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  1. Hi everyone! I remember in previous generation tamas, if I removed the batteries and put the tama into storage, the pet info will stay on the device and be usable still. I was thinking of not running all four of my Ons at once, but I'm worried about losing the pet (and all their items) on the. If I take the batteries out and have it like that for a while, will my tama still be on the device?
  2. I do hope they can help... and I hope Bandai will finally do something about this. I'm only learning that these problems are not as new as I first thought... they really have no excuses for any of these well known glitches to still be in their game since they keep adding new versions to the line up without fixing things. Maybe their next version of the Meets/Ons should be a hospital version that, when interacted with, will fix all other version glitches XD. Or... y'know... use the app to fix the patch the glitches out... but from looking at Bandai's business practices, that really doesn't look to be something they'd do without getting a profit out of it.
  3. I haven't even married off my first gen and I've been anxious about something bad happening to either of mine. I thought about trying to test things a little, but as there are so many variants (who the tama marries, where the tama came from, even what kind of device you use to connect to the app...) but it's too much for me to handle. The only thing I would think might help our cause is to tweet at them, write to their facebook page... things that are public. But of course, as always, trying to be kind and give them as much info as possible (anything rude has a bigger chance of getting deleted or ignored)... do things to show the product in a negative, but truthful, light (which, as someone who is just scared herself, I admit would be hard to do when someone has already had a glitch happen to them). Maybe even suggest the story to gaming news sites or big toy review sites... the more news about this the more pressure they have to *at the least* admit there is a problem and (hopefully) have them say they are trying to fix this. Or just tell us what we should not do until they fix it (like, don't marry Tamas unless you know and trust the owner and where they go their Tama's genetics). I could see them just as easily blocking/deleting anything public about this too... so really, it's all up to how their PR team wants to handle this.