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    If you'd like to request a certain Tamagotchi sprite in the same vein of M!X sprites, feel free to ask me about it!~<3

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    P1 ~ Green w/ White
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    <3 Tamagotchi P's <3
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    Baby: Tsubutchi ~ Child: Ahirukutchi ~ Teen: Maimaitchi ~ Adult: Ura Mametchi
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    P1 ~ Green w/ White
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    V4.5 ~ Blue w/ Hibiscus
    P's ~ Purple
    Friends ~ Silver Purple Gem
    Friends ~ Kira Kira Gem (Dream Town)

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  1. Holy wow, what the heck did I come back to?!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Kajah995


      Ah, he used to be on Tamatalk but he got banned years ago. The only thing I remember about him was an old thread about Homosexuality. Everyone was being really immature tbh but he was SUPER against it cause of his religion. DRAMA CENTRAL

    3. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Ugh...that sounds really really annoying. I'm glad I didn't have to endure that.

    4. Kajah995


      Yeah no it was BAD. This was BEFORE I knew I was trans so now I"m even more riles up. But he was banned back in like 2013 so it's no sweat.