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  1. Hi! I'm gonna be starting up my UraTama for this one. This is my first group hatch- I'm pretty excited! Sorry if the pictures are huge/bad quality, I'll work more on that for tomorrow's post. Well, I started it up, and my egg hatched into a cute Ura Memeotchi! Hello, new baby! He wasn't too needy through the baby stage. I love the beeping sound on this version, too. It's a little high-pitched and cute-sounding. I think I'm gonna go for the Humor-adult, Serebutchi. After an hour, he evolved into Haneotchi! He reminds me a bit of the child from the Genjintch, the little tadpole-thing. But with wings! I played the first game with him several times. I prefer the games on the UraTama over the EnTama, but I prefer the V4/V4.5 games over either of those. I'm really gonna have to work on taking these in better lighting. It's hard to see the blue pixels in the pictures. These are his stats so far. I'm hoping to raise them even more tomorrow! He got to attend preschool twice, and bought some food and an ingredient from the shopkeeper. I'll probably do a smaller update tomorrow, and at least include his stats.
  2. Yeah, stress relief is a big reason I play with my Tamagotchis. I've got a lot of chronic health problems, but my Tamagotchis are always there to help me feel better. They're probably more affectionate than my cats, too, which is... really sad.
  3. Hi, sorry for the late response! I bought it at Walmart IRL, but it looks like they have it online, too! This is the one I got. I hope this helps!
  4. Purple, black, and white! Purple's one of my favorite colors, and my very first Tamagotchi was purple: a V1 with a purple shell, purple buttons, and a purple border. Black and white are probably because of Mimitchi, though I was never sure if she was black or a really dark blue...
  5. You could also try getting a phone repair kit, that's what I've been using to take mine apart. I find they're usually small enough to fit.
  6. Yup, doing this should work. Each time you reset it, it'll count as a different Tamagotchi.
  7. I'd like to join! I'll be using my UraTama. It needs more love than it's been getting recently.
  8. There's a male and female baby for each family. If you get a Mame-Family baby, it'll always grow into one of the Mame-Family characters, and so on. There's a cooking feature, which is pretty cool. It's longer-lived than the English versions, which gives you longer to build up its GUTS Points. Instead of just seeing pictures with the letters and such, you get newspapers and letters with actual text. It's all in Japanese, though, so if you can't read Japanese, it's not much help... It's also got an extra family of characters you can get that aren't available in the English V4. You can't choose when to go to the school, the teachers just come to you at certain times throughout the day. It's the same with the shopkeeper, he comes to you throughout the day to sell you items/food/cooking materials, there's no shop for you to go to. There's also no pause feature, you have to pause it with the time-screen trick like on the vintage models or removing the battery. Umm... I think that covers most of the main differences.
  9. Japan You Want gets them in occasionally, and the prices are usually pretty good there. I got mine from them for about $200.
  10. As far as I know, it doesn't matter what character your Tamagotchi marries, it's a random chance whether you get a girl or boy and the adult it becomes is based on care misses/personality. Yup, that's from not letting your character marry. Your character won't leave unless you let it marry/don't take good care of it. I had one adult I kept around for almost a month before letting her marry.
  11. I'm looking forward to RPG Maker Fes! I've always wanted to play an RPG Maker game, but I much prefer portable to PC or home console...
  12. Well, I only just joined a few days ago. But 12 years ago, I would've been nine. I think that's around the same time I got my first Tamagotchi, too! A purple V1, with purple buttons.
  13. I'm currently playing Monster Hunter Generations, but thinking of switching over to Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. I'm pursuing Inari, but it might take me a while to finish up the extra requirements to marry him.
  14. My sister's P's, and my Keitai and P1 came in today. And while not exactly a Tamagotchi, my Penpy and RakuRaku Dinokun came in today. Neither seem to be working, though, but the batteries I was using might have just been bad. It seems odd that neither of those would work when they were both supposed to be tested and working beforehand, and this seller's normally really great, so I'm picking up some new batteries tomorrow afternoon.
  15. I tend to keep mine in my pockets. Though I do have a lanyard I keep them on occasionally.