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  1. really sad about the tamatomo glitch on my idl.. any way i can fix it without downloading stuff? my IR thingy doesn't work...

    1. Jhud


      What glitch? You shouldn't have to download any objects just to get all the tamatomos.

  2. On the iDL-E, there is a glitch where some characters can't get one of their tamatomo stamps. This is happening on mine right now. Would resetting my tama actually solve the problem, or would I just be losing 14 generations for nothing? Would getting the same character again and seeing if the stamp works that time round be a possible solution? Please don't tell me to just do the downloading thing as the IR thing I bought doesn't work and I've given up on that.
  3. So, when the 2 tamas that connect are of opposite genders, the colour is supposed to be blue, then green, then magenta, then red, right? But when I connect my 2 tamas, despite them being of opposite genders, the colours change differently- in the way it should happen when they are of the same gender. My other tama is an iDL. Could this be the reason why? But how would that affect its ability to detect the gender of my tama? Thanks.
  4. No, it's not detecting my tama at all. I know it's meant to time out after a little while. But it doesn't detect it at all. Although the tama detects detects the IR, the laptop does not detect the tama. And no, I'm trying to connect an iDL.
  5. So, I line up the IR to my tama. My tama detects it and says it's connecting, but nothing happens on my laptop. How do I make my laptop detect my tama? Thanks.
  6. It was a green V5 with pink hearts on it. Unfortunately the buttons became unresponsive recently, and one of the 4 little screws inside has become badly stripped so I can't open it up and clean it to make the buttons work again. That tama really meant a lot to me when I was young.
  7. Tamagotchis really help with distracting me from my real life problems, so yeah.
  8. There is an English version of the iDL, but they don't actually sell them in America- you'd have to buy it online.
  9. Unfortunately I'm in the UK so I can't buy stuff from Walmart as we don't have that here, but I bought something similar on amazon. Thanks for your help ~