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  1. But, after its left, does the next baby pop up? Or is it true that I have to reset the tama?
  2. Thank you! I've heard that after both endings, you always have to reset the tama to start again. Is this really true?? I really don't wanna have to do that
  3. My secret character is 14 days old now What happens next? Does it marry or stay like this forever?
  4. I just feel so lonely.

    1. iTamannadi


      I hope you feel better soon. :) 
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  5. I'm trying to find pictures of all the iDL wallpapers you can buy at the homestore, but without any luck. The preview pictures the tama shows aren't good enough If this doesn't exist I will take pictures of them all myself, if it would be useful for others. Please let me know if such a thing already exists, or if I should do it myself
  6. Hi, new Angelgotchi owner here. I'm not too sure what kind of screwdriver to use on these tiny screws. If anyone could recommend me a screwdriver and possibly even provide a link to one (preferably less than £15 or so) that would be amazing. Thank you
  7. I'm a new owner of the Angelgotch (JP). I've seen a lot of people online mention that the evolution times are significantly longer, but I can't seem to find what they actually are. If anyone could let me know it would be much appreciated!
  8. As a new Angelgotch owner all I can say is that it is so beautifully simple... And yet I have so many questions about it :P Namely, there are so many mentions online of the evolution times being longer, and yet I can't seem to find out what they actually are? If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. ^_^

  9. I'm so sad that this website seems to be dead now, I just bought an Angelgotch and I have no one to celebrate it with 😪

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    2. DezertReyn


      Honestly, I want to find more activity on here. It starts with all of us I reckon.

    3. Penguin-keeper


      @DezertReyn - Please, by all means! A good start would be actual threads about this stuff, rather than ephemeral status-updates. ;)

    4. Yasu


      Wow! I'm very pleasantly surprised by all these comments, thank you for existing guys :P 

  10. To get Madonnatchi and Hirotchi it says that you need to connect with 6 different Tamagotchis, and it lists the iD, iDL and iD station as examples. I only have a plus colour, so would that count or does it have to be one of the 3 mentioned? Thank you in advance
  11. really sad about the tamatomo glitch on my idl.. any way i can fix it without downloading stuff? my IR thingy doesn't work...

    1. Jhud


      What glitch? You shouldn't have to download any objects just to get all the tamatomos.

  12. On the iDL-E, there is a glitch where some characters can't get one of their tamatomo stamps. This is happening on mine right now. Would resetting my tama actually solve the problem, or would I just be losing 14 generations for nothing? Would getting the same character again and seeing if the stamp works that time round be a possible solution? Please don't tell me to just do the downloading thing as the IR thing I bought doesn't work and I've given up on that.
  13. So, when the 2 tamas that connect are of opposite genders, the colour is supposed to be blue, then green, then magenta, then red, right? But when I connect my 2 tamas, despite them being of opposite genders, the colours change differently- in the way it should happen when they are of the same gender. My other tama is an iDL. Could this be the reason why? But how would that affect its ability to detect the gender of my tama? Thanks.