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  1. Hi everyone, I've been trying to figure which item will change the park into the Anniversary theme to pass on traits from Makiko and Nemunemuutchi. I noticed whenever you m!x a tamagotchi with a tama town character, that trait is always more dominate, so the anniversary background is only during the earlier stages. I can't get the photo to attach, so I included a link. For reference, the background has hearts on the grass patches, and glowing bow lamp posts. If the item required is a M!x station item, let me know because I've tried almost every item in the shop.
  2. Hi everyone, I've manage to unlock all locations on my Sanrio M!x except for berry town. There are no berry sundae in the restaurant on device, but I know this is a location because of a guild from Fuzzy n Chic. If anyone can tell me how, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, are there any additional content available online or any way to get on the tamagotchi m!xland to connect to PC from device?