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    If you'd like to request a certain Tamagotchi sprite in the same vein of M!X sprites, feel free to ask me about it!~<3

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    Friends ~ Kira Kira Gem (Dream Town)

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  1. Permanently raising 6 Tamagotchis all at once...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Doobytchi66


      I have 12 going now, all Japanese color, I am loving it!

    3. N4LLLC


      Shoot, I'm lucky to have 2 going at once. Right now I'm running 2 Sukus--versions 1 and 2.

    4. DaughterDevil


      I am already struggling with 1 Xp best of lick with yours!!!

  2. Holy wow, what the heck did I come back to?!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Kajah995


      Ah, he used to be on Tamatalk but he got banned years ago. The only thing I remember about him was an old thread about Homosexuality. Everyone was being really immature tbh but he was SUPER against it cause of his religion. DRAMA CENTRAL

    3. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Ugh...that sounds really really annoying. I'm glad I didn't have to endure that.

    4. Kajah995


      Yeah no it was BAD. This was BEFORE I knew I was trans so now I"m even more riles up. But he was banned back in like 2013 so it's no sweat.

  3. Whoops, I guess it's 5 PM instead of 7 PM. Totally my mistake! But yes, it is ideal to leave your Tamagotchi with their parents.
  4. If anything, I suggest going over everything here. This is my favorite guide so far to the Tamagotchi m!x, and it definitely got me used to all the features. As for the daycare/parents' house thing, yes, both open at 7 AM and close at 7 PM. But it's not a big deal, all of the babies, toddlers, and teens go to bed at 8 PM. As for the adults, most either go to bed at 9 or 10. They all go to sleep on their own, so you don't need to turn the lights out or anything. The m!x's are kinda low maintenance, so you'll be fine leaving them alone for a few hours. Anywho, if you have any other questions that the website I provided doesn't answer, feel free to ask me! I know a lot about the m!x and the more obscure things that the guide leaves untouched.
  5. Hey! I absolutely love this concept, it's super fun to play and mess around with too! Now will you be making a growth chart with it or are you gonna keep things secret? I think it's fun either way, I'm just wondering. Keep up the good work though, I really hope to see some cool new features in the future! :3
  6. He is, just as an NPC in Pachi Forest.
  7. Yeah, the M!X's have a really short battery life too. I played mine normally, sound on and brightness normal, and it came out to just under 2 weeks. It was ridiculous how much I was eating up AAA's, so I decided to turn down the brightness to the lowest and make sure to only use the Tama when I needed to, and it definitely is stretching out the lifespan a little. I think I've made it 3 weeks now. It is crazy how fast the color Tamas run out of battery. I'll be sure to watch my use when I get a P's. :c
  8. If I were to make a Sprite Shop here on TamaTalk, what would I need to do? Hoping to get an Admin to talk to about things. :0

    1. *Hayden*


      I think you'd have to do it via deviantart and advertise in your signature and stuff, sales aren't really allowed in any form sadly

    2. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Ah, yeah. That makes sense. Thank you!

  9. Settle it in SM4SH!!

  10. Hey, which one should I marry my 20th M!X to: Shinobinyatchi, Decoratchi, or Pichipitchi?

    1. asmexus


      I think it's cute when the children inherit Decoratchi's cherry hat

    2. fuzzywuzzysquid


      I do too! What traits does Shinobinyatchi pass down, tho?

    3. asmexus


      I think the children can inherit her shuriken ears and her tail, if i'm not mistaken

  11. I hate the stupid 20 Kusudama minigame on the 20th Anniversary M!X with a burning passion. >:c


  13. Oh great, now I gotta wait until May 12th to get my 20th Anniversary M!X...come on, Amazon!! >:c

    1. LittleChocoWolf


      Thats why I would go with JYW lol

  14. ¡Ay, caramba!

    1. MarshyMellow


      Caramba! I hate it when there's a lot of hair on the floor! Here, I'll go clean up.

    2. fuzzywuzzysquid
    3. MarshyMellow


      It's something that Hairdresser Octopus from PaRappa The Rapper 2 says when you get a 'Cool' rating.

  15. My heart just stopped.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Figuratively, haha. A lot going on right now. ;w;

    3. udawnc


      i hope everything goes well and okay for you soon! :D

    4. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Thank you, things definitely are going much better today. :3