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  1. @ knighttchi's ballad I started with pokemon gold! And I don't usually start with a team in mind at all and I sorta just catch all the pokemon I need to complete the pokedex although I rarely complete it. I really don't think I could not try to catch all the pokemon in each route... Or try out different pokemon cuse why not just because its not common in the meta doesn't mean it wont be fun Anyways Sora is finally an Oldie he evolved last night!
  2. August 7th Today we are back to work in the lab even though I am sick as a song, my ear is doing the ‘I’m gonna explode but not really’ thing my throat is doing the swollen and sore thing, and I have developed a cough. Well today I didn’t have much lab work to do (It’s all about timing) and I read some papers and studied the evolutionary biology book that I have been reading and I went home early. For the record I also had a nap. But I did get my GA contract signed so I can work and get paid for it. Sora is age 9 today I think soon very soon he will be evolving. August 8th Sora is 10 today and the matchmaker has started to arrive. Today much like yesterday we went to the lab and unlike yesterday I did some lab work! And I did more of what I did yesterday, lots of reading about science and a nap. Also I made some progress in platinum, I got the sixth gym, badge something I have never done before. Can I say amazing? I have never really played through some pokemon games and gen 4 has been one of those that I start a hundred times get to the second or 4th gym and just stop. I don’t know why I stopped, I got annoyed, I found a different game and so on. If I am going to say I don’t like gen 4 I need to at least play through it once to decide on it. August 9th Today my cold or plague has been easing up I guess my nap the other day did the trick. Today I was very productive with my reading, and I have even done the dishes I did one chore like I wanted to do. And I may have also eaten all of my birthday brownies today so I baked some more because you can never have too many brownies, well I guess you can. Sora is 11 and the matchmaker has been coming around so I really do think that soon he will be evolving. August 10th Happy friday! Sora, I hate to admit that Sora got some neglect, so much neglect that I got a care miss. I feel awful but in the grand scheme of things adulthood caremisses don’t really count towards oldie care misses and longevity. But I worked on some reading, I subcultured for the first time with this organism in the BSC so I ended this week on a high note. And today I finished a bracelet that I have been working on for ages and it felt good to just finish it and get it out of my hair. August 11th Sora had a fun day with me today instead of working on school work or housework we decided to turn the entire day into working on my bullet journal and now I have pages up until the end of December! We even added several collection pages, a page to round up 2018, a page to welcome 2019 (with goals), an apocalyst (what would you want to do if the world ended?), and the playlist of 2019 a list of favourite songs. So, now we can sit back and relax and not worry about layouts for a little bit. Sora did get a little neglected on this day but I do tend to be goal oriented. And Sora got to meet my Ps!
  3. August 2nd Sora will be three when he awakens from his slumber and I truly hope that all his memories will be in order. He should also evolve right when he wakes up so that is very exciting on my end. When he awoke he evolved right away, and then proceeded to see the world through his teenage eyes, decided the world was just too bright, so he went back to bed for an hour (so today he was 4). He evolved into hinotamatchi! (again I thought first gen was always ichigotchi). Yesterday I think I missed at least one training call, he got sick and I think one of his meters emptied once. He is having a rough go at things apparently. But I did fill his meter before his attention icon went off. August 3rd Sora is now a moody sullen silent Roxas before he met Axel or Xion, which I guess is all due to being a teenager. So far he hasn’t whipped out his keyblade so I guess as long as I get get a keyblade in the head things are doing pretty damned good! Yesterday he did get much better care (or I like to think he did or that’s just what I am remembering). And because of his evolving in the morning and going back to bed… He will be age 5 when he wakes up today. This age thing will not impact his growth as far as I am aware so at least there is that. August 4-6th I forgot to mention this while I was typing this up.... Sora evolved into Kuchipatchi a tama that I have a very fond love for so I am very happy! So I am sick, and these past couple of days have been a blur but today (the 6th) is my birthday that’s right I have made another voyage on this space rock around the sun and survived! And that I think is something amazing, afterall riding a space rock in space can’t be a safe thing to do. And have you met humans lately? Anyways Sora wished my a happy birthday and he was among the fam jam that called and texted me. My sister for the record called me twice and was the first to see my new hair purple in the roots, down to purple pink and ending with hot pink. What were we up to today? Lounging in bed wishing for the sickness just to leave my human vessel, working on my bullet journal that my best friend gave me (I finished November! I did a peter pan and harry potter theme as November is movie themed). And it is all caught up with my going ons in august and her visit with me! (it was cut short sadly). And we made mint chocolate brownies which taste amazing! All in all it has been a decent day and I have spent some time playing animal crossing trying to get caught up I am now in the tail end of June ( I was in may so progress is being made).
  4. It's that day again: Happy Birthday, Rory! May all kinds of winged fowl give you peace on this day and for the rest of the year :^) It's a holiday over here, too.

    1. Rorys_Tamas


      Thank you! And fun fact my birthday usually falls on the August long weekend (they claim its a coincidence i beg to differ)

  5. The last time I ran mine the match maker starting coming around age 8 (ish) and he didnt evolve into an oldie until age 12 and I think the match maker came three times a day until he evolved I don't have detailed notes unfortunately as I was doing an oldie hatch. And I had the same pattern with the time I ran it before that (again an Oldie run) and both times she started coming around age 8 and he evolved into an oldie at age 12
  6. July 24th-30th Well Moana and I had a few busy days. First my best friend arrived the 27th (ish I am a little vague on the date) and she hung out for a 2 days before we went to the Calgary Zoo then to West Edmonton mall. Moana unfortunately did not enjoy the roller coasters and the amusement park rides.... as she was locked in a locker. And well things snowballed and she passed away. She was either 50 or 52 or somewhere in between it is sad, but she had a really good final day (the zoo) so I can't be too mad or sad. But in light of that... I decided on July 31st to hatch my sky blue tamagotchi plus ( the Japanese V1) July 31st This is the day that Sora entered this fine world, on this a day that should be reserved for global celebration the birthday of none other than Harry Potter. He was the king of Teen angst, the lord of being oblivious the champion of recklessly brave and all around the golden boy of Gryffindors everywhere. Sora hatched from his egg rather late in the day (I had a cooking palooza and I was very busy). As a baby Sora was very typical, he lived in a frenzy of poop tears and cries. There were baby bottles just flying everywhere and then when I was right at my breaking point he evolved into a Marutchi and things settled down. Yes we had to play some games, but shortly after he went to bed. He did have a very big day after all. August 1st And this brings us today, With Sora by rambunctious bouncing ball of joy. Sora hasn't summoned his keyblade yet, but in his defence he hasn't needed one. Fun fact Sora means sky which is what I think of when I see this shell. This is one of my favourite shells and it just helps me relax. Sora likes to roll around his screen and bounce around making his version of the duck face. Sora enjoys pokemon and and talking in riddles. Today he has been asking about what kind of fish chases a mouse.
  7. July 15-16th Moana is 38 years old and she has passed all of the death ages in the 30's and 2 more days until she's 40 years old! I can't wait for her to be 40. She had an uneventful day as being 37 an age we are very glad she can surpass. This was an age at which a fellow oldie died. So any milestone to pass is worthy of celebration as if raising an Oldie and doing an oldie hatch is so much harder than seeing how many generations you can go (as every generation you get a refresh on care misses and such). July 17th One more day until she is 40, and today it is hot as balls outside so hot I think I am going to melt. And she is really regretting her old age as now her wrinkles are tiny pools of salt containing sweat. No matter what she does the pools remain everywhere. Every once in a while a pool will become over flowing and a giant glob of sweat trickles down to ground marking that she once stood there. Today we camp out in front of the fan and wish for winter, but if there is one truth in this world it is winter is coming and it can't get here soon enough. (I really need to read those books again or watch the show again). July 18th Today Moana is 40! She did it! And our next record to beat is Roki he perished due to neglect. He was the last oldie I had on my Keitai and he was.... well he started to get neglected and well eventually it took a toll on him. I think it was my teaching schedule. Or I went out of town or something like that. Well anyways! She is 40 and we are gonna celebrate the only way we know how, studying general zoology and she will have a little too much sake and confuse her cephalopods for the decapods and don't get her started on her round worms, flat worms and segmented worms and hagfish! And to celebrate I have classic mamaetchi on my V2 and we all know how much I love classic mametchi. July 19th Moana is 41 years old today and she is having a very good day, it is a Thursday and I was productive and she didn't have any care misses or near misses. And we are very excited for my best friend to arrive! And today I have been thinking about a previous story that I have written previously and it felt good to get back to it. All in all this was a very good day. July 20-21st And here we are Saturday, the saturday were we studied, and I played pokemon and worked on my previous story and it felt great to not be stressing myself out about my research program. We are growing a gastrointestinal parasite and soon enough I will be about to work with it and bam I will be on the road to results. Also Moana is 43 years old and she is 2 days away from being 45!
  8. what I do it is make sure the sound is on and keep them around you close at hand. And depending on the time that I have I have one meter full and I keep the other one close to empty let it empty and wait for them to stop telling me they need something (attention icon goes off) and they can be sick after, or have nothing wrong. I cure them when they are sick and feed one food item to minimally fill the empty meter and keep going until I have (I think its 8+ care misses). I say keep them by because they can get the death god sick over them (but if you cure them they will be fine)
  9. Precisely I paid $20 with shipping (I'm in Canada) and I didn't did it just for my IDLs I did it so I could english patch my Ps and use the VDPs that Mister Blinky and his team have been working on and play around with the downloads on the ID as they have some gorgeous wallpapers and some fan made ones that are harry potter themed I wouldn't pay $40 for an old phone for the one use which is why I would pay more for the NFC phones for 4U compatibility
  10. I have connected a V3 and a japanese tamagotchi plus it can be a bit touchy as the timing thing but mostly I have seen connections fail (instant fail) due to batteries being too low other than that I have nothing to offer you
  11. I tried the dongle route but the compatibility thing with the computer and the dongle was not so easy to deal with that I ended up finding an old phone on ebay.... But if you do your googling and look at different ones and compare brands and compatibility and such I am sure you will find the one that works for you!
  12. if you let it run away and hatch a new egg you will not have to unlock the locations again
  13. Using items, and wallpapers and such can influence growth if you mix with a mermaid palace adult and you play with the mermaid palace items the park will eventually have the mermaid palace look to it and that's the dominant traits of your mix this doesn't always work and a lot of people rage that they didn't get the combination of traits they wanted The mix is the sort of tama that is about mixing traits and seeing what happens a lot of people find this boring and that's fine that doesnt mean its a bad tama I for one love it becuase I don't have to worry about ensuring I get the right number of care misses to ensure that I don't see the same few characters over and over again. The IDLs are an amazing model with or without downloads I love the IDL (I have all three versions) and it is absolutely a gem to run to I hope you enjoy them (and I hope the location unlocks only having animations doesn't leave a bitter taste in your mouth)
  14. -there are two items and a couple clothes options that are unique to spacy land but you are right for the most part the "attraction" is animations and thats how a lot of unlockable locations on other tamas, the Ps has an amusement park that you unlock all you do is chose a ride and you watch your tama go on the ride and thats it. Most of the IDL locations are just animations - the hot springs you pay you sit and yay you. And so on. The animations are something cute to watch. Sometimes you see a musical concert sometimes you see a cute animation - Berry Sweets has the cake animation and it is cute but does nothing and again there are two adults that hang out there. And the locations offer tamas to mix with that is what makes them worth while. If you collect all 32 tama tomos on the Ps all you get is a rocket animation. I am not sure what to tell you but maybe its all in your point of view? You can see it as the last location and thats all I get or its a location easily unlocked while some other locations like Gozaru village that is considerably harder to unlock and not last on the list and comes with 4 adults and a mini game.
  15. as far as I am aware they do not impact your ability to get the clovers in adulthood they do impact if you have to clean up poops or clean the room or bathe the tama though