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  1. Wow, these bootlegs are really nice! I don't remember ever seeing a battle system before, and it even has a choice to connect to actual tamas, even if it's not perfect. All the extra functions and original graphics are interesting too! Also, seeing HELL in the menu made me laugh. Strange that the A and B buttons are switched, though. The manual actually seems to state that, and it looks like a regular V2 manual with the screenshots and part of the text edited to match the bootleg. Looking forward to seeing more of them, and I'm tempted to run my bootleg again now that I found another one to test the connectivity between them.
  2. AceBun

    Burotchi's Doodle Log

    Here's some paint doodles of your lil guys! Hope you don't mind them.
  3. Hello! Sorry for the confusion, but I meant that a bootleg could connect to another bootleg of the same brand in that post. I still have it, but I unfortunately cannot test the connection to a v1 or v2 as I only have a v4. I'm really curious if it would just give an error or if it would transmit data of some kind, even if buggy.
  4. AceBun

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    I finally got my v4! Been wanting to get a legit tama since I unearthed my old bootleg quite a while ago! And here it is compared to that old bootleg! I'm hoping to have lots of fun!!
  5. I'm sad to announce that Sol, the bootleg tama, died this morning. As of recently, it had been sleeping and waking up in the middle of the afternoon, due to that internal clock. I had to keep it in another room overnight, since I couldn't mute it either. Due to that, every morning I had to heal it back up and hope it survived. Today I only had time to rushedly pick it up, and forgot that I had it in my bag. I only noticed when it gave a final beep, showing that screen. None of the buttons or combinations seemed to do anything, so I assume you can only reset with the button. I hope you enjoyed these little "reports" on how my bootleg tama looks and works! Even if I couldn't really get it to the elder stage... Also, I believe these specific type of bootlegs come from JiDan Electronics, which come with a JD logo on their packaging. I'm not going to run it anymore, mostly because of the lack of functionalities, but I plan on getting my hands on some nice tamas very soon! Hope you have a great weekend, and hopefully see you around!
  6. Hehe, I thought it was a dango too! The strange winking sprites also make it look like it has 3 legs for some reason. I could set the clock off, but I think that the speedup would eventually catch up, since you really notice it being many minutes ahead just overnight. That, and it would be awake when I'd be asleep, and I dont think the hourly beep would let me sleep very well, let alone take care of it. The download function is something I always thought was pretty smart to include in tamas! Too bad the egg screen only seems to stay on for a few seconds, and I bet it doesn't have the feature either, like you said... When I do get a legit tama, I'll be sure to make a log here! I've been reading some really amazing ones, and I want to contribute too.
  7. Hello hello! As I hoped, my little bootleg did in fact turn into a Kutchipatchi! It has a couple of funny, not-quite-right sprites too: I've noticed it poos every time the internal clock hits 30 minutes of any hour, and it weirdly goes to sleep very late (1~2AM internal) and wakes up very early too. So, unfortunately, combined with the lack of a pause and mute functions, I've been struggling to take care of it, and the poor thing has had a lot of care slips... Because of this, and a friend of mine remembering that Kutchipatchi sprite, I don't believe it has multiple adult characters to grow into, since I think you get specific ones with bad care. I'll have it grow one more time before I put the tab back in again. Even though I am attached to it, it can get distracting, and even a bit annoying in certain cases... But I still want to see how it looks! Hopefully I'll get a fun tama I can enjoy for my birthday!
  8. Today, after turning 3, my tama seemed to turn into ichigotchi! Because of this, I wonder if its following some sort of chart. The V1, for example, can get ichigotchi on odd generations if I'm not mistaken, so it would be fun to see a bootleg kutchipachi or something in the future. It has a different set of sprites, like the other life stages. I don't believe there's any way to change the time, and if there is I havent found it. Though, I've noticed it seems to be paused if I just keep it on the clock screen. Edit: It doesn't pause, I was wrong. When I play the first minigame, nothing seems to change if I win or lose several times. (It's quite hard to win since I don't know how to play it at all.) The attention icon does light up, but only when it poos. I remember, from when I was a kid, it sometimes lighted up for no reason too, and it mean we had to talk (discipline?) the tama. Most tamas I find are a bit on the expensive side, and the shipping costs (if there is any shipping available for my country) double the price, but I'll try saving up so I can buy a couple tamas to raise together.
  9. Hello again! Here's the footage (and some pics) I promised. From yesterday night: Those are the sprites for sleeping with the lights off and on, and for the poo. After it went to sleep, the menu said it was 1 year old. I also noticed the clock seemed to run fast, as at that time it was 3 minutes ahead of real time. I kept checking through the day, and it managed to get 45 minutes ahead by 8PM. After some classes, when I had my first chance to check on it, and it was sick! The animation for curing it showed a syringe, and afterwards it played the "win" tune, like when you win a minigame. (sorry for still only pasting a link!) As you can see on the video, i tried holding the buttons down, but they still dont seem to work... Besides that, the sprite is now some kind of oval. It eats rice and candy, and weights a bit more. The 1st icon on the bottom seems to make it talk (I think it's supposed to be discipline or something similar), and the connection function seems to have japanese writing, but I can't make it out. The minigames look like they have some garbled writing too, and didn't change. Other things that I noticced: PHYS may be some sort of discipline meter. Eating even after the FOOD/SCOK bars are full doens't seem to affect weight, and it refuses after the 3rd time you feed it over the limit. I also don't know if it registers that you're overfeeding it or taking bad care of it in any way. I'm currently searching for used tama listings on local sites, and even though I haven't found anything very promising, there's some interesting (if expensive...) tamas over here! Like an original P1/P2, P's and 4U Plus still in their boxes!
  10. Quick update: it grew a little bit (I think it's in the child phase now) and got a new sprite! I also recorded more footage so I could try and test the button combinations and check if there were different games and interactions. I'll try to post it when I get home. If I keep taking care of and documenting this tama, even if it's a bootleg, should I take it somewhere else and make another thread, or keep it here? Thanks for the replies and see you later!
  11. I am back with a video this time! (if anyone could help me embed this, that would be great!) Unfortunately, none of the button combinations seem to work, which means i can't take it to classes with me or care for it all the time... But I'll keep going and see what happens with it anyways. Here's how it looks normally! You can see the sprite nicely, but the little icons are a bit hard to get on camera. I've seen my bf play a bit with his V5 (it has a black and gold shell, and came with a little gozarutchi charm!) and he managed to even get a sunnytchi, ehe! I'll try looking for used tama listings near me, to see if I spot anything interesting. It's getting pretty late here, so I'll hopefully see you soon! Thank you for your replies!
  12. From what I can remember from having a real tamagotchi on my hands, I'd say it's pretty similar, maybe a little lighter. It doesn't feel hollow at all though. About the characters... well, I don't think I ever got very far as a kid, so I don't really remember, but it definitely lasted for some days. With school and everything, I can't take care of it for a long time, as I believe it doesn't have either a mute or pause function, but I'll try to at least record a little bit of the first stages, and post them soon! The problem is that since the (badly translated) manual is long gone, I have no clue what some controls or button combinations are... I'll definitely check out your suggestion! While I can't get my hands on a V4/V4.5, do you think I should try out my boyfriend's V5?
  13. Hello! This is my first post here, so please tell me if I need to correct anything. (Picture size, wrong board...) I've been interested in Tamagotchis since I was a kid, and back when it was really popular here, my mom got a couple cheap ones from some dollar stores. Even at the time, all of us at school knew these weren't legit Tamagotchis, but since they were all from the same bootleg "brand", the infrared function worked between them. They used to come in this kind of packaging, and looked mostly like V1 Connexions, with the clear red plastic on the IR part, and the usual giveaways of an unofficial product. (for anyone interested, "Animal Imaginado" means roughly "Imagined Animal", and the packaging came in broken spanish, even though I am from Portugal.) A couple days ago, I decided to go look for my old bootlegs, and found this one! The shell seems to be a pink recolor of a light blue V1 shell, the background has numbers, and it obviously doesn't say Tamagotchi anywhere. I decided to open it up so I could check if the manufacturers based the circuit board on a specific region, and to check if it had debug built in. Well, turns out it doesn't have a debug function at all! So maybe it was based on the European region where it ended up being sold. It also seems way more basic than legit tama circuits. (The pixels seem slightly larger too.) Other than that, it still works pretty well, and it's surprisingly similar to an actual Connexion! I don't believe it has all its functions, but it's a fun little pet anyways, and very different from the "Multi-Pet" type ones you see nowadays on eBay and such. It mostly feels like some kind of clone of a V1/V2, with weird mixed characteristics like some menu names in japanese, others in english, and slightly different sprites from the official ones. If I eventually find my other bootlegs, I'll try to make them connect to see if the IR still works between them. I don't know if anyone is interested in how this works, photos of it running, or if I should make a video, but feel free to ask! One last question: if I wanted to get back into Tamagotchis, which one do you think would be a good start?