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  1. Check the prongs that go underneath the battery. They may have been flattened down too much which could cause a loose connection and cue the low battery screen. If they're looking a little flat - especially compared to another vintage - you could try bending it up very gently with a flathead screwdriver. If they're corroded, this would also cause a weak connection and you could clean them with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip (my special checker is suggesting "q-tof" instead). If you end up breaking one of the prongs, you're in for a much bigger project of fixing or replacing metal (I've seen some oddpets put connectors on the underside of the battery cover which seem to eliminate random resetting; I don't know how to complete a project like that, however). Other than that, I remember reading somewhere on the forum about someone having a tama that would reject batteries several times till it would accept them. I don't remember the model. This ain't the main point of the topic but I just want to point out how well borrowing parts from other tamas works. I've swapped stripped screws for good screws from my other vintages and also the back covers are the best replacements for missing back covers. The English Angelgotchi has a completely different screw placement from the other vintages but I found taping down a back cover from another worked remarkably well (the prongs on the cover are the main reason).
  2. One of these days, I'm going to have an awkward moment when I compliment someone's art because it looks like they drew something cool with cheap, patchy markers and that's so nostalgic. Then they're going to stare at me and tell me they drew it with water colours and I've just insultingly magnified their blending failure. Man, why can't people do drawing-with-cheap-art-supplies challenges that keep the natural imperfections of the medium without trying to make it perfect? I just think it would be so cool to make a piece that shows off an artist's compositional development while letting their technical abilities harken back to the old days before peer-pressure.

  3. This website has various guides on the 4U and 4U+ among other colour models. Look to the 4U growth chart for the requirements on how to get specific characters and to the post adult personality chart to see the criteria for each personality form. Even though this topic is old, I thought I might at least answer it for the benefit of anyone else. Just googling the tama model and "guide" or "growth chart" is usually all you need to come across this stuff. There are quite a few websites that host guides for current models and there's also Youtube tutorials as well. The beauty of the internet, really.
  4. I found the answer in this topic. It turns out that the house upgrades after the minimum number of connections specified in each column is met between two 4Us. So each number range show the amount of connections which will leave the house at its current level. I guess the idea is that the tama decided to fix up its house when it gets such and such visitors. People do the same thing also XD I remember hearing a sermon anecdote about a father forcing his kids to paint the house because company was coming. That's neat about the 4u and kinda makes buying another one a bit better in addition to the special characters achieved through connecting on the 4u+.
  5. I truly introduced myself, go check it out here! (Link in this post)

  6. Oh yeah, the Umino is known as one of the most difficult tamas to run and I heard that it was designed so that most wouldn't even see the adult stage. If you did manage to keep it alive at the office, Bandai should give you a medal. Oh yeah, I found this website gives allot of details about the Umino/Ocean and has some nicely written logs. Oh yeah, there's gross people everywhere. I actually did tell to him to send Vomit a friend request. Man, I thought it would of worked and also since he was well known in that particular community.
  7. 4! And thanks for sharing a picture of your family, 'Boom. There is such a strong family resemblance and I'm sure you all have such deep roots. Even though you're not in it, I'm sure you're pretty leafy this time of year :^) And hey, you could do an excellent Kusatchi cosplay right down to the planter
  8. It rises gradually with time in the direction you have chosen for it to go. Think of it as turning on a heater and it takes awhile for the temperature in the room to rise (would have written "starting a fire" there but you non-woodstove people would probably be confused). So just set it in the direction you want to go and check on it some time later to make it go in the other direction so that the temperature doesn't max out on one side. What character you get depends on what side of the thermometer the coocoon mostly experienced (except for the spotted egg which only grows into one character and the special conditions for the secret character). It is worth noting that the till the coocoon stage ends, the temperature will still continue to rise or fall so make sure to set it appropriately so it doesn't stay maxed out while you're sleeping. Or you could just pause it during that time (I don't think that does anything but I haven't monkeyed around with the Morino that much).
  9. Oh man. The things you don't even notice with hobby context XD Out of context, it sounds like someone had a really traumatic experience with their dog. I wonder if that's a signature my brother might use since he's really taken with crude humour and loves finding bathroom related usernames (which seem to pop up everywhere). Sadly - or maybe fortunately - User:Vomit on one site never accepted his friend request
  10. Possibly that was the issue but I never fully tested how many care mistakes that condition is equivalent to (usually basic empty hunger and happiness is good enough for lowering the care). I think most vintage models allow at least one care mistake when achieving perfect care characters, but I'm not sure if messes are exempt from that. I hope the senior stage doesn't have some hidden criteria like other special evolutions - I learned awhile back that Zatchi is actually achieved from fully disciplining a Zuccitchi with an empty bar. At least if you do try again, you can freely plump them up a bit since I did that with my TMP4 adults (Chips and Chops XD). You're welcome! Ooh, that Umino's definitely going to keep you busy and the Music Star, too
  11. I've decided to try updating once a week with shorter updates. Although it looks better to have longer updates, it's not feasible and my entries are already fragmented as it is. Let's just get on with it... ==Mardi le 26 decembre 2017== {Note: If you read the Christmas 2017 hatch, the opening of this entry will sound familiar but the rest is new content.} Ritually, my family and I go to see my father's family every boxing day and this means a 3-hour car trip. In the morning, I hurriedly packed and put all of my active tamas in a single bag and a few things in my sanctioned travel bag. We then headed off. Unlike my last document trip to my grandmother's (and my father's family by extension), this trip felt a bit more relaxed. The scenery was the same - a long road flanked by grassy plains, the occasional house, and linear-feeling towns - but it was all softened in an abundance of white snow. There were fewer animals but we did see some horses. I mostly amused myself with my tamas, checking them all periodically. The ones that got primary attention were my Giga Pet Yoda and my Akai Sandy, although my tama bag was always on my lap. As it was winter, we ate lunch in the car rather than freeze outside. We definitely felt the cold when we drove up to my grandmother's house and then busied ourselves with collecting gifts out of the trunk. When we got into the house and started to defrost, my father started lightly teasing the dog behind the door in the next room. I then opened the door and was received with bewilderment by my cousin sitting across the room (perfectly reasonable as we just walked in unannounced XD). We found the rest of our relatives in the living room around the corner. The whole reason we go up to my Granny's every boxing day is for a gift exchange. That happened in a more disjointed fashion than the previous years and then devolved into conversation, as dinner was the upcoming event. There was quite a bit of migrating between chairs and I finally secured the big blue arm chair in the corner with the Christmas tree, since the black lab had stopped sleeping in front of it. I was sitting next to my aunt and when I checked my tamabag, she remarked upon my Tamagotchis. She asked me how many I had and then told the others in the room - my cousin, his girlfriend, and his older brother - that I had 17 Tamagotchis. They all seemed quite happy about it as they all had one when they were kids. My cousin remembered how he had given me and my brother them and was glad - much like his parents on one visit - to see I still had it. His brother recollected about his Digimon and how his friend reset it after losing a battle. I was able to explain that both Digimon and Tamagotchi were made by Bandai but gave up on trying to explain the eras of Tamagotchis as the conversation drifted. There was a funny conversation about the grotesque Russian Christmas ornaments hanging on the Christmas tree that looked like indecipherable creatures moulded out of a glossy, white material with some irregular pastel tinting. Apparently, some friends of my grandfather tried to sell them but because they were so misshapen, nobody wanted them. A little later, my eldest uncle asked me what I was doing in my bag and I showed him my V4.5. He was confused at first but then seemed to recognize it. We assembled at the table for dinner and I sat in a corner with two of uncles, my aunt, and a ham. Then my cousin's girlfriend, who was a photographer, conducted us all for a family photo on multiple phones. Finally, we said the Anglican grace (which I remembered better this time) and ate. Along with the ham, we had baked potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, leftover turkey, and rolls. My tamabag never left my side and I occasionally checked them. At first, I let my tamabag rest under my chair but as I felt the dogs in the house running underneath the table and poking my legs, I kept it in my lap. Likely prompted by the glimpse of my Giga Pet Yoda, my uncle began repeating the information I had told him about it earlier and I got to show the device to our side of the table. Somehow, that spiraled into a brief Tamagotchi conversation with my mother later remarking how it was the same story with all the women: they had one in a drawer somewhere. That paralleled with me as well since despite all the time I cleaned up my room and reduced my old toys, my tamas were always kept. My father often remarks that going up to see our relatives is like another world. It's true as culturally, we're very different but not just because of genetics (all of them are white while my mother is East Indian and I am thus mixed). Rather, I and my family have Christian morals of how to live that were instructed to us while their morals come from the beliefs of those around them, the sensitivities of the people they meet. This dividing line is most often manifested by how some of them feel it is acceptable to swear, even at the dinner table. At one of those times, I was glad the fabric of my bag "shielded" my tamas, as if they were my children. We left a while after dessert instead of an after dinner game, as my mother had to work the next day. We greeted the cold again, but were a bit warmer. The scenery was the same, except it was dark and the fields simply became a vacant, uninteresting blackness. I had forgotten my flashlight and with an LCD screen and infrequent light, I had to improvise and so my ID became my flashlight. With my "tama-light", I kept Sotilde and company well cared for. We got home much earlier than normal but it made sense due to the circumstances. All my tamas were asleep and I left my tamabag on my bedroom desk, feeling too tired to put them all away. Sotilde was 197 that day. ==Mercredi le 27 decembre 2017== Sotilde and her virtual associates joined in me for some anime and we primarily watched Inuyasha where likely the tsundere half-demon, his loud and bratty love interest, and their similarly powerful friends took down a host of evil creatures and recovered one of the gazillion pieces of the scared jewel. [Future note: I think I've watched somewhere around 70 episodes of this series to date and while it is of course supposed to be a full-fledged adventure, it got to the point of being pointlessly long-winded.] We had a shopping trip in the evening as I had taken a renewed interest in doll collecting [Future note: which used to be my main hobby] and wanted to take advantage of the boxing week deals. I tucked Sotilde, Sandy, and Yoda in a pouch and headed off with my father, my only means of transportation. I could only go when it was conveneit for him and I got that opportunity riding awfully close to the the time he was supposed to pick up my mother. As the ToysRUs building was in sight, I looked at the time and grumbled that maybe we should turn back as all I was going to get was 10 minutes. My father laughed and said we could have a little extra. I still entered the store slightly bitter. The store was somewhat reeling from the holidays with a partial disarray and depleted products. That had nothing to do with their electronics setup listing the 2DS prices so out of the way. We walked through the doll aisle where I recognized most of the selection, frowned at the expensive prices (sometimes due to the underserving product going for it), and hung onto a discounted fashion pack with a green-haired, green-skinned, green-eyed cyclops (Monster High, of course). The things I may have considered, like a Barbie Fashonista or a Shibajuku Girl, weren't there and as I realized on the way home, neither was a single Bratz or Lalaloopsy (far less a Little Charmers). After we got home, we immediately headed for the subway since my mother had called and wanted to be picked up. I suspect we had some after dinner relaxing for the rest of the day and eventually Sotilde winked out. She was 198 that day. - - - - - Time for an update on Sotilde's current roommates: The V3 is a Kuchipachi called Malachi, the 4U is a Melodytchi (currently taken over by her infatuation with Oyajitchi) named Ava, and the OsuMesu pair are deceased and have thus become Obaketchis. I've taken up keeping my deceased OsuMesu tamas around for a few days since they have a hidden feature where during the really late and really early hours, the usual graveyard sprite (visible on my orange Mesutchi) will be replaced by the spirit of the departed pet (visible on my green Osutchi). It's kind of like they come back and visit me, although we can't interact with each other any more and its still the death screen. The western vintages always removed this ending screen to downplay the fact the pet died, but I find it comforting because their presence is literally still there. It also kind of fits with my own beliefs since when anything dies, the soul leaves the body and likely returns to God who created it, while the body is left in the physical world. In light of this, I don't really see natural death as complete destruction of the person or creature that once was. This is especially the case with Christians since the Bible tells us that till Jesus returns and officially reclaims his dominion over earth, our souls are taken to God to wait for that fateful day where we will also be resurrected. Turning to Sotilde, when her death eventually comes it will be nicer than the OsuMesu because since I bought her the special item of a grave, she'll be escorted to Tama Heaven by Chestnut Angels. I thought I might as well include a photo of where my brood hangs out ever so often (I recently got a laptop for school work so I can move around now). That's my bedroom desk with my stationery holder and an empty chocolate tin so my Vpets aren't directly heated up be the radiator. Its nice to look over at them and feel a little less alone by their special, virtual presence. Sotilde usually hangs from my collar by way of a threaded clasp I've attached to her so she's even closer :^)
  12. I hope to be able to find the time to post again on here. Still got quite a few ideas for various things and I'm definitely not going to run out of log content. Even for the back to school hatch...:nazotchi:

  13. I got both of them a little while ago (both passed on about two days ago). Did you have both ChoHimetchi and ChoMametchi? If so, the only other thing might be that you need to catch all discipline calls for it to count as a full discipline bar and not just the bar to be maxed out (the later models with discipline seem to follow this principle). Your care criteria is fine - I'm assuming you turned the lights out before the attention light went out and also that they slept cleanly. I think the criteria might be just don't get any care mistakes since I got both even when the hearts dropped down to one a few times (I think). Based on what I've heard about the vintage originals, the evolution age for special characters may vary by a few days. If you paused your tamas, that may have altered their actual clock age. This could have been made further misleading by how age goes up every time tamagotchis awaken on most non-colour Japanese models. Although in the case of the Osutchi and Mesutchi, both of my seniors died at 19 too, even though I'm sure they accumulated 6 hours of lost time through pausing. They never got care mistakes either aside from the time one of them slept next to a mess. Even with that care mistake, they both died about 2 minutes apart. I had elevated their weight to somewhere over 50 because I wanted to get Debutchi at least once, but I never went that far. I'm not sure if that had any impact. I've noticed that the Osutchi and Mesutchi, once during every stage, seem to get sick very close to when they will evolve. Watching for this in the adult stage is a good future indicator if you decide to try again. You might want to come back to them after a break if you still feel disappointed. If you do try again and succeed, you will get to see their hilarious eating sprites - especially for Otokitchi. I found the sprites had allot more personality in them than in the later models.
  14. I have a Pastel Meets and the special, light blue outline is actually gained by using the Easter egg the tamagotchi receives upon visiting Easter Land. This allows any character at any stage to not only have their outlines turned blue, but also take on a completely pastel colour scheme (and also reverse the change). The colour scheme differences are very distinct as the Easter egg can change green into mint and dark blue into light blue (those are the two I remember). It's a nice feature since if you wanted to easily change your tamas colour a bit, you just need to select the item. Unless a particular colour model has specific characters with non-black outlines, the option to change outlines probably doesn't exist.
  15. Yep, all Japanese tamas boot up with the Download/reload previous data option at the top and the reset/remove existing data option at the bottom. Like a typical Tamagotchi, once you reset it you then have to input the date and time so that it can follow its routine dictated by the internal clock and experience seasonal events. Here's an English guide for the 4U+. You can translate the page into your desired language by pasting the URL into Google Translate. Just have it set to translate from English to your language and click the link it makes.