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    Cats, dolls, sewing, animanga, Tamagotchi, Shopkins, reading, and drawing.

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    *P1 (blue clock face with yellow numbers)
    *2 P2s (orange, dark blue with white streaks)
    *Rereleased P1 (Rainbow)
    *Rereleased P2 (Pink and White)
    *American Tamagotchi Angel (officially blue, but more like grey)
    *Mothra (blue and white)
    *V3(clear magenta)
    *V4 (origami cranes)
    *V4.5 (orange with stars)
    *V5 (clear shell, multicolour dots)
    *Keitai Akai (camo)
    *Hanerutchi (Red and white)
    *Dream Town Friend (Mint Leopard)
    *Dream Town Friends [used lot of 3] (Mint Leopard, Kira Kira, Zig Zag)
    *ID (yellow)
    *4U (purple)
    *2 Anniversary Minis (transparent blue and blue clock face)
    *Osutchi and Mesutchi (green and white and orange and white pair)
    *Plus Colour (light blue)
    *Spacy M!X (blue)
    *Tamagotchi On (blue fairy version)

    Total: 26
    Note: I also have a pink Angelgotchi which I excluded from the count because it doesn't work.

    *Giga Pet monkey (blue, first wave)
    *Giga Pet Yoda
    *Nekotcha (I hate it)
    *Petogotchi (dog head version)
    *Arukundesu Dragon Quest Slime Pedometer (blue with characters)
    *Derby Ball (black)
    *Wave UFO (yellow)
    *Ganbare Ryuuta-kun
    *Q-pet Mini (pink sleeping cat design)
    *Nana Moon Maxi (orange)
    *2 generic fake Tamagotchis (blue and pink knockoff Tamasuku shells)
    *Pocket Biscuit

    Total: 14
    Note: I also have a pink Angel Scope which is actually a fortune telling machine and not a virtual pet
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Zatchi, Sunnytchi, Decotchi, Gozarutchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    Hanerutchi [Sotilde :^)], Plus Colour [Barny], Spacy M!X [Fara], Mesutchi [Agatha], and all of my P2s [Edward, Alphonse, and Winry XD]

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About Me

I'm a lurker and only made this profile when I had the need to (I was fairly entertained by just reading). I chose the name "Knighttchi's Ballad" predominately because it sounded poetic, but it was inspired by how I pictured Knighttchi busying himself with recording his heroic deeds in a very fanciful manor. Information about me is scattered around the forum, and I prefer it that way (though the bulk of it is in the Long Live Oldies Hatch Log). I will, however, say one major thing about my personality: I'm the kind of Christian who has an active morality and if I hadn't been saved, my personality would do a complete 180.   I'm always interested in a group hatch and I could see myself logging sufficiently by them alone.

I think I've finally decide on the perfect image of my crazy, ever-so fuzzy, and adorable cat to represent myself with. My cat has many names and although Fluffy Guy is on the pet license, I insist his name is Wubbles. He's probably off sleeping, perhaps flat on his face (he's that crazy).


This is my (now out of date) Tamagotchi collection, including my oddpets (34 virtual pets in total) :




Allot of us like to show collection photos with boxes so that's why there are two here. A collage of closeups would really showcase my tamas, but it would take away from the impression of vastness when they are all together. The pokewalkers included because I store them with my oddpets and they are loosely pedometer pets XD The pink Angelgotchi is with the oddpets because it doesn't work (the sound wires are detached and a battery contact was lost to corrosion). I don't count with all my other tamas but since it is a definite Tamagotchi, there it is. I threw in my Angel Scope (the oblong, pink device at the bottom) because I mistakenly bought it off Japan You Want thinking it was a virtual pet but it's actually a fortune telling device. At least it's made by Bandai.