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    Cats, dolls, sewing, animanga, Tamagotchi, Shopkins, reading, and drawing.

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    *P1 (blue clock face with yellow numbers)
    *2 P2s (orange, dark blue with white streaks)
    *Rereleased P1 (Rainbow)
    *Rereleased P2 (Pink and White)
    *American Tamagotchi Angel (officially blue, but more like grey)
    *Mothra (blue and white)
    *V3(clear magenta)
    *V4 (origami cranes)
    *V4.5 (orange with stars)
    *V5 (clear shell, multicolour dots)
    *Keitai Akai (camo)
    *Hanerutchi (Red and white)
    *Dream Town Friend (Mint Leopard)
    *Dream Town Friends [used lot of 3] (Mint Leopard, Kira Kira, Zig Zag)
    *ID (yellow)
    *4U (purple)
    *2 Anniversary Minis (transparent blue and blue clock face)
    *Osutchi and Mesutchi (green and white and orange and white pair)
    *Plus Colour (light blue)
    *Spacy M!X (blue)
    *Tamagotchi On (blue fairy version)
    *Morino (Splotched leaves design)
    *Home Deka 2 (orange)
    *Home Deka 1 (blue)
    *20th Anniversary M!X (pink)
    *Pastel Meets (white)

    Total: 31
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi and a purple Pastel Meets which I excluded from the count because they don't work.

    *Giga Pet monkey (blue, first wave)
    *Giga Pet Yoda
    *Nekotcha (I hate it)
    *Petogotchi (dog head version)
    *Arukundesu Dragon Quest Slime Pedometer (blue with characters)
    *Derby Ball (black)
    *Wave UFO (yellow)
    *Ganbare Ryuuta-kun
    *Q-pet Mini (pink sleeping cat design)
    *Nana Moon Maxi (orange)
    *2 generic fake Tamagotchis (blue and pink knockoff Tamasuku shells)
    *Pocket Biscuit
    *Pocket Usapiyo
    *Digimon V1 (brown)
    *Hitorikko Fish (green and fish-shaped)
    *Gyaoppi Dino (pink and white)
    *Henshin Counter

    Total: 19
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi, Knighttchi (surprising?), Spacytchi, Tomatchi, Tamatchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], V3 [Nahum], M!X [Pwettychi], On [Samanthatchi], Anniversary M!X [Handsometchi], Pastel Meets [Desu]

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About Me

I'm a lurker and only made this profile when I had the need to (I was fairly entertained by just reading). I chose the name "Knighttchi's Ballad" predominately because it sounded poetic, but it was inspired by how I pictured Knighttchi busying himself with recording his heroic deeds in a very fanciful manor. Information about me is scattered around the forum, and I prefer it that way (though the bulk of it is in the Long Live Oldies Hatch Log). I will, however, say one major thing about my personality: I'm the kind of Christian who has an active morality and if I hadn't been saved, my personality would do a complete 180.  I'm always interested in a group hatch and I could see myself logging sufficiently by them alone.

I think I've finally decide on the perfect image of my crazy, ever-so fuzzy, and adorable cat to represent myself with. My cat has many names and although Fluffy Guy is on the pet license, I insist his name is Wubbles. He's probably off sleeping, perhaps flat on his face (he's that crazy). [Note: As of June 22, 2020, Wubbles has left this earth and, I presume, his life has returned back to the hands of God which made him. He lived 11-12 wonderful years and was a blessing throughout my childhood and early adulthood :^).]

This is my (now out of date) Tamagotchi collection, including my oddpets (50 virtual pets in total) :




Allot of us like to show collection photos with boxes so that's why there are two here. A collage of closeups would really showcase my tamas, but it would take away from the impression of vastness when they are all together. The pokewalkers included because I store them with my oddpets and they are loosely pedometer pets XD The pink Angelgotchi is with the oddpets because it doesn't work (the sound wires are detached and a battery contact was lost to corrosion). I don't count it with all my other tamas but since it is a definite Tamagotchi, there it is. I threw in my Angel Scope (the oblong, pink device at the bottom) because I mistakenly bought it off Japan You Want thinking it was a virtual pet but it's actually a fortune telling device. At least it's made by Bandai.