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    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

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    Total: 14
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
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    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi
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    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], Plus Colour [Barny], Spacy M!X [Fara], Mesutchi [Agatha], and all of my P2s [Edward, Alphonse, and Winry XD]

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  1. It's the dead battery screen as Nazo said. There's only so far you can go with low battery power and usually when a colour tama tells you the batteries are dying, they're dying and can't power the device properly.
  2. Sadly, it looks like Tama-Zone has been abandoned. I looked into that website a year or two ago and found that there were barely any recent posts. The posts that were there seemed to be new users trying to start something and most of them didn't accomplish anything. It really functions as an archive now since back 5-10 years ago, there was genuine interests in all things virtual pet and it flourished. It looks like users gradually moved on to other social media platforms since logging, the main forum activity, is highly social and allot of people are contented with an informal structure. Naturally, people moving onto other places means they take all of their other Vpet curiosity with them, making the discussions on Tama-Zone die even further. Judging from what I've seen there - and what has trickled onto TamaTalk - people moved to Tamagotchi Facebook groups and those are starting to break down. People are trying to make new forums to hopefully rekindle the old enthusiasm - someone even mistakenly tried to do that here - but really TamaTalk is the only active Tamagotchi forum. I reckon allot of that is due to the community collecting here because it always has and there is still interesting content. I'm telling you all this as another way to say that you are better off staying on TamaTalk because you wont get the same interaction on Tama-Zone - since its practically abandoned and any contributing there would be equivalent to screaming into a void. If you still want to contribute there anyway, you could PM Ra on instagram since he's still active there. Just in case there is any confusion, I'm perfectly fine with people going to Tama-Zone instead of TamaTalk and if Tama-Zone ever gets its community back, the more the merrier!
  3. I find it hilarious that the English versions after the originals boasted of a pause function, when actually nothing had changed. I actually have an English Angelgotchi - which I got in a used lot - and the clock set screen doesn't say anything special. I suppose the fact I have one might be something to boast about, but really I just see it as an Angelgotchi. Besides the icon differences Eggiweg has noted, the only other notable programming difference between the two is that the Japanese version has Sabotenshi/the cactus angel, while the English version has the Smiling Angel (which is pure nightmare fuel). Unfortunately, both characters have incredibly lazy programming since they have the same animation for every single function. Besides programming, American Tamagotchi Angels/English Angelgotchis actually have a different mold for the back half of the device. The holes for the screws in both battery cover and in the rest of the device are actually in a completely different place from the Japanese versions. What makes this so peculiar is that the previous English versions, the P1 and P2, did not have such an alteration so this was a change in the manufacturing (if the only other English model, the Tamagotchi Ocean/Oceangotchi remained unchanged, then the English Angelgotchi would have a truly unique mold). The direct impact of this is that if an English Angelgotchi's back cover is lost - which is the case with mine - then it cannot fully swap back covers with any other vintage since the screws are necessary for stability.
  4. Who else haaaasss the flu?

  5. Same, actually. It just seemed like such a random concept, since they're only related by pixels anyway. I heard from Tama-Palace that there was a rumor that there was going to be a Neon Genesis Evangelion Tamagotchi... which is downright insane. Much more insane than this because while a pixelated character that eats pellets and avoids ghosts could work within a Vpet framework - with some imagination - I can't fathom how it would work with mentally damaged teenagers who pilot mechas to fight mysterious biological machines for a living. Naturally, an adequate Evangelion Vpet would have to involve allot more than feeding, playing, and waste removal, even if it did evolve into personality types of the main characters (I haven't finished Evangelion although I did watch most of the series). I'll probably not be getting a Pac-man Tamagotchi even if the way the concept pans out is more sensible than it sounds. After getting the rereleased minis, I'd feel more inclined to seeing a fully themed version than one that is purposely truncated.
  6. 2! Oh my gosh, I created an inside joke XD Anybody know how to persuade penguins by endearment... or force?
  7. 57. Penguin-keeper has probably already set up a network of penguin monitors ... and maybe a way to alert the other mods! They're probably watching us as they speak... clasping their flippers menacingly and waiting for just the right moment to squawk their little hearts out and bring destruction!
  8. Apparently one of the features of the Pac-man Tamagotchi is that "PAC-MAN will save your Tamagotchi character from the ghosts and bugs". I'm assuming this is a new feature - since I read a nano log awhile back and it didn't mention any attacks - and it makes me think of the Morino (although since that is bug-themed, it's a little ironic). The Tamagotchi Wiki confirms this, interestingly enough. Funny how the "bugs" are actually glitched graphics; a nice touch. Didn't know the Meets had such bad glitches or that the On even had any. All I really heard was that the app could cause problems. Well, I guess I should go digging up info on the forum
  9. I reckon practically forever as long as they don't get too many care mistakes - basically, leaving a bar empty after the attention light has turned off. Since the start of the connection models, tamagotchis only die due to neglect instead of having a predetermined lifespan, as was the case with the vintage models (the Tamagotchi Mini is an exception to this as it has a predetermined lifespan). The colour models have likely kept this trait since they pretty much have the same lifespan functions and the same mindset making them. I can personally attest to the connections being to live forever with good care, since I've kept two different connection models alive for over a year (one of them is still living with me and she was born on June 13th of 2017). Additionally, this trait is well known enough to have spawned the Long-Lived Oldies challenge, wherein people try to keep their tamagotchis alive for as long as possible and their tamas eventually evolve into seniors once the matchmaker is refused (hence the "oldie" part). After the first colour model, the senior stage has been removed so now an unmarried colour tamagotchi will stay the same character as it was in adulthood. That's quite a reasonable change ever since the gene mixing function was introduced, since imagine the disappointment in seeing a totally unique tama change into a shriveled apple of a senior! (I find the traditionally oldies look like shriveled apples.)
  10. 50!!!!!!!!! The queen of England would like to thank the keeper of penguins for letting her have a pleasant, tearless teatime.
  11. I suppose, in light of the circumstance, you could have written, "Penguin Keeper is gonna cut us off after 49, isn't [that penguin]". Although, I guess Penguin-keeper never claimed to be a penguin... otherwise the whole penguin-keeping business might take on some sinister undertones (like if there was someone called People-keeper who... had a collection of people). 45... and maybe some lucky someone will magically find some chocolate biscuits or toad in the hole if they don't post. (That last one's actually a perfectly normal main dish, although it sounds like it came out of Alice and Wonderland).
  12. 42! Penguin-keeper's a woman, actually XD Man, all of her likes are getting me a bit nervous. The only feasible way to distract her is to post lots of interesting, in-depth content about Tamagotchis or virtual pets. She seems to like reading that. Or maybe we can dissuade her by her Britishness and say things like "If you post, Queen Elizabeth will cry so hard she wont be able to have teatime" or even "all your torches will be dead so you can't find your trousers in the dark".
  13. Currently rereading the Harry Potter series and now I'm approximately 90 pages into The Chamber of Secrets, my favourite of the series :^) I'm also gradually getting through a huge whack of manga volumes (I used to exclusively read scanlations but have lately chosen to purchase some of my favourite series to hopefully reread several times throughout my life). On the bookshelf at the moment is the first volumes of Pokemon Adventures, Natsume's Book of Friends, Rin-ne, Black Butler, and volume 4 of Fullmetal Alchemist (it's a 3-in-1 version so technically I have volumes 4-6). I'm also planning to read the second volume of ChocoMimi, which is an obscure, lighthearted, and ridiculously girly 4-koma style manga (I just love it's aesthetic). With the exception of ChocoMimi and Fullmetal Alchemist, I've read quite a bit of those other manga so I could be considered to be rereading them.