moisture got into your Tamagotchi - by the factory or some other process - that would also cause the background to get wrinkled. In any event, warped backgrounds are very uncommon but it's nothing too worrying - unless its from moisture - as all virtual pets can work without a background. Some people even open up their virtual pets and swap backgrounds, which can look pretty interesting.