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  1. I'm sooo disappointed... The buttons aren't real buttons that you can press, the designs are very bland and girly, it still needs batteries, the packaging is very big and will probably be very empty + It must be hard to take clear photos if you have to press a button that's 1/4 of the device itself. I'm just curious to see how the back will look like and I really hope the price won't be over 50$ otherwise I can already see it flopping. Edit: i'm quite happy with the new cooking and customizing furniture options tho
  2. Hi ! I found this fake tamagotchi on aliexpress.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ It looks like a tamagotchi familitchi even tho it's probably the generic program like pretty much every other tamagotchi. But i just wanted to know if it's possible to use some parts from the fake (like the buttons) to repair a real tamagotchi ? I saw some fake tamagotchi that were bigger than the real ones, so i'm curious to know if any of you bought one !
  3. I feel a little bit dumb but is this a new Tamagotchi ? Or is it the Tamagotchi On with a different packaging ? Maybe the packaging is fanmade ? (I've been absent from the tamagotchi fandom for a few months...)
  4. Already saw tons of these on ebay. (like this one : )
  5. "undefined" still appears and can we connect our tamagotchi connections to this version or no ?
  6. I agree with KidRetro64, you should wait for the meets to be released !
  7. Did you take it apart ? Try to tighten the screws of the motherboard a little bit ...
  8. Just received my japanese oceangotchi !

    1. raichuu


      aaahhh!!! that's so exciting omggg!!!! >W<

      let us know how it is!!

    2. AnniChu


      Awesome! What shell does it have?

    3. Mat_Croft


      I have the red translucent one ! And i'm totally in love, it's my favorite tama ^^

  9. Nice ! What did you use to take off the paint ?
  10. I ordered an umino tamagotch ! Can't wait (7 to 12 days) to play with it !

    1. QueenRita



    2. Erin C S

      Erin C S

      Congrats to you I am very happy for you!Have a great day and follow me on tiktok @lainey._. tiktok

  11. Hello ! So, my tamagotchi Music Star is doing about 3 concerts a day but he's still poor ... He gets nothing when he's doing concerts I've searched around on google and i didn't find anything ( He's the second in the star ranking )