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  1. My purple gotchi isnt working anymore so i ordered a new one

    1. tamapalace


      which version?

    2. AnniChu


      Aw I'm sorry your old one isn't working. I hope you like your new one though. :3

    3. mametchi-isa-cutie


      sorry i forgot to respond... I got the new tamagotchi dream town to connect with my orginal tamagotchi friends

  2. so recently after along time of my tamagotchi friends systems being lost in my box in the shed in a box full of toys, i found the box and excitedly put new batteries in my two gotchis and started them up. My blue gotchi turned right on with no reset button needing to be pressed but thats not the problem. The problem is my purple tamagotchi friend system. I tryed putting new batteries in and it did not turn on... I tried multiple times even pressing the reset and nothing happened. Finally after many times of trying it finally came on and has been acting weird ever since. Every time i send messages to my other gotchi or bump the gotchis the purple one resets it self. Some times it doesn't but every now and again it does. WHATS WRONG WITH MY PURPLE SYSTEM???
  3. finally found my tamagotchi friends im so happy

    1. Lwalters003


      That's SO great! I wish I could find my old Tama buddies X3

    2. tamafan60


      Grats! I think i remember where i left my two Yama-friends and im kinda tempted to stick new batteries in them and play with them again!

    3. tamapalace
  4. in tamagotchi on the gameboy the screen flickers then your tamagotchi turns into an angel and floats around the screen till you press A.
  5. wow, know this is definitely a more interesting then that over tamagotchi emulator, aslo if you are doing test builds every now and again may i suggest you do what yandaredev the creator of yandare simulator does and make a blog that introduces new builds from time to time. You can make a blog on wordpress and even upload builds on there. It's just a suggestion, i will defiantly try it out.
  6. it's beautiful, now if only we could all somehow convince Bandai to make a English import to the us, i might be on the tamagotchi ban wagon late and i messed up not buying the update to tamagotchi friends thinking it was the same game as before, but i will be damned that i miss the next release. Aslo popgotchi i love your icon it's adorable.
  7. dang it japan gets everything >;( they get the notched eared pichu dolls, the rest of the hamtaro anime/hamtaro movies, and now they get the tamagotchis to...
  8. i found a lot of the episodes in English and Japanese on YouTube. I also found the the two movies on YouTube as well, the first movie in English and the second movie in Japanese.
  9. i wish 2 things, one i wish my two tamagotchi freinds systems werent lost somewhere in a box in the depths of my garage and two i wish for the mean time when i cant find it they make a emulator that is a exact copy of the tamagotchi toys, that one someone on here made isnt satisfying enough, plus i rather someone made a direct copy of the music star i heard that one is alot of fun

  10. Super cheats accepted. my hint for tamagotchi gameboy, good they had nothing for the game on there site