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    Cats, dolls, sewing, animanga, Tamagotchi, Shopkins, reading, and drawing.

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    *P1 (blue clock face with yellow numbers)
    *2 P2s (orange, dark blue with white streaks)
    *Rereleased P1 (Rainbow)
    *Rereleased P2 (Pink and White)
    *American Tamagotchi Angel (officially blue, but more like grey)
    *Mothra (blue and white)
    *V3(clear magenta)
    *V4 (origami cranes)
    *V4.5 (orange with stars)
    *V5 (clear shell, multicolour dots)
    *Keitai Akai (camo)
    *Hanerutchi (Red and white)
    *Dream Town Friend (Mint Leopard)
    *Dream Town Friends [used lot of 3] (Mint Leopard, Kira Kira, Zig Zag)
    *ID (yellow)
    *4U (purple)
    *2 Anniversary Minis (transparent blue and blue clock face)
    *Osutchi and Mesutchi (green and white and orange and white pair)
    *Plus Colour (light blue)
    *Spacy M!X (blue)
    *Tamagotchi On (blue fairy version)

    Total: 26
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

    *Giga Pet monkey (blue, first wave)
    *Giga Pet Yoda
    *Nekotcha (I hate it)
    *Petogotchi (dog head version)
    *Arukundesu Dragon Quest Slime Pedometer (blue with characters)
    *Derby Ball (black)
    *Wave UFO (yellow)
    *Ganbare Ryuuta-kun
    *Q-pet Mini (pink sleeping cat design)
    *Nana Moon Maxi (orange)
    *2 generic fake Tamagotchis (blue and pink knockoff Tamasuku shells)
    *Pocket Biscuit

    Total: 14
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], Plus Colour [Barny], Spacy M!X [Fara], Mesutchi [Agatha], and all of my P2s [Edward, Alphonse, and Winry XD]

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  1. Hell (as in the place; not exclaiming here XD).
  2. I voted and yes, my tamas were with me :P. (Waiting for confused Americans XD)

  3. If you mean only user from the U.K., you might have little to no people to hatch with. I've been in quite a few group hatches and also read my fair share of them. Thus I can say that community involvement in them has always been a bit on the low side as they do require a good amount of effort (unless people do the bare minimum). Hatches with no version restrictions get the most people but even that boils down to around 5 people (include the hatch host). Users on TamaTalk come from all around the globe and some from countries where English is not the main language. I judge the bulk of us are from the U.S. and next to that we have somewhat smaller communities from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.. Thus if you limit your hatch group to only U.K. users, that further restricts the already small pool of applicants to an even smaller number. In light of all that, I would recommend that you allow any nationality to join so that you can have a successful group hatch. If you are more interested in having an ongoing conversation with other U.K. members that share updates about their Tamagotchis, I would recommend creating a club. You could name it something like "U.K. Group Hatchings" and your club would practically be its own little forum.
  4. Caved and bought the Tamagotchi On :P I knew I wasn't going to let an English release slide and its been popping up on my Tumblr dashboard. At Toysrus, I had a choice between pink (disfavoured), purple (neutral), and blue (favoured but tips the colour population to three blue). Settled on blue because while green is nice, it seems to have become pretty common. A little upset about the price that now I vow to never buy a single tama for more than that.

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Thank you, Penguin-keeper! :^)

      P.s. I haven't forgotten about your message. I'm getting a reply ready :^)

    3. Eggiweg


      Nice! I'm excited for you! Also I heard the green magic ONs used to be fairly rare when they first got released due to stocking errors or something

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Thank you, Eggiweg! The stocking error makes sense since the display at Toysrus had a section for each colour but strangely enough ended up have two sections of blue fairy Ons and only the purple variety of magic Ons.

  5. Just in case there is any confusion, I was telling you my experience with the "Kofun" pets because you seemed to be asking for information/advice.
  6. Blech (for both my reaction and a word XD)
  7. Happy Birthday, UMR! Hope you have an awesome day :^)

  8. Glad you found my review useful :^) I agree the cases are worth having in one's collection. I wish the programming was as good although maybe if I ran mine for a shorter time than I did I would have like it more (like a Giga Pet). In light of the awesome shell design but poor programming, the Q-Pet Mini is similar to the V5.
  9. Trypophobia (fear of clusters of holes).
  10. Bought a definite curio: I have no clue what it is besides it's some sort of fish pet that probably has icons on the sides of the screen. Somebody was selling another one in a different colour: Should be pretty fun to tinker around with when it come :^) I would really like to start and Oddpet log but, life. I might just settle for doing a short review/discussion of it once I run it.