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    Total: 28
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

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    *Digimon V1 (brown)
    *Hitorikko Fish (green and fish-shaped)
    *Gyaoppi Dino (pink and white)
    *Henshin Counter

    Total: 19
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
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    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi, Knighttchi (surprising?), Spacytchi
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    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], V3 [Abraham], Morino [Oliver], Akai [Matsuda], Clock mini [Victoria], 2 Dream Towns [Jules and Ashley]

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  1. You can't delete your forum posts because they are a part of the forum's general knowledge and the website's history. Posts are only removed if they violate the site rules. Just like forum posts, images also have a report button as at the top near the poster's name, it says "report image".
  2. Glad it worked out! Sorry about using "Dreamy Living" ; I had to rely on an external source since I haven't used my On in months.
  3. Guys, I think I cracked the code and it actually is super simple after all. In fact, it's one of the Keitai series many hidden features. There are four items on the Keitai variants that can be used by all characters: the balloon, the ball, the jump rope, and the trumpet. What makes these all special is that they have a symbol resembling the connection icon in their menu sprite. I recently learned from the Tamagotchi Wiki's article on the Akai that if both Tamagotchis are playing with the same toy that is one of these four kinds and then they connect, they can play a special minigame. Each toy has a unique minigame and the unique things about these, as the Tamagotchi Wiki notes, is that the user has input into these game. And this input occurs right before the connection as when the user selects the toy, goes over to the connection icon, and chooses the same-version-connection option, the user is then brought to a special screen to influence the game. Both the balloon and the trumpet have unique play methods while the jump rope and the ball use the button mashing game I found! If I had bothered to read further on the Tamagotchi Wiki, I would have read about the 10 second opportunity to fill a meter through button mashing and that the device with the fuller meter wins the game - which immediately ensues after the 10 seconds are up and the devices are made to connect. So the mystery is solved! Honestly, the Keitai versions are full of surprises from all of the item codes, to these mini games, to being able to beat off shinigamis by visiting the shrines of your deceased tamas, to the grave item which gives a special death scene. No English connection has this depth and the best part of all of this is that the Keitai version don't lose these extras when an external site goes down - which is the case with the V3-V4.5 (the V5 actually has consistent codes for items). Anyway, it makes perfect sense that this discovery happened the way it did because despite seeing that connection symbol countless times, I never connected the dots. I needed to be told there was a special feature because I assumed that based on my experience with English connections, everything should be taken at face value. That's just proof about the programming uniqueness of the Japanese versions. The reason I kept stumbling upon this partial minigame by accident was because - I think unlike the English connections - losing a minigame actually depletes happy hearts on the Keitai versions and thus I made either of mines play with an item to up their hearts before connecting them again. It was always one-sided with usually Sotilde losing eating contests to everybody under the sun which thus led me to believe it was a mechanic unique to only one tama. I never clued into the fact that the reason none of the four items stopped their animations when I clicked a button was because they had a broader function. I'd take advantage of toys increasing hearts frequently and in those moments I pressed a button during an animation, I'd usually just go and check the stats screen (especially because I'm paranoid about Sotilde). On one hand, I feel a bit foolish making this topic only to learn I had discovered something known but undocument because it was merely a part of something bigger. On the other hand, now people can learn more about why the Keitai tamas are awesome
  4. I saw a video on youtube where a girl made a song using a song lyric generator for hilarious results. I wanted to try the same thing and when I found the website's poem generator, I instantly wanted to generate a Tamagotchi poem. The major problem was that the generator doesn't recognize non-standard words and thus couldn't really use "Tamagotchi" because it couldn't match it up with anything. And it also didn't do well with my standard, insane phrases - like "Grandma's teeth" - and instead replaced them with more sensible equivalents. So, having some literary talent, I decided I would modify them myself to be closer to what I actually wanted to create while still partially following the generator's formula. I made two of them and the words in [square brackets] are my modifications, while the rest are the generator and the selections it accepted. They even generated automatic reviews! Just a note about the first, it references the "Penguin-keeper's got a network of penguin minions monitoring the Mod Break topic, ready to squawk and send us back to square one" in-joke. ("Squawk" is such a hard word to spell.) [Tamagotchis] by K. Ballad I cannot help but stop and look at the Monochrome screen [subculture]. Does the [subculture] make you shiver? does it? Pay attention to the fact, the fact is the most made in 1996 realness of all. Does the fact make you shiver? does it? Just like a penguin minion squawking, is the failure. Failure - the true source of squawk. The yellow [beeping] sings like an abundance of cheap knock-offs Never forget the chromatic and colored [beeping]. And time to see the critic reviews: Oh boy, wait till they read my next masterpiece! I actually put some effort into the modifications as it practically rejected all of my choices so I had to add them back and make them work. The Glitched Stranger At Japanese Nonsense - A Narrative Poem by K. Ballad One day at a Japan You Want shop, I met a man selling [leveled gotchis, extra flat], For money he wanted to swap, But I really wanted some [Devilgotchis, extra matte]. "Got any [Devilgotchis]?" asked I. "For that's how I'll spend my money." "No [Devilgotchis] here!" said the guy. He seemed to find it quite funny. "We've got some lovely [weird stuff], I'll give you a very fine price." "I'd rather have some [geared stuff]." The man blinked rapidly thrice. The man seemed exceptionally [Kuchipatchi, kissy face and all], And his manner was strangely [Tamatchi-d, like a smiling ball]. He wasn't what I would call [Kusatchi, no leaves squiggled], Great disdain he noticeably [Zatchi-d, arms constantly wriggled]. Like others, he thought I was odd, Some say I'm a bit [switched]. Still he gave me a courteous nod, As if he thought I was plenty [glitched]. So in search of my goal I departed, But before the Japan You Want shop could I leave, The man came running full-hearted, "I can help you I believe." "[Leveled gotchis, Devilgotchis], you shall find. [Grandma’s teeth, penguins beneath], you can get. You must now open your mind, And get down to Japanese Nonsense Market. So to Japanese Nonsense Market I decided to go, In search of the [Devilgotchis] I craved. The winds it did eerily blow. But I felt that the day could be saved. There were stalls selling rings, TamaTalkers in many shades. There were even stalls selling wings People were scattered from many trades I was greeted by a peculiar lady, She seemed to be rather [switched] I couldn't help thinking she might be quite shady. I wondered if she was at all [glitched]. Before I could open my mouth, She shouted, "For you, I have some [Devilgotchis]!" I headed towards her, to the south, Past some [Granny teeth and leveled gotchis]. "But how did you know?" I asked, "Do you want them or not?" she did say. Silently, the [Devilgotchis] she passed. Then vanished before I could pay. As I walked away I [heard] a crackle Or was it, perhaps, a hushed cackle? And the critics loved it: I have a feeling these people have little subcultural relevance as Enid Kibbler seems to be oblivious to the value of a Devilgotchi. And to that I demande, "Go educate yourself, normie!" If this entertained you, why not rig up a poem yourself? Or maybe even a song or other form of writing from one of the other generators?
  5. The sprite of the dog on the virtual pet device was so poorly done it looked more like some weirdo was staring at you. The complete lack of a nose and truncated anatomy makes it almost unrecognizable. The sprites in the overworld make more sense but I thought the boy with the dog at the start was actually some customize cat creature. Other than that, it looks cute and I wonder if it might have some overlapping traits with the Game De Hakken!! Tamagotchi 2, or the Gameboy adaption of the Morino and Umino. I don't have a switch yet but if I did, I might be tempted to try it out to see if I like the exploration gameplay. Although, I don't play video game as much as I like. No comment about the borderline penguin abuse at the end of the video? Not exactly of the same caliber as the kid in my father's childhood who briefly "walked" his dog by looping the leash around his bike handles and speeding off.
  6. Both the Magic version and the Fairy version have the same wallpapers. The lands are only unlocked if the wallpaper is used on the correct version so in your case, only the Dreamy Living wallpaper will unlock another location, Fairly Land. If you had the Magic version, Dreamy Living would do nothing while Magical Room would actually unlock Magic Land. There is another element to unlocking the lands as they are time specific events. In your case, change the wallpaper to Dreamy Living and go outside at 7 a.m. (or I suppose anytime before 8 a.m.).
  7. Pick up a pencil and draw a portrait of yo mama That's your random art prompt for today. Since my mama is rarely in front of me when I have a notebook and a pencil, I've only really sketched her once and it wasn't so recognizable. Speaking of my mama, she says so many weird things I literally have a text document called "Things Mom Says". Here's a gem:
  8. No, the Entama can only connect with Japanese versions according to this guide. Here's the Tamagotchi Wiki's page on the Entama so you can see all of the differences. I don't have an Entama myself but I do have a Akai and a Hanerutchi which are quite a refreshing change from the V3. I'd say that both versions have their own merit and the Japanese ones are worth it for the variety and the lower price.
  9. I guess you got a first world problem then unlike these Tarakotchis - they're loitering because they're jobless.
  10. Happy Birthday, Admin! Hope your big day drives you bananas🍌🐒, in a good way :^)

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      OMG- Happy Birthday, Admin! :D :D :D Happy Birthday GIF

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      Happy Birthday Admin, and thanks for all your efforts! :D 

  11. I've been really into music lately because I listen to it while I do course work. For the usual textbook reading I listen to either instrumental music, lo-fi (kinda like instrumental hip-hop intended to be very calming), chiptune/electronica, or music in a foreign language (usually J-Pop used in the anime openings/endings that I've seen) because it's not too distracting. For awhile I worked out in the backyard and would play the Pokemon lo-fi remix compilations by SeaSilver and it made me love every moment. I only listen to English music whenever I'm doing something that doesn't require allot of concentration or when I'm writing assignments. I stumbled upon a cover of The Other Side and since then I've been occasionally listening to the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman, which is surprisingly good and insightful (and I haven't even seen the movie!). My favourite genre is rock and I tend to like vent-y, aggressive songs because they pump me up and also satisfy my desire to have injustice punished (sounds weird but it's true). I've been obsessed with Linkin Park lately and I like that they're a cross-genre band since it's allot more variety and I often swing from pop-heavy to rock-heavy (binging things and then being burnout is a trend with me). The two other rock bands I like are Black Veil Brides - I've listened to almost everything they've made - and Shinedown. I like all genres and haven't branched out that far so the only other notable artists I've listened to are Adele, Andy Black, AViVA, and We The Kings. Might as well add that because I'm a Christian, I only listen to music that is clean or edited versions made by other people, so I don't listen to every single song made by those artists and I don't consider them role models (although I'm way past the role model phase, anyway).
  12. I'd rather that you can raise political officials - in governmental "families" - and make them competent or have them be run out of town due to neglectful care. Oh man, there could be so many satirical angles and imagine abusing the potential accessories. Might just make people develop love-hate relationships with their governments instead.
  13. Oh boy, do I have a strange story for TamaTalk for once. It centers on this: While I was connecting Sotilde, my Hanerutchi, to my Akai using the same-version connection, suddenly this weird flashing image pops up before the usual connection seeking animation. It flashed between black and white or negative colours and positive colours. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a positive coloured image but I can tell you it looked like a weird Kusatchi creature leaning out of its pot and crying, or possibly just being super anxious. After the flashing was over, it then transitioned to a screen displaying an empty meter at the top with a timer counting down from 9 seconds. It turned out I had to mash the A button in order to fill up the meter before the time ran out. The B button would make a noise but wouldn't fill up the meter and I didn't get to try the C button. Of course, button mashing is hard enough and I failed the first time and was then abruptly transitioned to the usual connection seeking screen. I exited out of the connection but was still in the connection menu so I selected same version connection again. The game reappeared! I tried my best to fill up the meter now that I had effectively unlimited retries unless I exited the menu altogether, as I did later. My button mashing skills were not good enough and at best I was two blocks away from completion. I was also getting nervous about harming Sotilde's device, considering she is a long-living oldie being 3 human years old. That's why I wouldn't have given her to my brother who's got excellent button mashing skills 'cause he'd probably total her. Now this isn't the first time this event has happened. I know for certain it happened twice on my Akai while I was unfortunately completely flabbergasted and unable to get any pictures because it ended so fast. The first time it happened, I thought I was hallucinating because such a weird, unexplained things started happening to my Tamagotchi for a few, brief confusing seconds and then it was just gone. And of course, the whole line of Japanese at the top made me even more confused. I tried rendering it in romaji using my Japanese connection chart but it looks like some of the characters are either truncated or completely unique. It would have helped if I got the normal picture of it but I can't so I'll have to wait for my next opportunity. I have a feeling this minigame might not be as uncommon as it appeared since I don't do that many connections to begin with, and most people probably don't. I wonder if this minigame actually requires prior connections or if it might be some special Easter egg intended to be stumbled upon by a bored kid messing around with the connection feature even though they didn't have another tama. Does anybody have any info on this?
  14. Yep, that's what I was referring to. It turns out that the Devilgotchi version, called Tamagotchi Monster, was also official.
  15. Felt kinda weird liking the above two comments. Anyway, I'm glad the mystery is solved and yeah, from my experience with the Tamagotchi Gameboy, weight seemed to be really important so I'm not surprised snacks have a higher penalty. I haven't run it that much - since it's not a background device - but it seemed allot more stricter than a regular tama, although time can be slowed down if needed. I still wonder why on earth they didn't fix the math minigame with its terrible controls. Perhaps you're only supposed to direct the tama when it is moving near a card instead of when the next round has started, but I never had the instructions and the in-game ones are unhelpfully hilarious. More like a sign of when someone has way too much time on his hands (likely a him). I'm okay with black humor but I draw the line at death and corrupting innocence (in regards to harming children's toys and the like). On a lighter note, I find it rather amusing that since me and Joc bantered so much on weight this topic has practically turn into that. And the original poster hasn't said anything yet XD