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    Cats, dolls, sewing, animanga, Tamagotchi, Shopkins, reading, and drawing.

My Tamagotchis

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    In order:
    *V3(clear magenta)
    *V4 (origami cranes)
    *V5 (clear shell, multicolour dots)
    *Dream Town Friend (Mint Leopard)
    *Dream Town Friends [used lot of 3] (Mint Leopard, Kira Kira, Zig Zag)
    *2 P2s (orange, dark blue with white streaks)
    *American Tamagotchi Angel (officially blue, but more like grey)
    *Keitai Akai (camo)
    *V4.5 (orange with stars)
    *Hanerutchi (Red and white)
    *ID (yellow)
    *Mothra (blue and white)
    *2 Anniversary Minis (transparent blue and blue clock face)
    *P1 (blue clock face with yellow numbers)
    *Rereleased P1 (Rainbow)
    *Rereleased P2 (Pink and White)
    *4U (purple)

    Total: 21
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

    *Giga Pet monkey (blue, first wave)
    *Giga Pet Yoda
    *Nekotcha (I hate it)
    *Petogotchi (dog head version)
    *Arukundesu Dragon Quest Slime Pedometer (blue with characters)
    *Derby Ball (black)
    *Wave UFO (yellow)
    *Ganbare Ryuuta-kun
    *Qpet (pink cat design)
    Total: 10
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], Akai [Sandy], 4u, V4, Ganbare Ryuuta-kun [a dino pet; I call him Rufus- Benjamin]

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  1. I'm not dead, I've just had to focus on my priorities! (and still do... heh heh). I just spent $70 on Vpets and looked like a maniac while doing so XD I sure hope that the next time I come back here I'll have some log updates ready to post. I get anxious that those group hatch logs might get locked before I actually do (but of course, there's always those lovely mods :^)) February will probably have a lot of tamaness! :^)