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  1. Hey, so im trying to figure out which tamagotchi would i have the most fun playing with and growing the family tree with only one physical tamagotchi. Right now im looking at the M!x, P, and 4U
  2. So I put batteries into my V4 and V5 really hyped to play on tamatown and i learned its been shut down. is there anything out there that i can play the games?! or any way to contact bandai xD I tried sending an email and it didnt work
  3. what is this content? I dont know much about the new tamagtochis, like its still fun to plau with if say i didnt buy the pierces right?
  4. Im trying to decide if i should get a tamagotchi P or 4U I live in canada so im gonna have to get it from online and i speak no japanese whatsoever Can you guys give me advice on which ones are more fun or more worth it for the price? thanks
  5. Hi, so when i was a kid i used to LOVE tamagotchis, i didnt have that many but all my friends had them and we would sneak them to school to play with them together. I brought back my tamagotchis (I have the V2, V4. and two V5s) and im having the most fun in the world. I am really interested in getting some new ones to relive the hype from my childhood but I keep hearing that they are only Japanese. Does anyone know somewhere i can get a newer tamagotchi for a good price and do you have tips or recomendation for these patches. Even explaining them a bit more? Also, are tamagotchi friends fun? I just recently found out about those but i don't know that much thanks Aly xo