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  1. So I'm using a Palm Centro to send downloads to my tamas, which has been going fine until I try to send stamp cards to it. It says on the centro that it sent but the tama says "failed" when it tried to connect. I am using Mr. Blinky's englishifed stamp cards if that makes any difference.
  2. i found a english angelgotchi online for $60 - i'm waiting to pay the guy on payday but otherwise it's mine and he's gonna ship it to me! i'm so excited, its my first vintage tama and i can't wait to raise some angels!

    1. Dordtchild


      ^_^ hey, congrats, USA Angel Gotchis are a bit hard to get anymore. :T AngelGotch are easier but the wait time is so bad
    2. skytha


      haha thank you, yeah i noticed the english/usa ones were really rare + expensive, and i'm so lucky this guys gonna ship it to me since its on a website that you generally have to go meet to buy ^-^

    3. Tamacass


      Ooooh, nice find! ;)

  3. a care miss is when the happy/hunger meters go to zero and your tamagotchi will have the attention icon lit up, and when the icon goes away (after 15 mins) you will have a care mistake. after a care miss your tama might get sick so be sure to pay attention to that though. my tamas have nearly died because i didnt pay attention to them in time.
  4. i'm waiting for a Love & Melody Pierce for my p's - i dont have any pierces yet so i'm excited
  5. So I want to get the first version of the tamagotchi friends and I have a dream town edition, but I'm wondering - can they connect? I don't want to get one unless they can
  6. By customized I mean I took off the faceplate and put in my own paper insert - I printed the paper insert too short so I had to stretch it. This was my first time doing this so it is kinda shoddy but I love it
  7. My only 4U/4U+ is the anniversary edition and yep, its only the fancy faceplate and the shell that's different I believe - the faceplate is really nice though.
  8. So I'm playing with my tamagotchi p's but I'm having a issue figuring this out - I know care mistakes are from my tamagotchi calling for me, but do they carry over when the tama evolves? And do care mistakes happen when you leave your tama with poop on the screen for too long?
  9. So I have a 4U+ but I can't figure out what Mametchi's favorite items are. I know its a sailor cap and experiment kit, but I don't know what the favorite food is? Can someone help me?
  10. So I got my first tama yesterday so I don't know much about these, but when I looked up the skills from the dream school I couldn't find anything, and apparently you need to use that to evolve your tamas? Could someone help me, is there a chart or something that could help me get the tamas I want??