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  1. Hey I have a little question. Can a tama 4u and a friends connect to each other?? I've already tried a few times but without succes.
  2. Hi tama-friends I have a question. If bandai releases a new tamagotchi how does it needs to be like in your opinion? I'll start: First of all the tamagotchi would need a bluetooth connection instead of an NFC conection because bluetooth is way more common. Second, I should make a good mobile app for the tamagotchi. An app which you can transfer your tama temporarily too so you can play games (alone or with other tama's) and talk to other tama's all over the world via internet. Bandia could charge like 5 to 10 bucks for it. I also would give it more memory so that their can fit more games, items ect.in it. I also saw an idea here in tamatalk about that you can cook for your tama which is a really good idea either. Then there could be a market in the tamapeda where u can buy vegetables and meat. Maybe aslo that you can cook the difficult recipes in the app and the simple ones on the tamagotchi. I also tought of school now in school on the 4u there is just an animation what if you need to do certain exercises for earning a skill, for example for you need to play a jump the rope-game (where u press B to let her/him jump) 5 times to obtain the sport skill. I wouldn't change the tamagotchi itself to much because otherwise it would become to costly but with an app where you can do many fun things on maybe tamagotchi become attractive again. I'm starting this topic because like we all know Bandai is taking its hands off tamagotchi. I don't like it and I know you guys don't like it either. So maybe if we can collect enough ideas we can sent them trough to bandai and they will maybe reconsider. I know I'm maybe a little too ambitious but we have a proverb here in Belguim. You have a no but you can get a yes ( sounds beter in dutch). If we don't try bandia would probably stop producing tamagotchi's completly in a couple of years an I don't want that happen. So if you have good ideas, post them here, discuss this ideas, share this question with every tama-parent/fan you can find. Give tamagotchi the push in the back it needs.
  3. Deciding of I let my lovelitchi marry and go to the second generation or not. I want to learn to know the other tama' s but I kinda love lovelitchi.

  4. I have a little question. Can u do something with the special skills your tama learns on the 4u besides helping people in the garden??

    1. Sonic_Hedgehog


      this is probably appropriate for the "Help for new Tamagotchi owners" section if you want an answer :P

  5. Hoe cool would it be if tamatalk had an app like facebook. I know that would require a lot of money and effort but how cool would that be!

    1. Nazotchi25


      It would be pretty interesting, luckily the mobile site works well enough though :)

    2. bunbutchi


      I'm pretty sure you can use Tapatalk for it, but I'm not certain as I've never tried it before.

  6. And I have all the other items already. For the favorite item. I looked it up in a copie of the book. It is the microphone but I can't Find it.
  7. But I already the art skill from school. I think I accidentely skipt all the other classes and went in to art club immidatly.
  8. I got my first one when I was like 10 years old. I don't know what it's name was . I don't even know if it was a fake or a real one. Probably a fake because they only costed like 5 bucks that time but I was addicted to it even though they died constantly. And now with that article over bandai that is going to bring the 97' back on the market I looked stuff up about tamagotchi, bought a 4u and I'm addicted all over again.
  9. I have my tama for 5 days now. My husband thinks I'm obsessed. Well maybe I am xp

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I also want to get a 4U, but only because they seem to be a good price. I don't have a colour version yet so maybe it wouldn't bore me, but I do want get a Plus Colour first to test the waters.

    3. DaughterDevil


      I love my 4u. Unfortunetly I mat more for delevery then for my 4u but it is totaly worth of.

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Are you saying that you had to pay an extra charge for your 4U?

  10. hey I have a little problem with my 4u. I have lovelitchi on my tama right now and her favorite toy is the microphone but I can't find it. It's not in the Item shop or in the app. Do I need to earn it? Or get it as a present? Sincerly DD
  11. OMG thank you Doobytchi66 This is amazing!!!
  12. Didn't know how to learn my tama the bathtime skills nog she's grown up so I can't learn it to her anymore. I feel like a bad tamaparent.

    1. DoobyDoobytchi66


      if it is the 4U(also+) the clean up is 18:00 and bath-time is 19:00. Set clock one minute before each time, usually twice will do it. Clean, bath, then praise= skill. Toilet training is every two hours, sometime one hour after the change to a teen.

    2. DaughterDevil


      She is already turned in lovelitchi. I was told that she can't learn that skill anymore.

  13. Hey I need some advice. My tama turned in lovelitchi yesterday and in school I can follow only 1 class, art class. In art class there is an animation and in all the rest are they just talking? Is that normal? What do I need to do?
  14. Sorry I didn't saw this forum is for avanced tama Player but I can't delete it.