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  1. I have a Pastel Meets and the special, light blue outline is actually gained by using the Easter egg the tamagotchi receives upon visiting Easter Land. This allows any character at any stage to not only have their outlines turned blue, but also take on a completely pastel colour scheme (and also reverse the change). The colour scheme differences are very distinct as the Easter egg can change green into mint and dark blue into light blue (those are the two I remember). It's a nice feature since if you wanted to easily change your tamas colour a bit, you just need to select the item. Unless a particular colour model has specific characters with non-black outlines, the option to change outlines probably doesn't exist.
  2. Yep, all Japanese tamas boot up with the Download/reload previous data option at the top and the reset/remove existing data option at the bottom. Like a typical Tamagotchi, once you reset it you then have to input the date and time so that it can follow its routine dictated by the internal clock and experience seasonal events. Here's an English guide for the 4U+. You can translate the page into your desired language by pasting the URL into Google Translate. Just have it set to translate from English to your language and click the link it makes.
  3. Not completely, as iTamannadi didn't have pictures of the green and purple shell. If you had posted in the same sub-forum, the topics would have been merged and I can see why you posted it where you did. I can't see the picture. If the picture is from another website, you could add it just as a link. The more I stare at them, the more I'm getting used to their look. However, they still seem very subdued unless the ombré is actually reflective (I'm using the accent mark because without the accent, it refers to a card game instead ). Oh, so you can just press it down at the top to take a photo. That'd be a nice gimmick and probably lead to some kid repeatedly mashing it and there'd be a whole lot of Pix's down the road that couldn't take pictures. If this is true, I know some people - the mint condition collectors - would get so paranoid about breaking it that they probably wouldn't use it. I'm basing that angle of the reaction to the Motchimaruzu Hamster which caused some people to strip off the soft, silicone hamster skin and just play with its "skeletal" form because they heard the rubber wore off. Ah ha, I've gotten allot better at button mashers since my practice with the mysterious Keitai connection minigames - even beating my brother who is a button mashing king - but I wouldn't mind seeing those games go. I prefer the game mechanics are unique rather than the controls. That's... actually how it supposed to be pronounced. If you assume that the Japanese pronunciation is the true canon because it came first and it's a Japanese word, then it should be "tama-go-chee" (apparently the character with the "tchi" in it has a silent "t"). If you're going with the localized - or the dubbed XD - version is canon, then the pronunciation should be treated as the English norm. I've shown my tamas to my Japanese ESL students and they all have been inclined to pronouncing it "tama-go-chee" and have only changed how they said it when I called it by the "dub name". I would have gone along with the Japanese pronunciation with them but both are equally acceptable and I didn't feel like changing. On a side note, I was going to add how we were starting to post like we were in the same timezone but it seems to always take me half an hour to reply
  4. That's a very apt description of the font. I forget to mention that I don't like it either since instead of complementing the sleek, modern look, it just looks lazy. Lazy, of course, seems so much more bootleg. I just checked the font style on my V3 and it was drawn in a scratchy style while the On uses a cursive font. In contrast, the Gudetama nano's font is allot more simplistic but even it has more variety than the Pix as it varies letter size and is very rounded. The 4U's is all uppercase, the Plus Colour is bold and cartoonish, the Dream Town is pseudo-cursive, and the P2 is scratchy and varies. In comparing the Pix to past models, it's font choice seems even more lazy. Typography is a pretty interesting artistic area so the fact they went with such a simple font seems underdeveloped and disappointing (I also didn't realize until I did this how the font style is a charming little detail). It is worth noting that some of the Japanese models don't even bother with adding a name while it's a standard practice for English releases. Your comment about the camera made me realize that the pictures of children used on top of the Pix's screens are supposed to indicate the camera quality. Thus - unless this is false advertising - the pictures will only fit the screen size. Of course, the promotional photos really tell us nothing about the camera qualitity because they are totally photoshopped. Chances as are that unless people have a studio, the pictures are going to turn out all sludgy since indoor lighting stinks. I wonder if the camera feature is going to kick out another feature from the menu. Or, like the screen capture photo feature on the actual Meets and On, if it will be tucked into a menu. If the Pix's top half isn't removable, it might attract grime like crazy. A colour Tamagotchi without minigames would be terrible. If they really wanted to make a cheap colour, they could just go back to the Dream Town's attraction-style locations and changing resturant menu. Until we get to see a video ad or more promos, it's hard to tell how much they are altering the concept. I never thought of the maintance problems with the design. With a reguar tama, it can be just opened up and the button contacts cleaned. This one might not have the option but perhaps the touch screen wont become unresponsiveness (the only faulty touchscreen I experienced was with a bootleg DS Lite, which was faulty from the start).
  5. Hey, *Hayden*! You probably already got the notification of your old post that I liked, but I thought you'd appreciate a good 'ol blast from the past. Back in 2014, you blessed TamaTalk with this:


    I thought Hell was where God cooked people so he could eat them, wat

    That made me seriously crack up XD

  6. I wonder if the camera is actually underneath the top cover. Although, the only versions that had removable tops were the Osutchi and Mesutchi and they bothered to add a metal rings connected by the key chain loop to prevent the top from getting lost. Maybe it's just ornamental then. Because the buttons are probably a touch screen, I wonder if the whole display can turn into a camera screen. While the shell design is very eye-catching and follows the egg motif, I'm with iTamannadi that the faceplates are uggo. The ombré and the generic shapes make it look like a knockoff since knockoffs are known to reuse or imitate existing elements. PurplePyonkotchi00!'s topic has pictures of the other shells: Only the purple one is decent to me - although it still looks very lacking. I think the coloured shapes with a white line going through them are supposed to be metallic, so that does make the design a little better but still doesn't remove the "homemade in a bad way" vibe. I feel it really doesn't stand up to the designs of past devices, even including the Plus Colour which just left the faceplate section white. I sure hope it's not that extensive since I, too, am not a fan of social media - heck, I have a Tumblr and an Instagram account just to stalk people browse. I also don't really have an compatible phone available. Judging by the standard characters on the package and this description, it sounds like they're nixing the gene-mixing and partially taking up the job system again.
  7. One of my friends surprised me with an English Gudetama nano for Christmas! It was such a wonderful surprise and completely unexpected. I've read about people getting Christmas tamas or tamas as gifts and felt they were so lucky, but I never expected I would also experience the same! I was so shocked to unwrap a tama and let out a happy little squeal. It feels so odd to stare at a Vpet and realize that I never bought that and instead somebody else purposefully picked it out for me. I'm going to run it and name the Gudetama after my lovely friend :^)

    1. iTamannadi


      Congratulations hope you enjoy your Gudetama! :D Wish my friends could see this and take notes..

    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Thanks! When tamas become more prevalent in our countries, more collectors will probably get gifted gotchis because they're easier to find (and ads will surely help). I reckon that my friend would not have got me a  Gudetama if it was in a hobby store, far less a Japanese tama.

  8. It's always interesting hearing your perspective on Tamagotchi mechanics as someone with a foundation in the newer models, as opposed to someone with a foundation in the older models. Although both of us grew up with the connections, I was re-introduced to Tamagotchis by's vintage logs and thus built my knowledge from there (can't really say my 6 year old self actually collected any tama knowledge so that I could rebuild). I feel that the vintage models with their programmed lifecycle are so much lifelike than the other versions due to expected death making their lives seem fragile, precious, a spectacle that is either witnessed or missed. In a way, it captures how animal lives appear so very short to us as we, as human beings, outlive them perhaps 3 times over. I've probably raised over a hundred virtual lifeforms by now and yet it has only been 4 years since I first activated a virtual pet. That's not very long at all, a mere fraction, in regards to our lifespans. As you see it, being able to start a new generation is the perfect way for the owner and virtual pet to mutually enjoy their lives while still allowing the lifecycle to occur via a new generation. In a way, this lifecycle reflects the life of a community, since young people tend to marry and move to a new community and being a new life, as occurs routinely in my church. Interestingly, the Osutchi and Mesutchi models are capable of living both lifestyles as they are vintages that can marry, thus allowing the tamagotchi to depart by either marriage or natural death. Most people run both counterparts at once to go through generations and reach higher Tamagotchi Mating Power levels which provide a new range of characters. I've been a bit curious about running one as a regular vintage and one day achieving a familiarity with each level that I can aim for specific characters routinely, in a similar fashion to the logs on It might be worth starting a topic about how long most people keep their colour tamas for. They can practically live forever and I here the system is very forgiving, but I find they are too high-maintenance compared to the older models that I usually marry them off within a week. I think the main problem is how the happiness bar can be a pain to fill since it's so long and if it goes to low, the tamagotchi starts sulking and making me feel bad. There are ways to keep it manageable but the fact that the screen turns off really breaks the connection for me. The Dream Town partially remedies this by having the background turn off while the tamagotchi still remains on the screen.
  9. I ran into a similar rut with my V4 who became an oldie. I totally didn't want to end up with another generation of Oyajitchis so I just starved him to death... which is terrible. At moments like this, it's better to just hit the reset button because either way your tamagotchi is going to have a miserable life and be discarded, so just flat out resetting it results in the same thing but is much more humane because it's so quick. It's a bit like euthanasia in the case of animals - absolutely not people - since it prevents the animal from experiencing needless suffering. If you want to feel a bit better about it, you could say your goodbyes to your nano before you press the reset button (a ritual I take up with my vintages). There's also a friendly bit of lore where whenever a Tamagotchi leaves its device, it is supposedly returning to Tama Planet or taking up residence in another part of the world its device is based on. In light of that, you could argue that reset tamas are not in limbo but are actually evicted with all of the resources needed to find a new home.
  10. 6 genetically modified Admin replacements in case he should need them to keep TamaTalk a runnin' because this is a historic forum and perhaps the last of its kind to be active about Tamagotchis because everyone either goes to Youtube or Facebook or Instagram or even Amino and leaves us with uncategorized tama knowledge although allot of our posts are very broadly categorized which is ineffective and I've been thinking about creating reference posts or even condensed topics to help and this is totally a run-on sentence for the heck of it and lacking punctuation to stress it since very few people here post much text to begin with and you totally need to know all of this rather than me just leaving a bunch of monkey emoticons to go along with my sequential number you're welcome 🐒🐒🐒 🐒 🐒 🐒 *Gasp*
  11. Yep, that's exactly how the Pastel Meets is designed. I had actually taken the wire out of its holders when I was tinkering with it earlier but based on my recent findings, the issue is arguably the overall faultiness of the design. I just did a tam-autopsy and all of you On owners can relax: the On is built so radically different from the Meets that it totally won't have the same problem! This seems to be primarily due to the fact that the On actually has a screw holding down its back cover - in contrast to the more sophisticated Meets and other Japanese colour models which actually use a button to hold the cover in place, thus making battery changes a breeze and child-friendly. (I actually removed the screw from my On and taped over the hole to mimic the Japanese back cover design, since both the Meets and On also use the reset button to keep the cover in place.) So here are the autopsy/tear down results for the On: As the second picture illustrates, the circuit board's underside is pretty much inaccessible due to the metal literally spearing through it. If I truly wanted to see what powers the screen, I would have to cut this metal or damage the existing structure - which I do not have enough technical skills to attempt that and rebuild it after I'm done. One consolation is that I was able to tilt the device enough to see there doesn't seem to be any wires on the underside of the circuit board at all but rather this long piece of metal running down the middle of the board. It was way too hard to take a picture of that, unfortunately, because its completely overshadowed by the board on top and I would need three hands to take the picture - one to hold the tama, one to hold my camera, and one to shine the light (I doubt any family member could focus on it properly, either). So yeah, a description is all that is possible for it. Now for my working Pastel Meets: This highlights that the problem with my other Pastel was that it was carelessly assembled so that the wire did touch the metal, as 321Boom notes. While the plastic prongs that hold the wire do indeed help it to stay put, there are no prongs securing the wire near the contact - the true problem. This does raise the question of whether my Pastel Meets is unplayable due to construction carelessness or actually due to faulty design. I did bend my working Pastel Meet's yellow wire closer to the translucent plastic before I close it up, just for extra safety. With this information, I think the life of my purple, defective Pastel Meets went like this: a tama fan purchased the Tamagotchi and played with it (since it was used with its box) before eventually coming to sell it to Japan You Want. Japan You Want tested the Meets and found it was working fine, since the wire had not yet been burned through enough to cause problems. I purchased the tama from Japan You Want, received it, and started it up around 11 p.m. to finally experience it. The baby stage went fine as Petunia grew from a baby to a toddler and went to sleep for the night. The next day, after playing with the device a bit more, the wire was finally burned through and then the freezing began which lead to me tinkering with it and posting on TamaTalk, believing I had found a solution. And the rest is history. I feel this matter has reached a conclusion - but all of you lovely people are still free to post your thoughts - as it appears that I have discovered why my purple Pastel Meets was freezing. A personal positive from this is that I can totally swap out the entire front cover of my white Pastel Meets for my purple one, thus being able to enjoy both designs. This might also be possible with the On, but it's probably an easier task just to swap the paper faceplates (which is a bit more difficult than the Meets because similar to the different innards, the prongs of the On's plastic faceplate are longer).
  12. Ooh, you're a double agent! But for which side? Will Miri present evidence in your favour!? Dun, dun ... dun!
  13. Ooh, trying to cover up for Penguin-keeper, 'eh? Let me expose her again: Be Penguin-keeper do crimes!
  14. You are literally Not Bart. So no, you aren't "you"; you're someone else. Even a cat can see that, mrow~
  15. That's not potty training since potty training means that the tamagotchi goes to the bathroom completely on its own without needing the owner's involvement - in the same sense as potty training real life animals and kids. What you have described is simply preventing the tamagotchi in one instant from leaving a mess on the floor, which is indeed a standard feature - and usually rewarded with a happiness heart filling - but does not lead to the tamagotchi learning to go to the bathroom on its own.