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  1. Gaahhh, I remember playing with one of those in store as a kid! I thought I bought one but maybe that didn't happen. Anyway, for anyone looking for further information, this post has a brief run down of three versions. This topic gives a basic guide on another version. In looking for these posts, I discovered some old topics about people complaining that these devices were heinously driving people away from tamas. Classic TT drama.
  2. In case there's any confusion, Penguin-keeper is referring to the specific subforum you posted in called Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks. Threads/topics/posts have to be put in the right section otherwise the forum gets messy. If you, Anglebornfire77, were just reacting to the fact Tamagotchis are vintage devices, you might want to check out the Tamagotchi Wiki to see the variety :^)
  3. Got this lot on the 31st of July, the final day for two of my course contracts. The candy has been opened so the bags have the tops torn off and not pictured is the mini Black Thunder cookie bar, since I split that with my brother. I have a sweet tooth so it was pretty natural to try some of Japan You Want’s recent foray into Japanese candy. It also helped that the main place I would buy Japanese candy, Candysan, has ridiculous shipping prices due to the circumstances. I can’t really comment on the value and it was a frivolity to begin with. Here’s some close ups: Left to right: Puré gummy peach and plum, DARS strawberry chocolate, Apollo Starwberry Chocolate, Hi Chew peach, and Poifull jellybeans The jellybeans – which were a soft, fruity jelly – had a little flap built into the packaging that acted as a dispenser, a cute little touch. The chocolate unexpectedly came on a little tray which makes it easy for serving – although I kept it all for myself :^) The strawberry filling had little crunchy strawberry pellets in it. The Apollo chocolate was something I always wanted but honestly, it’s kinda forgettable (although I’ve come to realize most Japanese candy isn’t uniquely Japanese unless it has foreign ingredients). The Puré gummies were a bit like Sour Patch Kids but with liquidy fruit centre. The Hi Chews had a similar texture to Starbursts and smelled exactly like a freshly cut peach. Being myself, I’ve already eaten most of the candy. Now onto the tama things. First up, the cases. It’s about time I got a hard case and the cute stickers convinced me. I’ll probably use them in other projects instead of decorating the case/tama. Even behind the case was detailed. This shell is supposed to be for the Umino or Morino, which is kinda funny considering these versions both have attacks which require keeping the device accessible. I usually don’t clamp it shut for that very purpose. The little cloth inside the case minimize the device jostling about, although it’s not perfect. Now onto a real curio: a vintage-shaped bandaid case. I thought I could use the case for something else but it really can’t hold much in the end. The bandaids will be used as stickers instead since getting blood all over them just seems like a waste. Oddly, Japan You Want used the British “sticking plaster” instead of bandaid. Although Canada has a lot of ties to Britian, I didn’t know what it meant so I had to google it. The case has a lenticular effect to cycle through Maskutchi’s discipline, idle, and sleeping animations. It’s not perfectly precise so some of the frames are distorted by other frames. It’s also way too big to be mistaken for a vintage, as compared to my Morino below. Now onto the bandaids themselves: Notice the back of the packaging has a little tam-bulance. I also bought some Angelgotchi pencils that have tiny stamps on the end. It just seemed so perfect for me since I’m low-key obsessed with stationary – especially decorative stationary – for the aesthetic value. I also like stamps. I was happy to find that they were painted and not wrapped in plastic. I don’t know what the Japanese says and oddly, the green one only has odd numbers with the text except for the inclusion of the even 8. It is also worth pointing out that the yellow things protruding out of the tamagotchis’ mouths is actually the heart candy they are fed in-game (so the Oyajitchi angel isn’t throwing up). Lastly, the Vpets I bought because they were cheap. These are a Gyaoppi Dino and a Henshin Counter (apparently for the animanga series Penguin no Mondai, which I should look into at some date). The Queen of All Penguins notes in an early post that apparently the Henshin Counter isn’t a virtual pet but instead a pedometer game. I’ll move it out of the Vpet category once I’ve run it to see what it’s like. The Gyaoppi did give me some trouble as although it was marked “working”, a battery connector prong inside the device was not fully attached to the indents on the circuit board. Said prong was oddly in one piece and I think someone had hot glued the other battery connector into it’s plastic indent. What kept happening was that the loose prong was lifted of the indent when a battery was put on the other end in the battery slot. I discovered this fact late on the night of the 31st - a day where I submitted three assignments - because I didn’t want to break my ritual of testing that new Vpets actually worked (my circadian rhythms still hate me). I solved the problems a few days later by making a block out of strips of duct tape, placing it on the prongs which were pushed into its circuit board indent, and screwing the device closed so the case forced down on block. Now it wasn’t acting like a seesaw. To my surprise, there was still nothing on the screen and then I discovered that, similar to the Penpy, this Gyaoppi has to be tilted downwards to see the display.
  4. Ahh, the common man. Ever so brilliant XD (or just lazy). I remember back at camp when I was 14 idly thinking how lucky I was that I didn't lose my watch because of all the things that could've happen - y'know, ignoring how the thing was literally strapped to my wrist and all and it wasn't like some big fancy thing either. Now if I had a tama pinny, I would probably be 10 times more paranoid. The camp did have an electronic ban so chances are I would leave it on clock mode and change it back when no prying were around. And if I got caught, I'd insist, "Hey, look, it's a watch. Got a clock and everything. No, no, it's not a toy. It just goes off ever so often 'cause it's... an alarm. What? It makes me nervous? Well, of course! It's embarrassing to have it go off in front of everyone, y'know. Someone could be dying... I mean me! Dying inside. Ha ha. Oh yeah. Yeah it does go off at weird parts of the day. It a feature. Totally a feature. The irregular alarm keeps me alert! Alert!" Okay, rebel It would be fun to see just how long you can have it out till normies realize it's unique.
  5. Aww, cute! Let's hope when you run it you don't have any hand washing incidents or it accidentally getting into anything. If you leave the wrist strap pinny on the clock screen, it'll even look like a genuine watch!
  6. 2! So it turns out the Tarakotchis had the right idea all along. Anyway, they decided to have a picnic since the party was busted up for getting way too crazy (c'mon, random people golfing and doing cartwheels and Kusatchis throwing fish and the Androtchis interfering with satellites by their signals.... ) 🌲🍱🌹🥔🦑🍻🥗🌳
  7. 95! 🐠🐫🐳🐙🍍🍱🍇🐟🐡 (Can't neglect those penguins and Tarakotchi has some exotic offerings for them too!)
  8. 88! (The ninjas are coming out of the woodwork now; personally, I've always loved these tamas)
  9. 82! (The ninjas stick out like a sore thumb)
  10. 80!!👻🤸‍♂️🏌️‍♀️ (The party's getting crazier!)
  11. 78! 🐠🐟🐡🐠 🐠🐟🐡🐠 (More penguin offerings)
  12. 76! (Confused Memetchi barricade)
  13. Happy Birthday, Hoky! Hope ya have a good one :^)

  14. 67! 🐟🐠🐡Teenage angst is here to help too! Also, the lone Kusatchi rigged up some seafood to bribe keep any unexpected penguins happy :^)
  15. 59! (More bouncers have shown up XD)
  16. 52! And what's a dance party without some Tarakotchis?
  17. 48! (off to the corner are the folks who can't dance... and that one kid who thinks its cool to be bored of everything)
  18. 46! (The cool Memetchis are the bouncers)
  19. Man, even if I ran out of space like that (which does happen when I'm making flashcards) I would have at least stuck the last letter above the word. I get it though that text wrapping/centering leads to excess letters being stuck under but not completely at the start of a new line. I guess they never heard of the hand dandy dash so they could have done deliver-ed or perhaps the bizarro delive-red. Perhaps they thought as long as it has English on it, who cares?
  20. 44! (The androtchis are having a dance party!)