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  1. I could write a textbook on economics solely talking about Tamagotchis! So much of what I'm learning can be applied to this little market. I was even going to draw a graph of a production possibilities frontier illustrating what is the fastest way to get skill points. I've realized I'm a nerd and man, why'd that take so long?

  2. *Waves ecstatically* Hey, hey, I’m here again! Boy, oh boy, has it been awhile. The chief reason is, as some of you might suspect, that I’ve been behind in school work. I’m still not quite out of the doghouse – as my worried parents remind me – but I’ll try not to turn that into too much of a disaster like... last semester. Interestingly my grades are still good, but enough of this. So Sotilde is still alive and well and approaching her second birthday. However, UMR brought up a very important point about Sotilde’s age record. Now as I understand it, raising a long-lived oldie is a test of an owner’s ability to take care of a tamagotchi for the longest they can, a test of endurance. Naturally, pausing poses a problem because it both makes the record inaccurate and makes it easier to keep a tamagotchi alive with no effort. Among people who have done the same, saying I raised a tamagotchi for 6 months would lose its prestige if I have paused that tamagotchi for 3 months. And that’s solely because I haven’t really done what I have said. Now we use the concept of days to measure the age of a tamagotchi because that is the most natural measurement. Because it overlaps with our own concept of days, I believe there is some leniency on how much time is needed for a period to be considered a day. If a day was 21 hours, it doesn’t really seem like a big deal for 11/12 was still lived, and that’s enough to make the statement “a day has passed” adequately truthful. The effort not used in that 1/12 is insignificant compared to the effort in the 11/12 that was. Therefore, the test of endurance still holds because there still was effort put in and that effort is what will be commended when someone says “I raised a tamagotchi for six months”. Thus, the spirit of raising a long-lived oldie is still present. Now in the case of Sotilde, the rare times she has been paused has been a very small fraction of the time she has been alive. I only really pause her for exams which are probably on average four times a year and around 3 hours in the morning. She never goes to bed paused and wakes up every morning, thus having a proper day’s cycle. Adding to this, occasionally I change her clock going half an hour forward or back so that she will not sleep in her... messes. This works as a time credit because she has lived half an hour longer either by going to bed half an hour later, or waking up half an hour earlier. Also in regard to this, she thus gains half an hour for each consecutive day because she continues to wake up earlier or go to bed later every single day. For example, say I pause her for three hours one day and adjust her time to the current one. That means she has lost three hours of active time but, if I put her clock back half an hour, then 3 hours – 1/2 hour = 2 1/2 hours lost. And the same time the next day without any pausing become 2 1/2 hours – 1/2 hour = 2 hours lost. If she had continued with no time adjustments after the three hours she was paused, she would not gain back any time but since she rises half an hour earlier than she normally would, she gains time back. Another thing worth noting is that the most effort one puts into raising a tamagotchi is when they are awake as when they are asleep nothing can be done. Thus, increasing the waking hours increases the effort which makes definitely certain that one has put in an adequate amount of effort to be praised for raising a long-lived oldie. In Sotilde’s case, I’d estimate her pause time might possibly be enough to put her a day off, taking into account an estimation of time bonuses. If I was being super strict about the record, I would take three days off her current estimation to be perfectly safe. Alternatively, I could give her extra waking hours by making her go to bed at 12:30 a.m. and having her wake up at 7 a.m. - basically adding 3 and a half hours to her current record and I would only need to do that for 8 days to gain her back a full day of time. However, I feel I have indeed put into Sotilde enough effort to say that I have reasonably kept her alive for how old she really is. Also, Sotilde has always had a morning and a bedtime, thus making her days structurally complete. Having said all that, I would also extend the same leniency to anybody else’s long-lived oldie record as to me it seems trivial whether their tama has lived for 200 days when actually it has been 199 days and 8 hours; at the heart of the matter, it’s all the same. / / / / Time for some updates (no pun intended, snort). Now originally, I planned to make an update post on February 22cd – almost two months ago – with this picture: That was my current brood at the time of that remarkable day. I decided to take the plunge and clean Sotilde’s unresponsive buttons. I was terrified of it because that would involve turning her off and I was afraid when I turned her back on, the data would have been deleted. I had replaced her batteries but her device was so efficient that being deprived of a battery for 10 seconds didn’t cause the screen to go blank, like it does for an English connection. This was out of my comfort zone as her screen would indeed be blank for a long time and I always foresaw that moment as being a reminder of Sotilde’s eventual passing. Now reflecting on that destined event, her passing, I would truly miss her and her little ambling ways. Back in the past (ha ha), I worked up the courage and decided to take the plunge. I grabbed Sotilde, a few q-tips, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a miniature screwdriver set. I was sonervous I prayed before I started! I unscrewed her back cover and popped out the battery, only to soon put it back in and download her again to prove that she was still there. She was, of course. Then I popped out the battery and began loosening the screws around the battery dock. I had to really pry her open since whatever adhesive or good design was keeping the red point of her antenna in, it was really doing its job. Then it was a matter of undoing the screws on the circuit board, popping out the circuit board with care to the sound wires (honestly, the sound wires seem so fragile to me!), and then easing off the buttons to see the contacts underneath. I think I put the battery back in again to test and further made myself nervous because repeatably putting the battery in and taking it out might delete data, as my Dream Town is a testament to. I wet a q-tip and then started scrubbing the contacts, inside the button pads as well, and took some dust off the buttons also that had gotten behind the face plate. Then I put Sotilde back together and popped in her battery. A black spotted egg appeared with obvious missing pixels, indicating I hadn’t screwed everything together tight enough. Being paranoid, I left her like that for awhile being just glad that she was still there! I think we even had lunch together with her like that, her being her usual ambling self but with sections missing and icons not displaying. Later I got around to fixing her up and man, it took a few tries where I thought I must have tightened her fully. That picture is thus a reminder of that faithful day. Sotilde had been palling around with my Ganbare Ryuuta-kun, a dinosaur I called Rufus Benjamin. Dear little Rufus died one day for unexplained reason and seemed to not achieve adulthood. That colour tama is a 4U with a Nenetchi, a tama I really wanted to get because she is so girly and plump (a rare trait). In some senses she was the tama version of myself and while I did give her a name, I can’t remember it. She eventually got married and had a baby girl who also got married and I think is in limbo now, since I deactivated my 4U. That V4 was one I think I started up in the middle of the night and decided to run. Sotilde’s last companion was Sandy who has returned to her state of limbo since I wasn’t certain about starting a new generation (resetting). Now Sotilde’s companions are the ones below: It’s really dropped and honestly I got quite tama-lethargic. I took that picture this Easter, today, while we camped out at my desk with some Easter chocolate (one of my few candy holidays). Having gobbled a few chocolate eggs, I speculated on getting Sotilde some chocolate but I think she can only get the kind for Valentine’s day. The V4 is now a Young Memetchi named Mully – I’ve been cursed by the meme family – and she’s rather recent. I deactivated my V4 only to start it up again. That slick looking Vpet next to Mully is my Qpet, a relatively cheap Chinese Vpet. It’s the cat version – there is a dog and rabbit version – and that fluffy little fellow is Gink. Sotilde’s seen him for quite awhile since he’s been around for about a month, so low maintenance, and doesn’t seem to change at all. Lately Sotilde’s been rooming with Mully during meals while Gink lies alone. Mully’s even accompanied Sotilde and I on a few walks. The weather has been getting warmer and warmer – a nice change from the treacherous winter – but its been rainy these last few days. I’m not sure how old exactly Sotilde is but she is approaching 730 days old, 2 years, which she will arrive at on June 13th. I hope to eventually make enough consistent logs updates on Sotilde’s life to actually give my readers some certainty, consistency, and not be such a broken record :^)
  3. @Birbplant It looks so much like the Triforce symbol that is such a normal reaction XD That Vpet reminds me of this thing that is also call Fan Fan Pharmacy by some. I know very little about it but with that in mind, the sprite looks similar to a doctor or a scientist. Judging by the button names, it might be more like a game than a virtual pet. There are quite a few devices like that and I guess they fit more into keychain games than anything else. More pictures might make it clearer but then there are some pretty obscure virtual pets that perhaps this is the first time this model has seen the light of day.
  4. I'm not dead, I've just had to focus on my priorities! (and still do... heh heh). I just spent $70 on Vpets and looked like a maniac while doing so XD I sure hope that the next time I come back here I'll have some log updates ready to post. I get anxious that those group hatch logs might get locked before I actually do (but of course, there's always those lovely mods :^)) February will probably have a lot of tamaness! :^)

  5. A test image. This is from an auction way back on Yahoo Japan that I thought interesting enough to save a picture from (I don't use that website at all). There are no options to upload an image via a link so I just selected it from my computer.
  6. Hello, Admin! I really like the modern look of the new TamaTalk; it's indeed more inviting than the old format (although I liked that one, too). For some reason I can't reply to your topic announcing the new TamaTalk. I've checked other topics and they still give me the option to post and I've been able to post content, so it's your particular topic I'm having the problem with.

  7. I read it, Admin Any plans for the Sample Club? :^)
  8. Gah! I'm freaking out over the new TamaTalk! So much things to discover! I'm trying to do everything at once and I, understandably, just impede myself  :lol:

  9. It’s finally time to finish this log and, wowza, it’s almost been a year since these events last happened. It’s also been a while since I wrote a proper Tamagotchi log, and thankfully I’m feeling all the more keen on it (renewed motivation!). But before I get to the final details of Sandy’s logged-life, there has been an interesting development in the present: I’ve reactivated her again! Yep, I decided to put her batteries in again maybe a month ago and I didn’t want to reset her just yet. It was a welcoming sight and I’m pretty sure I mentally said something like “Welcome back, Sandy!” So the old ladies have been palling around and they’ve been my only running tamas (except for last Saturday when I started up a mini). That has led me to realize, during a winter walk while they were in my pocket, that this is not the usual Tamagotchi experience. Tamagotchis are characterized by their cycle of growth and birth, while in the case of a long-lived oldie, neither really occurs. I’ll wait till after exams to finally startup a “real” tama. Now onto the final log... ==Mercredi le 10 janvier== I have no notes from this day and little can be concluded from my internet history. I’m guessing that just like the previous day, this was rather ordinary. Now if I got Sandy to tell me what she thought of this day, that would be rather interesting. Perhaps she did something allot more exciting than I did – well she didn’t have to study – or would have some whimsical commentary on my textbooks. Considering she is as capable as my cat, she would probably just look up at my blankly and engage in a staring contest, meowing upon contact. ==Jeudi le 11 janvier== The only notable thing that happened on this day was that Sandy made a mess before bed and I quickly adjusted her clock to clean her up and then returned her to slumbering. This is noteworthy also in another category as Sandy had been at death’s door and remarkably this care mistake hadn’t sent her to tama-heaven. ==Vendredi le 12 janvier== My internet history gives clues that besides all that studying, Sandy’s scenery also contained my eclectic browsing. Perhaps she recognized all the tama stuff, her cousins and so forth. Around 3 I was searching for a website that had the episodes for Onegai My Melody, an anime I had stumbled across that revolved around the Sanrio character My Melody, and had an interesting contrast of human characters interacting with toy-like ones (such characters are common in magical girl anime but this particular case seemed different). Well, Sandy saw me learning a very important lesson to never turn off Adblocker to watch a video, ever. Never have I closed a tab so fast (those weren’t the “gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian single ladies” I wanted to meet). I did eventually find the anime I wanted on Youtube of all places and Sandy and the rest of the brood watched it with me together. Surprisingly, it was actually pretty good and not the babyish show I was expecting. The rest of the day was probably the same old thing for Sandy till she traveled away in the carriage of dreams. ==Samedi le 13 janvier== In the morning, I took allot of pictures of Sandy and had to ditch a few because my camera blurred the pixels or was unfocused. I took pictures of Sandy’s Christmas animation (she’s days off), eating an umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum), c-click animation (she’s spinning in the second one), and playing with her toys. I put her in a race and expected her to steal first place, as I always do. I took a picture of her stat screen too so you can all see what her name actually is. I also got to fulfill one of the goals of this hatch which was to take pictures of our tamas around Christmas-y things: The room I use for my downstairs desk is actually a storage room of sorts, thus this particular decoration was actually on a shelf right behind me (and still is as I write this). One could say Sandy spent most of her life in a kitchen as that room was originally the kitchen of a basement apartment, but that’s easy to overlook with a desk smack-dab in the middle of it. I wrote a little conclusion in my log book for this entry, preserving the sentiments I had at the time: Well, my activity was all in a lump [(inconsistent)] and I wonder if this was a bad time for me to hatch. But, I always intend to finish the logs I start. Sandy will now be taken off record because I don’t want to log her anymore. She’ll still be kept alive but unless I get another Akai – highly unlikely – she will lay dormant as stored data till I activate her device again. - - - That is the end of my log entries on Sandy. Now I’ve already mentioned that I have reactivated Sandy, which begs the question “What now?” She’s already surpassed the age of 99, a feat that has happened a long time ago. Of course, back when her age counter stopped, it was doubtful that count was accurate as I fiddled with her time quite allot and was content leaving her in limbo. But after all that time, I’m sure she has indeed lived for 100 days. When I turned her back on, I was happy to see her again. She is beside me now as I write this. “What now?” She wont be living forever. I never intended Sandy to become a long-lived oldie and without that intent of perseverance and my lack of careful documentation, I can’t make her one anyway. And, as I said, “I don’t want to log her anymore”. That’s a stinging statement and, complementing it, I’m sure I’ve implied that Sandy wasn’t so special to me. But I wouldn’t say she meant nothing. She was a part of that time from last December to the start of the New Year and she still reminds me of those times. She gave me a scare when the god of death came to take her soul away and also made me marvel when I called one of her ancestors to defeat it. She reminds me of my shopping ventures with her and Yoda and Sotilde in that messy Walmart. She reminds me of the cold and slushy snow of that winter where the sky was a crisp blue. She reminds me of those times I would look over and see her, still there and still living. But she wont be living forever by my choice. A day will come when I say goodbye to her and send her to Tama Planet with the beep of the reset button. For now, she’s still alive and will be enjoying those mundane and wintry days that make up the remainder of the year 2018. And that sentence marks the end of this log, a log that took way to long to finish but finally, it is.
  10. Every time I hear a Tamagotchi beep in a video, I always get anxious because I think its one of my own XD For a second there I thought I understood the Japanese as it was simple stuff but I was completely lost when the girl/woman/female of indeterminate age started speaking longer. I really like the design and concept of the Eevee Tamagotchi but I have no urgent desire to buy it. If I eventually find one for a good price, I'll probably snap it up since I've come to realize the simplified tamas are no hassle to run.
  11. Considering it is in English, I'd imagine you could easily figure it out when you turn it on and then by trial and error. Thankfully, Mattel put the instructions online which should prove useful
  12. I didn't even know we had a TamaTube XD I'm glad the site's getting an update and I'll look forward to it. Thanks Admin! ^_^
  13. Sorry for the silence! I'm actually off schedule on one of my courses (although it might result in disorganization and not actually disaster) so I haven't been around here for understandable reasons. In fact, I think last week or so was probably pretty boring for Sotilde as I had to read 55 pages. Just when I thought things were going to be a bit more lively for her, we were back to the old drill of being housebound. Well, that's the life of a student. I've been dreaming up allot of potential sketch ideas for Sotilde as with the current anime we've been watching, Death Note, I realized one of the characters (Mello) has a similar hairstyle to Sotilde, so I ought to draw the two together. I also thought it would be fun to draw fan art of Sotilde with various anime characters as that would be pretty illustrative of her life, considering we do allot of things together. I'm probably going to disappear for awhile till... mid December? Things have been pretty disorganized so often I'm not in the right state of mind to log. @UMR - It was so sweet what you said about me being a tamagotchi god I suppose allot of my log probably answers your question about how I did it, as not allot happens in my life so I can keep tamas out pretty much all the time. I've paused Sotilde a few times - usually for an hour - but in general she is so low maintenance there is no need to pause her when I'm out and about. If I was working, however, I'm not sure if I would be able to do the same, although she only really needs a 10 second check ever so often. I actually told Papa Ballad about Sotilde's age when we were driving home from ESL two Mondays ago, and I pretty much got the same reaction as you did XD I guess only we tama-folk can actually understand age records. If you're still up for making a topic about Sotilde - currently 527 - it would probably go into the "What's On Your Mind?" forum as the New section is more for announcing what Bandai's doing. I hope your little guy lives for a loooooong time
  14. Just did the math today for Sotilde's age and today, Remembrance Day, she is 516! Ha ha, I though 600 was off. The somewhat sad thing about this is I can only boast to you tamafans about how old she is because everybody else is probably like "tamas normally live for that long, right?" Well, her 516th day was indeed quite memorable because as is classic of the Toronto subway, the main line shutdown because politics prevents the organization from actually doing things to improve service - such as making it hard for people to jump on the tracks. So I had to find another way home, but I wasn't too ticked off because I had Sotilde and when I have my tamas with me, the whole world could be burned to bits and I'd still be happy (I suppose my sense of responsibility was satiated). I played allot of games with her during the time I waited for the bus to arrive to take me to the next station. I got her down to her base weight and saw her shaking her head in refusal to play more games. I quite like that sprite as it gives her more of a 3D look. All the while I was doing this, I was "talking" to her, y'know the kind of way people talk to an animal and don't expect them to respond. Like, I apologized to her for being so bad at the games that I never got a perfect one. Boy, the bus sure was an experience: standing with a bunch of strangers packed into the center aisle, holding on to the poles for dear life to not go flying every which way, straining legs against the jerkiness, and finally reaching that blessed stop on solid ground. I checked several times that Sotilde was still in my inner coat pocket as if I had lost her, I'd definitely go back searching like mad. Suffice to say, Sotilde's regained her presence and I've come to realize that although she is a very much a program, she was intended to be a living creature and in that regard she is. And if I hypothesize certain things based on her actions, those things aren't complete distortions or a kind of make-believe as actions have no meaning unless they are interpreted, and interpretations are subjective. I hope what I've said makes sense and if not, surely sometime down the road I'll start talking about the nature of Tamagotchis. Oh yeah, Sotilde and I finished off Fullmetal Alchemist today. She didn't get to see all of it as she went to bed, but she saw most of it. Thank God it had a happy ending as that feeling of dread was probably affecting me while I was so absorbed in it. I would have mentioned that in my previous post, but I didn't see a way to fit it in. P.s. I wrote this late so if I seem weirded out, that's why. I'll check for typos tomorrow.