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  1. @Eggiweg Thank you!! I checked out that thread and it was super interesting to read! Thanks for your help! @Penguin-keeper Thank you for that! Currently trying to run one now and am documenting things thus far and will update it in a few days. Its got a cute name! If you were interested, I've got three of them and I'm more than happy to send one your way as thanks. Just send me a dm if you'd like!
  2. Hi all! My parents brought three tamagotchis online, bless their hearts. They are fake but I appreciate it a lot so was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this particular one. You can choose out of two pets, a human or a dinosaur. It has twelve menu options to go through, the first one is food and I can feed the pet no problem but most of the other options (excluding the stats and food ones) the pet will just shake its head no. The stats option also shows a code S006YR00 Sorry about the image quality, my camera is awful.
  3. Hi everyone! long time no see! I have started a new log which you can find here:
  4. Hello everyone! No time no see! It's really good to be back, I took quite a break from tamagotchis just so I could focus on a few things. I completed my course and I now work at a local cafe, it is a nice job and I have the day off so I thought I'd start another log. I did have another one before which you can find by looking through my profile, it was a lot of fun to write but I randomly stopped updating it. Right now I am currently running my tamago as well as my music star. My tamago is married and has a child, I love all the cute animations. This is my first time running a tamago so it's been interesting! My last log I had three tamagotchis, a friends, a 2017 chibi and an IDL. Unfortunatly I no longer have my chibi. I now also own a V1 (2018 release), a V2, V3, Music Star and a Tamago. I am also waiting on two misc virtual pets and two littlest pet shop virtual pets in the mail. So! This is just a quick update for now, I plan on writing a longer log post later. I have a lot of logs I used to read to catch up on! Bye for now, fidgetTama
  5. *link removed* If you've got facebook, joining this group (everyone I've seen so far have been super lovely so far!), and checking out this video! I copied the text from the post for you, but recommend watching the video. I really want to get one lol "So just a quick video to show you guys what the Gudetama play flow looks like. Press A button and you have two options: Food or Game. In the food option, you can give him Soy Sauce as food, or Tomato as snack (LoL this is soooo random, I love it). Since hes full at the moment, I only selected the snack option. Then the game play, basically he hides in an egg, and you pick A button for left egg, or B button for right egg. Then basically in the main screen, if you press B its time, and C the gudetama reacts to you. Hope this helps with anyone trying to make decision on this cute little tama!!"
  6. I hope you're enjoying your tamagotchi friends! I need to start mine up again lol The exclamation mark is just your tama wanting to show you an animation, at certain times that'll be a showering animation and other times it'll just be one of the animations you get by pressing the c button.
  7. 16/11/17 12:17 pm Just a quick update for the moment howdy everyone. Unpacking is going well so far. Only my sowing machine to unpack and find a place for and one other box whoo hoo. It's raining at the moment, but thankfully it's not cold. Okay tamagotchi news! Nothing too exciting has happened so far both Mia and Tia evolved into child forms, so that was awesome. Tom is still his Kuchipatchi self for now. And Charlie is still my smiley toothy boy. I'll update with some more details and things later today. 7:12 pm Another long day of packing but I'm down to two average sized boxes. Plus my sowing machine and it's little bits in its box. My room is almost complete all I need are a chest of drawers and some shelves to put my clothes that can't be hung away! Hope everyone is doing okay see ya!
  8. 15/11/17 Finally taking a small break from moving and unpacking!! We started at 9 which is when the moving truck came, it took an hour to unload I leverything even with the moving men helping. I broke a nail carrying a heavy box (it hurt so bad), and then a bit later on fell out of the truck! I did hurt my bad ankle that turns inwards a lot but nothing too serious so I just kept going, and I took a lot of skin off my knee on my left leg. Ouch painful and pretty embarrassing. Note to self and anyone else moving, never wear thongs when doing things like that. After they left my dad asked me to clean out the fridge, which of course I said yes too, anything to help out. Boy was I in for a surprise. Very gross! It was super dirty and I spent an hour and a half cleaning it out. It looks amazing if I do say so myself. Looks brand new, even my mum said so. By this time it was about 11:40 am and then I started on my bedroom. Not that I could do too much since I don't have a chest of draws and shelves yet but I managed with my dads help to get my bed up. After that I helped unpacking and moving furniture around other areas of the house. After that I started back again on my room. I immediately went for the box I knew had my tamagotchis in it and opened it up. It was amazing to see them! I put batteries in and started them up, on my friends I have a little girl called Mia and on my ID-L I have another little girl called Tia. I of course have Charlie and I started up another virtual pet who I named Tom. He looks like Kuchipatchi lol. So two boys and two girls! It's been a bit of a hassle with everything I had to do but I managed with help from my little brother, who was more than happy to help when I asked him to keep an eye on them. Family are awesome. So it's now 7:57 Pm so it's been a very long day and it honestly feels like we haven't made a huge difference. We have definitely but there is still so much to do! So now that I have 3 Tamas and another virtual pet going I should definitely have some tamagotchi/virtual pet news! So this log isn't just me rambling about my exams and moving lol. I really am sorry about the non-tamaness of the log so far! It started out good but now I have them all with me it should be back on track without too much rambling from me lol! Charlie is 12 years old today so I fear our time together may be over very soon but I'll just enjoy the time I have with him! Anyway, I still have some unpacking to do before I head off to bed! See ya!
  9. 14/11/17 Hello!!! So I've noticed I've been rambling (again) in my entries. Whoops. I've been all over the place with moving and traveling and all. So last night we made it finally after three days of traveling. I'm glad I had Charlie with me. He's bouncing around next to me right now. Showing off his toothy grin. What a beautiful boy. I Oh I forgot he turned 10 yesterday! Which made it 10 days after I finished my last exam! Now that's left to do is get my results. So I guess he is 11 today. Apparently the Chibis only have a life span of 10 to 15 days so that means he could leave at any time soon I'll miss him when he goes. Tomorrow the moving truck arrives! I finally get my all of my things back that I haven't had for six months! As well as the things I packed in the last two weeks like my other two tamagotchis. I have batteries ready to go for them so I can start them up straight away. If anyone remembers, my formal was on the 8th. It was just magical. That's the only way I can explain it, it wasn't even the formal that was the best bit. It was just saying goodbye to my teachers and saying goodbye to my friends. They made me a beautiful photo album with pictures of us all. I've got plenty of photos to add to it. We even had a little photo booth that printed out photos. It does take awhile and it only prints out one so it takes a long time to get photos. But I've got about five that are in the album. My friend Jess who is my best friend and the closest person I know to my age (we're 6 days apart lol) which in my book makes us pretty much twins got me a beautiful little elephant charm which apparently brings good luck. I love it I'm getting it made into a phone charm so I have it with me always. She also wrote me a very beautiful card! Which made me cry lol and she got me the best present ever. A little mention of something slightly NSFW (not safe for work, or if you're younger/ like to avoid certain things) so skip over this little bit: **Removed. You even stated it was NSFW** I almost died when I saw them I laughed so hard. Of course I haven't worn them yet but I will at some point. Okay peeps that are skipping its safe! Nothing wrong with skipping! I do it often, especially on the terms and agreement things lol. Okay hello again lol. So I realise I haven't talked much about Charlie mostly because he is such low maintenance that nothing really ever happens to him. He hasn't gotten sick once! I thought he might but nothing so far. I thought it would be worse since I've been reading certain blogs (not on Tamatalk though) that have reviewed it, and most of them claim they are difficult. Maybe it's because I'm a little more used to Tamagotchis? Since most of the people writing about it claim they haven't had one since the originals. Which isn't a bad thing, people come and go out of interests. But yeah Charlie is a toothy smiley boy who is very laid back. I suppose in the next few days he'll be a lot more difficult to take care of. Time will tell I guess. On Instagram I do follow a lot of accounts that are tamagotchi based, I love that there are other places that us tamagotchi fans can connect and interact with each other. Although that can also sometimes be a not so good thing. Especially with arguments. I was apart of two tamagotchi facebook groups and a large argument broke out between the two groups, I ended up leaving one because of it. But I suppose that's the same with every online and in real life communities. Arguments are bound to happen, as long as things work out is the main thing. Anyway, even on non tamagotchi based Instagram accounts I see people are running the Chibi which is awesome! I see a LOT of people running the clear blue design, which is the one I have. I wonder why that is? I didn't pick my design, since I was in an exam when my parents noticed they had come in. Eb games was supposed to give me a call or text to say they have them in but I didn't get anything. Luckily my parents were in the area, but by that time they were pretty much all sold out! Again which is amazing! But it did mean I didn't get a selection of the design, I know sounds silly. Luckily for me I liked the clear blue design! I liked all of the designs so I'm not really complaining lol. I've been waiting on this since July lol super glad I've gotten it. Anyway bye for now!
  10. maybe! My birth mother is the eldest daughter of 24 children! So I've got plenty of uncles and aunties, and cousins! Lol
  11. 12/11/17 Howdy! Charlie is doing just fine. Ouch I just hurt my finger trying to find the handle when going around the corner. We've stopped off in a town that has a few family members living in it. We stayed there last night and we'll be staying there again tonight then at around 4:00 am we'll be heading off again! Charlie did a poop! Hmm Bill as a character has grown on me a lot since yesterday. His toothy grin is adorable. I've been reading a few other logs on here, I'll link them later on. I think it's super interesting to read how others interact with their tamagotchis and virtual pets as well as how they incorporate them into their everyday life. I've had the best day so far! Well apart for when a huge black ant just bit me on the foot!! Pain and misery. But instead of seeking revenge on the ant who is scurrying away and acting out on my pain and rage I just let the ant go. He's still scurrying away from me. Bleh naughty ant, no clue why he decided to bite me. Well it's been 40 minutes since I wrote the things above and I've been bitten like 20 more times scream. Okay more like 4 but still. Anyways I cannot wait until we get to the new town. It was the place I brought my tamagotchi Friends last year. I'm hopeful they'll still have them in stock, I want to get a Dream Town, just so I have two that can connect. Hopefully Santa will being me something special. Haha I'm not too hopeful about that but we'll see.
  12. 11/11/17 Well long time long write! I've had very limited internet so I haven't been able to upload the entries I've written but I'm still here and so is Charlie. Who today evolved from a Mametchi to the secret character Bill. To be honest I prefer Mametchi but he's still my Charlie. So we traveled for like 6 hours today in the car and still have about another hour tomorrow. We are officially on the move! A few more days and we'll be in our new house, I'll get my ID-L and Friends and my other virtual pet. Whoo hoo
  13. 04/11/17 8:21 am I forgot how it can feel like forever for your tamagotchi to wake up! Especially if you've been up since 6:00! Charlie is currently attached to my phone, Charlie is what I've named my new tamagotchi haha. My sister picked out the name! 9:49 We're on the road! Just going to the next town over, it's only about an hours drive. Charlie isn't exactly what I'd call needy. He only just called then for the first time all morning. So far he has only pooped once! I wasn't prepared for such an easy going baby but here I am. Though maybe he is since I have a sneaky suspicion that my two brothers are spoiling him when I leave my phone down somewhere, since he is attached to my phone case. He isn't alone for very long but I wonder. I think I might invest in a tamagotchi for my eldest younger brother. I've got 3 younger brothers lol! I don't remember if I've already said so in a previous post but if not then yes I've got 3 younger brothers, 3 younger sisters, an older brother who him and I always get mistaken for twins since we've been in the same year in school since we started. Before exams started earlier last month one teacher asked us "who do you think will be the smartest twin?" My brother said me, sweet but not true, we both have our own strengths and weaknesses. He's good at hands on stuff and is emotionally stronger than I am most of the time, he's pretty smart too. I'm think I'm mostly an average kind of gal, I usually come first second or third in assignments and essays but exams aren't my strong point, I stress easily. Anyway I politely reminded sir that we aren't twins. Oh we're just getting into town now! Whoo. I'm beginning to wonder how I will carry around my 3 tamagotchis. My Chibi is fine to stay on my phone case for now but it is pretty old and falling apart.
  14. 03/11/17 I have some bad news and some good news! My exams are over! It was very stressful but I went good. My last one was this afternoon and when I got home my tamagotchi Chibi was waiting for me! Unfortunately some things happened when moving and I had to pack my other two tamagotchis which is extremely sad but I'll be okay. It's only like 2 weeks at most. My new baby tamagotchi is doing good. His name is Charlie! My mother and father picked it up for me so they picked up the design. Luckily for me it was one I liked. The clear blue one! Well sooo close until we move! We won't actually get there until the 11th. Since we are making another stop in the opposite direction. I'm not really sure if my new one is worth the $30 I spent but it's pretty good to just go and get one in store. But I've just got it so only time will tell!! 11:03 PM I'm pretty restless tonight! My younger brother is sleeping in the loungeroom with me since we had a movie night and boy can he snore!! Haha I'm sure I snore too lol! I'm not sure how I feel about being out of school for pretty much good. The next time I've got to go in there is the 8th for my formal. Wow, I still don't have shoes yet eheh. I've got a nice dress though, I'm not a huge dress wearer (rare to see me in one haha!) but I think it looks nice enough. It's similar in colour to my best friends so that's pretty cool.
  15. 18/10/17 2 exams down out of 7! Whoo! My next one is on the 23rd, and it's just general math. I'm not too concerned with it. I can breeze through these types of math just fine. Just division for me sucks haha! A friend of mine does unit 2 math which is a much harder course. I'm glad I only stuck with general. Anyway tamagotchi news- today i went to my local eb games and the man working there told me they have received information about the new Tamagotchi chibi, I should get it on the 2nd of November. But he did say it could be earlier or a little later than that, like on the 5th. But those dates are fine because we don't leave town (and state) until the 11th, which is my mother's birthday! Well I've begun painting my tamagotchi Friends shell, since all of the paint had come off, the poor thing. Note to self never let anyone borrow them ever. I'll see how it comes out. See ya!