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  1. Hell (as in the place; not exclaiming here XD).
  2. I voted and yes, my tamas were with me :P. (Waiting for confused Americans XD)

  3. If you mean only user from the U.K., you might have little to no people to hatch with. I've been in quite a few group hatches and also read my fair share of them. Thus I can say that community involvement in them has always been a bit on the low side as they do require a good amount of effort (unless people do the bare minimum). Hatches with no version restrictions get the most people but even that boils down to around 5 people (include the hatch host). Users on TamaTalk come from all around the globe and some from countries where English is not the main language. I judge the bulk of us are from the U.S. and next to that we have somewhat smaller communities from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.. Thus if you limit your hatch group to only U.K. users, that further restricts the already small pool of applicants to an even smaller number. In light of all that, I would recommend that you allow any nationality to join so that you can have a successful group hatch. If you are more interested in having an ongoing conversation with other U.K. members that share updates about their Tamagotchis, I would recommend creating a club. You could name it something like "U.K. Group Hatchings" and your club would practically be its own little forum.
  4. Caved and bought the Tamagotchi On :P I knew I wasn't going to let an English release slide and its been popping up on my Tumblr dashboard. At Toysrus, I had a choice between pink (disfavoured), purple (neutral), and blue (favoured but tips the colour population to three blue). Settled on blue because while green is nice, it seems to have become pretty common. A little upset about the price that now I vow to never buy a single tama for more than that.

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Thank you, Penguin-keeper! :^)

      P.s. I haven't forgotten about your message. I'm getting a reply ready :^)

    3. Eggiweg


      Nice! I'm excited for you! Also I heard the green magic ONs used to be fairly rare when they first got released due to stocking errors or something

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Thank you, Eggiweg! The stocking error makes sense since the display at Toysrus had a section for each colour but strangely enough ended up have two sections of blue fairy Ons and only the purple variety of magic Ons.

  5. Just in case there is any confusion, I was telling you my experience with the "Kofun" pets because you seemed to be asking for information/advice.
  6. Blech (for both my reaction and a word XD)
  7. Happy Birthday, UMR! Hope you have an awesome day :^)

  8. Glad you found my review useful :^) I agree the cases are worth having in one's collection. I wish the programming was as good although maybe if I ran mine for a shorter time than I did I would have like it more (like a Giga Pet). In light of the awesome shell design but poor programming, the Q-Pet Mini is similar to the V5.
  9. Trypophobia (fear of clusters of holes).
  10. Bought a definite curio: I have no clue what it is besides it's some sort of fish pet that probably has icons on the sides of the screen. Somebody was selling another one in a different colour: Should be pretty fun to tinker around with when it come :^) I would really like to start and Oddpet log but, life. I might just settle for doing a short review/discussion of it once I run it.
  11. Shawarma! (Look it up if you don't know; they're quite tasty :^)
  12. I have two of the "Kofun" pets but I haven't really messed around with them. However, they seem to run on the generic bunny rom as that was the first thing that popped up when I started it. I will say they have absolutely terrible construction and one of the screws in the back cover is just drilled into the plastic with nothing to hold onto. That renders it completely useless for anchoring and thus the whole device will shut off quite easily. I have tried prying off the metal connectors embedded to the back cover and just duct taping them to the batteries, which is much better. Just for reference, the Kofun pets are modeled after the Tamagotchi School/Tamasuku.
  13. Happy Birthday, Miri! I was going to make some dumb "optimistic" pun but I think you've got enough of those :lol:

  14. Aww, a tama from your mom? That's so cute and I'm sure some of us tama-fans wish we could pass our tamas down to our kids (or maybe we're too greedy ). Japan You Want is a reputable Tamagotchi store which often sells used colour tamas at reasonable prices of around $25-$35 USD. Shipping is $8 USD and things usually come pretty fast. The ID/IDL are great introductory colour models and especially since the programming of the vintage versions really differs from the newer models (if you had a connection, it would be less of a jump).
  15. Some people pop in for certain things and don't do general browsing. Other people - <sarc>totally not talking about myself<sarc> - will avoid a website till they can post what is owed (note the "sarc" tags). And still other people log out of their accounts and brows as anons. I wasn't expecting a response after two months so I reckon we will actually be getting footage/pictures/evidence. However, usually when I start to expect a response that is when I never get it.
  16. It’s about time a thread was started up again for what all you lovely tamaholics have on your wishlists! I’ve lately been fixating on this because dogsitting has given me quite the funds but then I want to ease off and not become too consumerist XD (especially since I’ve gotten some recent colour tamas) Anyway, tell us what’s on your Tamagotchi/virtual pet wishlist! Do share the reason you want that particular version/model as that makes sharing all the more relatable. Let me start. Suffice to say, my wishlist has seriously grown since I got into Vpets back 2-3 years ago. I want ones from every era so I’ll start with the vintages: *Morino - Preferably the splotched leaves design as its very summery and classic. This tama has recently captured my attention as back last summer when I’d do course work out in the backyard, I though how fitting it would be to have a little bug companion. Originally I didn’t like the idea of raising bugs but the whole seasonal routine aspect made me have second thoughts. Since most vintage tamas are themed, their novelty is akin to oddpets which is another point in their favour. *Genjitchi - No shell choice here but whateva. The idea of raising a caveman is so funny and that characters available look pretty cute. I was hesitant to put this on my wishlist originally as listings for it on Ebay were pretty steep – at least back in that frame of mind as my concept of a “fair price” has significantly adjusted. Japan You Want and maybe, for once, trying to scout Ebay for longer than a day should probably turn up much more reasonable prices. Now onto Connection models! *Hanerutchi 2 - I really don’t know what shell I want this in as if I got red, it would definitely match with my long-living Hanerutchi 1, Sotilde. But if I got blue, it would be a visual separation from Sotilde’s role as my tama companion. In the end, I’ll probably get whatever shell colour is cheaper. As one might guess, I primarily want the Hanerutchi 2 to be able to see the other Hanerutchi characters that have been locked off from me due to taking the long-living oldie route with my Hanerutchi 1. Another bonus is unlike the previous version, the Hanerutchi 2 allows all characters to be achieved without a second device. Additionally, I haven’t experienced the Entama program so this will certainly be a new experience. *V2 - No shell specification as connection shells are so vast and I’m more concerned about the price. The V2 has a good mix of vintage and modern characters as well as the shop function, which makes it a bit more entertaining. I have a V3 (my first tama!) so the V2 will no doubt become an alternative model. *V1 - Once again, no specifications on shells for the exact same reason. The V1 seems to be in that loving midway between eras and is pretty much a vintage port. It doesn’t have a shop and the character pool seems to be as rigid as an original tamagotchi. This version primarily caught me eye because it has that borrowed nostalgia, historical quality of being the Tamagotchi early TamaTalkers were clamouring for. Back when TamaTalk was started, the V1 was the most recent Tamagotchi and the very model that was used for one of the first group hatches . My first tama was a V3 and thus connections have a special place in my heart. Thus, getting any connection is especially lovely. Now onto colour models. These have somewhat low priority for me – perhaps going much lower as I have 4 colours now – since they are new and thus plentiful on the second-hand market. *ID Station - This only came in one shell and is a spin-off device. It is somewhat obscure so I really have no idea what price it goes for. My ID was my first colour Tamagotchi because I found it so cheaply on Ebay. Most people pass it over for the IDL because the ID has less content. But, with the ID Station which can send content to the ID, I can make my ID even better. Additionally, the ID Station is pretty huge so it’ll have the same charm as owning a Deka Tama. *IDL - Judging from my actual wishlist document, I orginally wanted any shell but pink or white. Now I’m a bit less picky and would go with whatever. As one might guess, I want to try the IDL because I hear it is a better version than the ID. *4U+ - I was looking into getting the Sky Blue shell as blue is my favourite colour. It really stands out against the warmer colour options but both the Lime Green and Peach Orange shells look nice too. Similar to the case with the IDL, I got the less-content 4U because it was cheaper so now I’m interested in the better version. Additionally, the 4U is locked off from my other colours due to the connection medium so the 4U+ will allow me to see connections. *P’s - Yellow is a nice shell colour for this version so that will be my preferred shell. I here it has allot of preloaded content and is one of the recommended versions. The “pierce” expansion packs are also interesting but the price is very halting for what they are. Really shouldn’t matter with the actual content of the device. Now onto uncharted territory: Oddpets! I keep buying cheap oddpets off Japan You Want so I really wonder when I will actually clear out this list XD *Super Gyaoppi - I have little shell preferences for oddpets as they are often not that common, so it’s a “whatever you get” situation. I was recommended this version by Penguin-keeper (she’s also logged it, too!) as a decent multipet. I’m most excited for the cat growth line as I have yet to get a decent kitty Vpet. *Digimon - I wanted this one more for its historical significance of being a contemporary to the original Tamagotchi. It can run for high prices except on Japan You Want, which persuaded me to add it to my wishlist. It appears to be genuinely well received and since I watched the first anime as a kid, some of the characters are familiar. One drawback to the Digimon is that the connection battle feature is needed to achieve some evolutions. However, that is only three post-adult evolutions which isn’t much compared to all the others. There seem to be a couple versions of the original but any version like it is fine with me. *Yuki Penguin - In the same family as the Dinkie Dino and is known for being a quality version. In general, Dinkie pets are known to have great programming and since this one is less duplicated than its cousin, I have a greater chance in getting a real one. Also, penguins are cute. *Dinkie Dino - I wanted this for the same reasons as the Yuki Penguin. Also, from what I’ve seen, it is quite cute. Whoo, that’s all for now. Eventually I probably go after a V6/Music Star, an On, and maybe a Tama-go and Umino. Oddpets, of course, are always appealing to me and bit by bit my collection is shaping up into one owned by those incredible enthusiasts. Now I want to know, what do the rest of you have on your wishlists?
  17. I second Eggiweg as I've seen that particular shell before an nobody claimed it was rare. Additionally, browsing through Ebay's sold listings, two of that exact shell have been sold in the past 3 months. That alone indicates it is not a rare shell on the market as if it was, there wouldn't be any other listings for it.